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Sy Fy When you look up at the moon, it’s hard to believe this mystical glowing orb floating among the stars was once in the throes of chaos. The craters and basins that scar our satellite’s rocky surface betray a violent past. Postdoctoral researcher James Tuttle-Keane of Caltech revealed to Astronomy Magazine that even minor asteroid hits can throw the moon’s spin off, while the monster crashes that left behind impact basins (craters over 100 miles in diameter) affected everything from its magnetic field to its geology and otherwise gave it a cosmic thrill ride. “One of the most dramatic ways a planet’s...

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The Elusive Sigma Male [VIDEO]

SarahReynolds The Elusive Sigma Male May 24, 2017 What is the Sigma type? What tribal role does the Sigma male play? Who is most compatible with the Sigma male? All your Sigma male questions answered from the perspective of a Sigma female. The blogpost I reference, “Memoirs of a Sigma Female”… My twitter: My patreon:… Catch me live every Sunday night at 10 pm central time on Blog Talk Radio:…...

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Scientists Just Discovered a Never-Before-Seen Structure in Human Sperm

Science Alert The sperm’s tail is perhaps one of the most iconic structures among all of the cells in the human body, so it’s odd to think there are still some things we don’t know about it. It turns out there is a weird kind of helix right at the very tip of the tail nobody has noticed before. The researchers responsible for the discovery are yet to work out what it does, but figuring it out could help us understand why some sperm are better swimmers than others. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and the...

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WakingTimes WHY SCIENTIFIC PEER REVIEW IS A SHAM February 19, 2018 Brendan D. Murphy, Guest Waking Times Today Science is up on a pedestal. A new god has appeared; his high priests conduct the rituals, with nuclear reactors, moon-probing rocket ships, cathode tubes and laser beams. And their territory is sacrosanct; laymen are denied entry.  – BRUCE CATHIE In recent years the defects in the peer review system have been the subject of a profusion of critical editorials and studies in the literature. It is high time that the world took heed of what the critics are saying, not least of...

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The Mystery Schools – Pythagoras (c. 590–c.520 b.c.e.)

Unexplained Stuff Pythagoras, one of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians of the sixth century B.C.E., is reported to have been the first of the Greeks to teach the doctrine that the soul, passing through the “great circle of necessity,” was born at various times to various living bodies. Pythagoras believed in the soul as a “thought of God,” and he considered the physical body to be simply one of a succession of “receptacles” for the housing of the soul. Many of his followers became vegetarians, for he taught that the soul might live again in animals. Because of his importance to early...

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WakingTimes HOW YOUR DNA IS AFFECTED BY QUANTUM INTELLIGENCE February 16, 2018 Christina Sarich, Guest Waking Times Yes, you can change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along – to achieve greater health, happiness, and remarkable spiritual transformation. Like a potter creating a masterwork, we can also change our bodies and minds with the help of a few simple tools. With all the talk of altering our...

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Cosmopsychism: Is the universe a conscious mind?

SOTT Cosmopsychism: Is the universe a conscious mind? Phlip Goff Aeon Thu, 08 Feb 2018 In the past 40 or so years, a strange fact about our Universe gradually made itself known to scientists: the laws of physics, and the initial conditions of our Universe, are fine-tuned for the possibility of life. It turns out that, for life to be possible, the numbers in basic physics – for example, the strength of gravity, or the mass of the electron – must have values falling in a certain range. And that range is an incredibly narrow slice of all the possible...

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Dangerous knowledge: Monopoly of Consensus Science

SOTT Dangerous knowledge: Monopoly of Consensus Science Henry Bauer Skepticism about Science and Medicine Sat, 03 Feb 2018 “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” That’s very true. In a mild way, the quote also illustrates itself since it is so often attributed wrongly; perhaps most often to Mark Twain but also to other humorists – Will Rogers, Artemus Ward, Kin Hubbard – as well as to inventor Charles Kettering, pianist Eubie Blake, baseball player Yogi Berra, and more (“Bloopers: Quote didn’t really originate with Will Rogers”)....

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Soviet Research On Controlling Human Brain, & TV & Computer Screen Controlling You [VIDEO]

NeverLoseTruth Soviet Research On Controlling Human Brain, & TV & Computer Screen Controlling You Feb 10, 2018 The effects of this technology are so wide ranging, and causing the break down in our bodies, and social relationships.…...

