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Category: Space, Astronomy, and Galactic Brotherhood

Pentagon’s Arms-Research Chief Eyes Space-Based Directed Energy Weapons

ActivistPost Pentagon’s Arms-Research Chief Eyes Space-Based Directed Energy Weapons MARCH 22, 2018 By Aaron Kesel The Pentagon’s arms-research chief, Michael Griffin, is eying advancement in space-based directed energy weapons, Defense One reported. “Directed energy is more than just big lasers,” Griffin said. “That’s important. High-powered microwave approaches can affect an electronics kill. The same with the neutral particle beam systems we explored briefly in the 1990s” for use in space-based anti-missile systems. Such weapons can be “useful in a variety of environments” and have the “advantage of being non-attributable,” meaning that it can be hard to pin an attack with a particle...

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Aliens in Ancient Egypt? Helicopters Found in Hieroglyphs at Seti I Temple Baffle Researchers

Outer Places he temple of Seti I, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, contains an intriguing set of hieroglyphs that have been inspiring discussion for years. The glyphs appear to display a selection of very modern technological wonders—transports, such as helicopters and airplanes—which would not exist for thousands of years after the initial inscription was carved into stone. In a recent debate in Wiltshire, England, touring UFO enthusiast Steve Mera argued that these glyphs are proof that the ancient Egyptians had some access to very advanced technology, possibly thanks to visitors from another world. Helicopters, flying machines & flying saucers in Egyptian hieroglyph: #egyptian#hieroglyph #conspiracy #anunnaki

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‘Oumuamua likely came from a binary star system New research finds that ‘Oumuamua, the rocky object identified as the first confirmed interstellar asteroid, very likely came from a binary star system. “It’s remarkable that we’ve now seen for the first time a physical object from outside our Solar System,” says lead author Dr. Alan Jackson, a postdoc at the Centre for Planetary Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough in Ontario, Canada. A binary star system, unlike our Sun, is one with two stars orbiting a common centre. For the new study, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Jackson and his co-authors set about testing how efficient binary star...

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Magnetic Universe, Big Hail, Coronal Hole | S0 News Mar.20.2018

Suspicious0bservers Published on Mar 20, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 319KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun: Electroquake: For a ton of great videos, click our name and find the playlists at the bottom of the page!… Facebook:… Alerts on Twitter: The Disaster Prediction App: Android:… Apple:… How to Use the App: Wanted- Earthquake Forecasters: Earthquake Forecasting Contest: Contest Information: Today’s Featured Links: Magnetic Universe:… Mars Ocean & Volcanoes:… SSW Article:… Music by...

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Solar Storms Could Pose a Threat to Self-Driving Cars

Outer Places We’ve seen field tests, but we’re not at the point where self-driving or autonomous cars are a widespread phenomenon. But when that moment finally leaves the realm of science fiction and becomes a reality, it’ll be good to know what can and can’t stop a car from driving itself. Besides hackers and glitches, a big threat to self-driving cars may actually be from the sun. According to Scott McIntosh, the director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, it could be very dangerous that self-driving cars are so dependent on GPS right now, because if anything were to scramble or...

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Putin Plans to Put Russians on Mars in 2019

Futurism It’s the 21st century, yet these days it’s feeling an awful lot like the frosty bite of the Cold War is, somehow, back from the dead. We’ve got Russian attacks on American institutions (well, cyberattacks, but still) and meddling in our elections, we’ve got former Russian spies getting killed on what is likely Putin’s orders on British soil. And now, Putin has announced that he plans to send manned and unmanned missions to Mars as early as 2019. He also plans to send missions to the Moon and deeper into space. If the manned Mars mission is successful, Putin’s faction will get...

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BIG Spike in Schumann Resonance – World Weather Update – Cars floating in streets

MrMBB333 Published on Mar 17, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 129KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe March 17, 2018: World report March 17, 2018 (Schumann Resonance)……… 🌎 If you like my research and my daily dedication to all my loyal subscribers, and would like to show financial support, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Please see links below. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Become A Patron Patreon DONATE TO ME DIRECTLY-PayPal (Safe & secure one time user friendly method) Support My Channel Using PayPal Thank you for watching! Please LIKE & SHARE 👍 **Don’t forget to click...

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Cosmic Clocks: Galaxies Behave Like Clocks, Rotating Once Every Billion Years

Sci News “The Earth spinning around on its axis once gives us the length of a day, and a complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun gives us a year,” said Professor Gerhardt Meurer, from the University of Western Australia node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. “It’s not Swiss watch precision, but regardless of whether a galaxy is very big or very small, if you could sit on the extreme edge of its disk as it spins, it would take you about a billion years to go all the way round. He said that by using...

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Is The March 18th Geomagnetic Storm Going To Wipe Out The Power Grid?

