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Category: QAnon

After Q anon Qanon it could be ILLEGAL TO PAY DEBTS [VIDEO]

Thanks Laura! PhysicsKook Published on Dec 25, 2017 ***NOT LEGAL ADVICE*** ***NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE*** A rational case can be made that you not only DON’T HAVE to pay back central bank -originating loans, but it would be ILLEGAL if you tried. Similar occurrence: Amendment XIV, Sec. 4 (might even be invoked...

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Thanks Laura! Anti School Published on Dec 23, 2017 POTUS Twitter confirmation… 8chan links to Q posts: New Q posts: CBTS #182 – 156837:… CBTS #182 – 156848:…… CBTS #182 – 156879:…… CBTS #183 – 158078:… CBTS #183 – 158144:…… CBTS #183 – 158162:…… CBTS #183 – 158219:……… CBTS #183 – 158261:… CBTS #184 – 158439:… __ LATEST Q POST CBTS #184 – 158900:… CBTS #184 – 158980:…… CBTS #184 – 159016:…… MAGA!!!!! Publicly Discuss MAGA movement on...

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Latest Updates from Q Anon

Reddit Have you been watching the news since Friday? Who is Peter Strzok? How was he compromised? How was he paid? Who is Melissa Hodgman? Company? Title? Date of promotion? Focus on the date. What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know? Think HRC emails, Weiner laptop, etc. Dates? Date of promotion of wife? How do they stack the deck? Who do they want inside the gov’t? What are puppets? How do you control a puppet? 2 in FBI? Wife connection? What is a pattern? Follow the wives. Keep watching the news this week. Future proves past....

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Helicopter/ Plane Crash Over Rothschild Estate A Hit By Q Anon & Jacob Rothschild Dead? The Motives [VIDEO]

Thanks Laura! TOTALECLIPSE Page Published on Nov 18, 2017 Yesterday a helicopter collided with a private Cessna plane over the grounds of the Rothschild Estate in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, while flying in clear blue skies and in the vicinity of Waddesdon Manor (ceded to the National Trust but managed still by the Rothschilds). Why won’t the mainstream media release the names of the victims, and why have they already been caught with contradictory initial reports about the number of victims (first 3, then 4 or 5 were reported)? Was this a hit by a paramilitary delta force team which was...

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