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How to Boost Brain Health and Reverse Neurological Disease Without Drugs

Mercola Visit the Mercola Video Library Story at-a-glance The less inflammatory your diet is, the faster you’re going to get well, because inflammation is nearly always a contributor to neurological dysfunction. Sugar, damaged omega-6 oils, trans fats and processed vegetable oils need to be avoided A simple stress reduction technique done before meals can improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients, boost your immune function and relax your body Melatonin provides the best protection for your neurons against free radical damage, and you need a healthy release of melatonin through the night to calm and heal your brain As...

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Group challenges Nestle’s water permit from Michigan

Wood TV LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A group has filed a challenge against the state Department of Environmental Quality’s permit for the Nestle Waters North America Inc. to pump more western Michigan groundwater for its Ice Mountain brand. Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation submitted the petition on Friday against the DEQ, which last month approved Nestle’s application to remove 400 gallons of water per minute from an Osceola Township aquifer. Nestle had been permitted to withdraw 250 gallons per minute. The conservation group says the DEQ’s review of the site failed to pick up on the environmental consequences of withdrawing additional water,...

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Puerto Rico’s empty shoes: Public demands transparency in Hurricane Maria death toll

WFTV PUERTO RICO – Over 400 pairs of empty shoes appeared in San Juan, Puerto Rico, outside the capital building on Friday. >> Read more trending news It is a growing memorial to the hundreds of people presumed dead during or in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. This comes after a Harvard report published in the New England Journal of Medicineestimated that there were up to 4,600 more deaths than usual in the three months after Hurricane Maria. Read: Study: Puerto Rico death toll 4,600 higher post-Maria Some independent experts questioned the methods and the number in that study. Puerto Rico’s...

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Trump Hints He May Support Eliminating Federal Pot Laws

NaturalBlaze Trump Hints He May Support Eliminating Federal Pot Laws JUNE 8, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze President Trump may be the first President to support an end to federal cannabis prohibition. After months and months of allowing his dinosaur Attorney General  to threaten a crackdown on marijuana, President Donald Trump is saying that he might support a Congressional effort to end the federal ban on the plant. If Trump were to do so, he would be the first president to seriously support such a plan. The bill in question is being pushed by both Republicans and Democrats, albeit a minority of...

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The Ultimate Guide to Detox Drinks for Body Cleansing

WakeupWorld The Ultimate Guide to Detox Drinks for Body Cleansing June 8th, 2018 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Whether you are trying to support a major body cleanse or you just want to boost your energy, detox drinks can enrich a healthy lifestyle and support your mind and body! Are you looking for answers, like how often to drink these cleansing drinks or whether to consume them before or during meals? Or are you searching for a handful of delicious and effective body detox drink recipes rather than an overwhelming list of 50? You’re in...

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State Finally Looks at Science, Approves Use of Marijuana to Treat Opioid Addiction

TheFreeThoughtProject State Finally Looks at Science, Approves Use of Marijuana to Treat Opioid Addiction Unable to deny the science any longer, the state of Pennsylvania has just approved the use of marijuana to fight off the ever-increasing opioid epidemic. By Matt Agorist June 7, 2018 Making illegal or banning arbitrary substances does nothing to curb their use. In fact, as the increasingly deadly opioid crisis illustrates, it makes matters far worse. What does help to foster improvement, however, is when the state reverses prohibition. The most recent state to figure this out is Pennsylvania, who just added opioid addiction to...

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The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

NaturalNews The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD Friday, June 08, 2018 by: Mike Adams In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this year, molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines. With a well established history of working for the National Cancer Institute as a cancer research, Dr. Mikovits worked with human retroviruses like HIV. Her work focused on immunotherapy research and involved HIV. In 2009, she was working on autism and related neurological diseases....

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Are Your Chakras Out of Alignment? Here’s What You Can Do To Re-Align Them

CollectiveEvolution Are Your Chakras Out of Alignment? Here’s What You Can Do To Re-Align Them June 8, 2018 By Kalee Brown IN BRIEF The Facts:The Chakra system has been spoken about and used to help treat people from several ancient traditions all the way up to the present day. Reflect On:Have you explored your chakra system? There are chakra meditation you can explore to not only tap into your chakras but to examine the energy at each point. Is it flowing free? Need clearing? There are seven major chakras within the human body, running from the base of the spine to...

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Scientists Just Developed NEW Material That Can Regenerate Dental Enamel

NaturalBlaze Scientists Just Developed NEW Material That Can Regenerate Dental Enamel JUNE 6, 2018 By Melinda Cafferty, Natural Blaze Enamel, located on the outer part of our teeth, is one of the most remarkable structures of the human body if you think about it. It is the hardest tissue in the body and enables our teeth withstand bites, occasional accidents, exposure to acidic foods and drinks and extreme temperatures. And this carries on from the time we first get our permanent teeth! Enamel can perform this way because of its “highly organized structure.” Researchers at Queen Mary University of London...