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Scientific Evidence Proves Buddhists Monks Can Transform Their Physical Bodies Into Pure Light

AncientCode Scientific Evidence Proves Buddhists Monks Can Transform Their Physical Bodies Into Pure Light By Ancient Code Did you know that in Tibet and India alone, there are more than 160,000 documented cases of people, who after many years of spiritual preparation, manage to transform their physical body into a body of pure light/Energy? In order to attain a “Rainbow Body”, a person has to be able to liberate their body into light by having only loving thoughts, among other things of course. It is believed that every five years on average, an advanced Buddhist monk enters into this...

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Viktor Schauberger The Science of Nature Used to Make UFOs?

StillnessInTheStorm Viktor Schauberger The Science of Nature Used to Make UFOs? February 8, 2018 (Rob Arndt) Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester who observed the effects of nature- especially of water, privately met Adolf Hitler in 1934 to discuss the fundamental principals of agriculture, forestry, and water engineering. While Hitler was impressed by Schauberger’s radical ideas for utilizing water power in new and dynamic ways, he was also displeased that Schauberger was not willing to participate in work for the Third Reich. Related Updated | Secret Space Program Weapon Technology Seen Blowing Up Space X Rocket (Video and Quick Analysis) Source – DiscairCraft by Rob...

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Scientists Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis, Cleans Air And Produces Energy

NaturalBlaze Scientists Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis, Cleans Air And Produces Energy FEBRUARY 8, 2018 By Natural Blaze For those who lay awake at night terrified by so-called climate change, please know that a number of innovations have surfaced to head environmental issues off at the pass. What if there were a way to collect and clean the air and produce clean energy at the same time? (On the other hand, what if this type of tampering poses unforeseen problems to the environment?) Last year, a chemistry professor in Florida found a way to trigger the process of photosynthesis in a synthetic...

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WakingTimes 9/11 AND THE DARK SIDE OF NIKOLA TESLA’S TECHNOLOGY February 5, 2018 Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times  Prior to his death in 1943, while World War II raging around the globe, Nikola Tesla was exploring the use of scalar waves to create non-nuclear explosions with frightening destructive force. Teslas himself referred to it as the ‘death beam,’ or, the ‘death-ray,’ and he said it was powerful enough to destroy 10,000 airplanes 250 miles away. While it is believed that Tesla went to great lengths to divide his papers and research among a number of nations, his research from falling...

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Physicists are planning to build lasers so powerful they could rip apart empty space

Science Mag By Edwin CartlidgeJan. 24, 2018 , 9:00 AM Inside a cramped laboratory in Shanghai, China, physicist Ruxin Li and colleagues are breaking records with the most powerful pulses of light the world has ever seen. At the heart of their laser, called the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF), is a single cylinder of titanium-doped sapphire about the width of a Frisbee. After kindling light in the crystal and shunting it through a system of lenses and mirrors, the SULF distills it into pulses of mind-boggling power. In 2016, it achieved an unprecedented 5.3 million billion watts, or...

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Carl Jung – The Man Who Coined The Word ‘Synchronicity’

In5d Carl Jung – The Man Who Coined The Word ‘Synchronicity’ January 23, 2018 Compiled by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, Have you ever experienced an 11:11 synchronicity? Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, which many of us use on a daily or weekly basis. Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. ~ Carl Jung The definition of synchronicity was originally developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Jung co-defined the word to describe what he called “temporally...

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The Great Attention Heist

LAReviewOfBooks The Great Attention Heist By John Bell, John Zada JANUARY 1, 2018 FOR YEARS, we have been warned about the addictive and harmful impact of heavy smartphone and internet use, with physicians and brain specialists raising red flags regarding the cognitive price of these technologies. Many of us now recognize that we are addicts, often joking about it in an attempt to lessen the seriousness of this realization. But what had been missing to really drive the fact of digital dependency home was an admission by those who design the technologies that such was their intended goal. This...

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Tractor beam breakthrough could one day levitate humans – study

RT Tractor beam breakthrough could one day levitate humans – study 23 Jan, 2018 Levitating humans could be in our future, thanks to a scientific breakthrough in acoustic tractor beam technology, which can now lift larger objects than ever before. Engineers from the University of Bristol have demonstrated that it’s possible to stably levitate objects using the world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beams. Their findings were published in the Physical Review Letters on Monday.  Acoustic tractor beams use soundwaves to hold particles in the air. It was previously believed they could only be used to levitate very small objects which were...

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