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The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles

Crop Circle Secret Excerpts from Freddy Silva’s book, Secrets In The Fields. © 1998, 2002. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction.   “Know, oh, brother…, that the study of sensible geometry leads to skill in all practical arts, while the study of intelligible geometry leads to skill in the intellectual arts because this science is one of the gates through which we move to the knowledge of the essence of the soul, and that is the root of all knowledge’ – from the Rasa’il by the Brotherhood of Purity, translated by S.H. Nasr.   THE ORIGINS OF SACRED GEOMETRY...

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Tom Carey – The Children of Roswell [AUDIO]

Starseed Radio Academy Thomas J. Carey, a native Philadelphian, holds degrees from Temple University and California State University, and also University of Toronto’s Ph.D. Programme in Anthropology. An Air Force veteran who held a TOP SECRET/CRYPTO clearance, Tom is now a retired Philadelphia area businessman. He has been a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Section Director, a Special Investigator for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, and a member of the CUFOS board of directors. Tom began investigating aspects of the Roswell Incident in 1991 for the Roswell investigative team of Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt, and...

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Boy Claims To Recall Past Life As A Woman

A five-year-old from Ohio has vivid recollections of being killed in a fire as a 30-year-old woman.; January 7, 2015;      From the age of two, Luke Ruehlman from Cincinnati, Ohio has given strong indications that he remembers his previous life as a young black woman from Chicago named Pam who perished after she jumped from a burning building. According to his parents he would often make references to being this woman by stating things such as “when I was a girl, I had black hair” or “I used to have earrings like that when I...

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What Is Causing ‘Mysterious Rays of Light’ Radiating from Pyramids Around the World ? [VIDEO]

Thanks Nancy! Published on Jan 21, 2016 What’s Causing Mysterious Rays of Light Radiating from the Pyramids Around the World ? ~~ Links: 1)… 2)… 3)… 4)… 5)… 6)… 7)… 8) Jan 21, 2016 news – Pyramids Beaming Rays of Light!… 9) Thumbnail image – Wikimedia commons images – Mayan Pyramid emiting Beam of Energy.… 10) Music – Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance”...

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Taxi Drivers Report ‘ghost Passengers’ In Area Devastated In 2011 Tsunami

In early summer 2011, a taxi driver working in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which had been devastated by the tsunami a few months earlier, had a mysterious encounter. A woman who was wearing a coat climbed in his cab near Ishinomaki Station. The woman directed him, “Please go to the Minamihama (district).” The driver, in his 50s, asked her, “The area is almost empty. Is it OK?” Then, the woman said in a shivering voice, “Have I died?” Surprised at the question, the driver looked back at the rear seat. No one was there. A Tohoku Gakuin University senior...

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The Montauk Project, Osiris, and The Rendezvous with Rama [VIDEO]

Uploaded on Jan 5, 2008 http://labyrinthofthepsychonaut.blogs… Join me on a Cosmic journey through the green fertile fields of Osiris – As our Montauk project resonators, Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger take us to Mars, via a back engineered alien technology. The symbolism behind the K2 or 11:11 phenomenon is further explored, and a remarkable connection is made to Arthur C. Clark’s “Rama” ship and the 9/11 Mega Ritual. For more information on the Montauk Project – Please see David Wilcock’s interview series via Project Camelot. Alex Grey ~ COSM… Here’s David’s Website Divine Cosmos:...

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Top Ten Giant Discoveries in North America

  Ancient Origins                   The Iroquois, the Osage, the Tuscaroras, the Hurons, the Omahas, and many other North American Indians all speak of giant men who once lived and roamed in the territories of their forefathers. All over what is now the U.S. are traditions of these ancient giants. 1 Over 1000 accounts of seven-foot and taller skeletons have reportedly been unearthed from ancient burial sites over a two-hundred-year period in North America. Newspaper accounts, town and county histories, letters, scientific journals, diaries, photos and Smithsonian ethnology reports have carefully documented...