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BlacklistedNews TERMINAL BREAST CANCER “CURED” BY INJECTING PATIENT WITH BILLIONS OF HER OWN WHITE BLOOD CELLS June 5, 2018 SOURCE: BOING BOING Researchers at the US National Cancer Institute have reported in on an experimental breast cancer therapy that achieved remarkable results, rehabilitating Judy Perkins from the brink of death (she had been given two months to live, had tumors in her liver and throughout her body) to robust health two years later. The therapy used the sequenced genome of the cancer to identify which elements of the cancer-cells might be “visible” to the patient’s immune system; then the patient’s...

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Jon Rappoport: Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

JonRappaportPolice raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers by Jon Rappoport June 7, 2018 —Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in the manufacturing process, with many small particles of metals that are toxic to humans when injected. Alarming. The published research is ignored. Then the scientists are raided by police. James Grundvig, at and the World Mercury Project, reports (3/17/18): “Last week, the Italian police raided the home and science laboratory of Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. The police snatched all of the digital assets owned by the husband and wife team of nanopathologists, grabbing laptops, computers,...

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Medicare Will Be Insolvent In 2026, Sooner Than Expected; Social Security To Follow In 2034

Zero Hedge Medicare’s trust fund has just eight more years of solvency until 2026, and Social Security will be exhausted in 2034, according to Thursday projections by the trustees for the government programs. While Social Security’s expected depletion is unchanged from last year’s projection, the date for Medicare’s demise was moved up three years. Social Security is made up of several funds; the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI) are combined for the designation OASDI, while Medicare’s Hospital Insurance trust fund is designated HI. If allowed to expire, beneficiaries would face an immediate reduction of around 20% in benefits. The costs of Medicare...

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Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world’s largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity

Natural News Natural News) Bayer is expected to finish off its $62.5 billion purchasing deal with Monsanto this week — and plans to retire the infamous “Monsanto” name are already in gear. But even if the name Monsanto becomes a thing of the past, the company’s dirty deeds and hazardous products will continue to live on. Bayer certainly knows a thing or two about re-branding to save face; once known as I.G. Farben, the company engaged in a number of disgusting acts back in the day, including using Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust. Changing their name to Bayer has not mitigated this fact — though it certainly has helped the company remain profitable. It’s sadly almost fitting that these two companies have ended up together, as both Bayer and Monsanto have a history of committing crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, this wicked pairing will spell disaster for the rest of us. Changing names means nothing As the merging of Bayer and Monsanto draws closer, Bayer has revealed that once combined, the name Monsanto will cease to exist. Instead, Monsanto and its products will simply become part of the Bayer “family.” But will relabeling Roundup as a Bayer product change the fact that it’s toxic and makes people sick? No. Will the independent media suddenly stop reporting on their cancer-causing glyphosate and pernicious GMO products? Absolutely not. Monsanto may disappear...

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Meet Todd Rider, The MIT Engineer Who Probably Cured Every Virus on Earth

Disclose TV Meet the man who just might have a cure for most viruses on Earth, Todd Rider. A biomedical engineer at MIT with the name of Todd Rider has what could be a potential cure for all known viruses on the planet. However, he is not going to be curing Zika or anything else very soon as the one thing he does not have is money. DRACO Was Discovered 15 Years Ago There was a lot of arms waving about and many crowdfunding campaigns following his announced discovery 15 years ago and today he still has not been...

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Making Intolerance Intolerable – It’s Time for America to Face Its Shadow Around Racism

Wake Up World 4th June, 2018 By Gary Stamper, D.S.P.S. Guest writer for Wake Up World Yes, I know… The title of this article is a paradox. But since I am capable of holding multiple perspectives at the same time, I’m perfectly fine with it, especially for the purposes of this article. The Shadow In America: Reclaiming the Soul of a Nation was first published in 1994. Compiled by Jeremiah Abrams with a foreword by Thomas Moore, and with contributions by Abrams, Jacquelyn Small, Aaron Kipnis, Robert Bly, and others, it presented an optimistic view of the firm ground needed to strip...

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OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY Published on Jun 5, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 178K We live OFF GRID and in this video we build a OUTDOOR SHOWER that requires no pumps and no power. You could build this on grid as well. SHARE this video with your friends! ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY: HERE ARE THE T SHIRTS ~ and as always THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SHARING our videos =) ******************************************************************* SUPPORT US WHILE YOU SHOP: Want to support us for FREE shop from this link (we get a...

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Apple Unveils Tool That Cuts You Off If You Spend Too Much Time on Your iPhone

Futurism   How’s this for counterintuitive? A smartphone maker wants you to use your smartphone less. Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off Monday morning with the keynote address from CEO Tim Cook. During the event, Cook unveiled iOS12, a new update to the operating system (OS) that runs on iPhones and iPads. And it will include features designed to get users to turn off their devices. iOS12 will be available for public beta testing later this month, and it should roll out to all users around September. Once they download the OS, users will have access to a new section called Screen Time, which contains...

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Natural Solutions for The Double Burden of Depression & Anxiety

Green Med Info As if depression or anxiety is not enough to deal with, many people have to deal with both. Alarmingly, about 85% of people with depression also experience some anxiety; about 90% of people with anxiety suffer some depression (Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2016;266(8):725–736). When people suffer from depression and anxiety simultaneously, the condition is more disabling and harder to treat There is also a condition called Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder (MADD), in which neither one predominates or is severe enough to warrant a psychiatric diagnosis separately, but, combined, do warrant a diagnosis. Several natural supplements are effective for...

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