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Giant, Translucent Flying Worm Invades Home In Czech Republic

A man claims he saw a big translucent worm inside his home in Prague. The man, a 23-year-old student at the country’s capital who provided a full name but asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News he was sleeping in his bedroom when he noticed the unidentified hovering over him. “I had weird unpleasant dreams , then I woke up at 4 a.m.. I was not feeling good,” he said. “I felt disturbed and stood up on my bed. Over it, I saw something like web of a spider colored with soot,” he added. At first, he explains,...

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As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland, Peter Slattery and Seth [Video]

  Published on Jan 13, 2016 As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland, Peter Maxwell Slattery and Seth 23/01/2016 Special joint show with The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show Seth returns to the show ​ Seth is an experiencer from America and he has had many interactions with otherworldly beings. From E.T’s, to Ascended Masters, to sightings of crafts, his experiences cover a lot. With his experiences has come messages which he talks about on his YouTube Channel to, and there you can also see some of his footage of crafts as well. Seth’s YouTube Channel… Seth’s Facebookj...

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Inner Earth Civilizations Embark on Negotiations to End Isolation from Humanity

  Exopolitics               Hidden beneath the Earth’s surface are the remnants of ancient human civilizations spanning back in time as much as 18 million years ago. While the Inner Earth people look human enough, they are genetically very different to surface humanity. In the January 12 episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, elaborates on his earlier revelation that surface humanity is a hybrid mixture of the ancestors of Inner Earth humans, residing on the surface, and various extraterrestrials who visited over the course of millennia. Back on September 23,...

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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Alex Collier – January 10th 2016 [Video]

Published on Jan 10, 2016 Andromedan Contactee, Had Face-To-Face Contacts With Blue-Skinned Human ETs From The Andromeda Constellation And The Andromeda Galaxy, Multiple Visits Aboard Their Tremendous Motherships, Telepathic Contact, Pleiadian ETs Appealed For Assistance In Dealing With A Dangerous, Malevolent ET Confederation Plaguing Humanity And Much Of The Galaxy, It Appears That The Alpha Draconan Reptilian ETs Have Been Manipulating Humanity Into A Nearly Invisible System Of Servitude For Aeons, Feeding Off Our labour And Our Bodies Through The Wars That They Instigate And The Hostile Belief Systems Which They Foster In The Form Of Religious And Social...

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Bizarre Phenomenon: People Seem To Turn Off Streetlights With Their Bodies

People all over the world have noticed that streetlights turn off when they get near them and turn back on when they’ve passed. A 53-year-old American housewife told Hilary Evans, a lead researcher of this phenomenon: “I couldn’t believe this was a phenomenon that others shared with me. I just thought I was nuts and so did those I told. … I first noticed street lights going off when I began taking college classes at [night] … Several times when I would turn into my street to come home, the streetlight outside our home went out. I didn’t...

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Child In Pakistan Sees ‘dinosaur Bird’

  A 10-year-old child reportedly saw a dinosaur-like bird in New Mirpur City. His older brother, an England resident who asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News they were on a family trip in Pakistan when the young boy spotted the creature in the streets of Mirpur. “I didn’t see it. My brother says it flew by really fast,” he told Cryptozoology News. “He said it came out of nowhere.” According to his sibling, the child described the animal as a big, orange featherless bird that looked like a “pterosaur”. “He said it also had a reptilian tail...

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Missourian Captures Possible Bipedal Vocalizations

A man in Missouri has released audio of what he is referring to as a possible bipedal creature. 50-year-old Randy Savig, a disabled researcher, told Cryptozoology News that he has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over three years. Last month, explains Savig, he went out on an expedition with the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center team, also known as MABRC, when he captured the “odd vocalizations”. “The recording has some interesting stuff, in my opinion,” he told Cryptozoology News. “We call this location the Volcano Bowl,” he said, referring to the clandestine area where the sounds were allegedly...

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