Acitivist Post There has been widespread fear that a geomagnetic storm scheduled for March 18 will wipe out power grids and cause panic.  Is it time to prepare for the worst? We can all breathe easy for now. It looks like this threat of grid failure is simply fear mongering. The magnetic storm’s imminent arrival was one of Monday morning’s top science news stories, according to Google News. But the coverage of the storm appeared to be based on a misinterpretation of a chart posted on Russia’s Lebedev Institute’s website showing a minor uptick in geomagnetic activity on the 18th of March. That elevated activity is expected...

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Energy Update ~ Symptoms of a Jupiter Retrograde

Via: Love Has Won By Morag, Guest writer, We are moving towards a tidal wave of photonic light, intended to embed humanity and Gaia in higher dimensions of truth, peace and possibility. A dense, heavy depression of the frequencies triggered by Jupiter in Retrograde prepares us for this cosmic quantum leap. We are in the inhale, the energetic ebb before cosmic light flows. We are pushing through a pull back of energy, an intake of cosmic breath before the rush of higher vibrations. There are layers to Jupiter retrograde, crossed wires will snap and crackle. Our perception of reality will...

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3.13 – SPACE FORCE/Free Energy on FoxNews/Solar Storm/New CIA Director/False Flags Being Outed [VIDEO]

Destroying the Illusion 2.0 Streamed live 16 hours ago SUBSCRIBED 27KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Sign up for the Disclosing the Secret Space Program Webcasts here – Today’s Links: NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot Announces Retirement – Trump praises military, calls for ‘Space Force’ as new branch of armed forces – Scientists say the dream of unlimited clean energy is about to come true – Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras – What I use to track the sun – Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal...

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Pentagon Insider: The Government Is Ignoring UFOs and It Could Impact Humanity

Outer Places Last year, the news broke that the Pentagon had secretly been investigating reports of unidentified flying objects. Apparently, someone high up in the US government felt that the threat of UFOs is so great that the military needs to seek out and learn from weird and wonderful accounts of flying saucers that the majority of people believe to be utter nonsense. According to a former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, Christopher Mellon, the government’s actions are woefully inadequate. There are both threats and opportunities presented by UFO stories, and if our country doesn’t act soon, it...

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Laura Eisenhower Breaks Free – Mars Recruitment and the Secret Space Program [VIDEO]

Divine Frequency Published on Mar 13, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 9.9KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe An Important Advocate For Truth and Disclosure In this video, I am beyond thrilled to bring you the one and only Laura Eisenhower, great grand daughter of beloved former president Dwight D. Eisenhower who relentlessly battled the evil control constructs on our planet. What’s Laura’s story? The government attempted to recruit Laura into a secret off-planet program in 2006. Laura refused and began speaking out against these projects, and disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and corporate entities. Due to Laura’s important voice of reason – she soon became a target, which only...

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Geomagnetic storm caused by ‘cracks’ in the planet’s magnetic field set to hit Earth today & tomorrow AN INCREASE in geomagnetic activity has some experts concerned that the solar storm expected to hit Earth tomorrow could wreak havoc — but is it that big a deal? In the past, large-scale geomagnetic events have disrupted communication satellites and caused blackouts. According to The Sun, this latest magnetic storm is being described as “minor” by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the NOAA has issued a storm warning via Twitter saying that the storm will be in effect today and tomorrow. A G1 Watch is in effect for the 14 & 15 March, 2018 UTC-days. Enhancements...

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Unknown: Final re-entry burn up of Chinese spacecraft

Gulf News European space scientists estimate that Tiangong-1 will re-enter the earth’s atmosphere from as early as March 24 to as late as April 19. Image Credit:Reuters / Twitter An out-of-control Chinese space station is set to smash into earth from as early as March 24, according to experts. But space observers are unsure where 8.5-ton spacecraft would land — it is currently losing altitude at the rate of 6km per week due to atmospheric drag. Launched in September 2011, Tiangong 1 (Chinese for “heavenly palace”) was China’s first prototype space station, serving as both a manned laboratory and...

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Coronal Hole Watch, La Niña, Dust | S0 News Mar.12.2018 [VIDEO]

Suspicious0bservers Published on Mar 12, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 318KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun : Electroquake: For a ton of great videos, click our name and find the playlists at the bottom of the page!… Facebook:… Alerts on Twitter: The Disaster Prediction App: Android:… Apple:… How to Use the App: Wanted- Earthquake Forecasters: Earthquake Forecasting Contest: Contest Information: Today’s Featured Links: Gas Filaments: Cold Dust: Music by...

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Mystery Object Over Atlantic Ocean Stuns Military Personnel [VIDEO]

DAHBOO77 Published on Mar 11, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 341KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Newly-released video of a mysterious object streaking over the Atlantic Ocean shows the Pentagon needs to take UFOs seriously, a researcher says. The sensational two-minute clip captured by a camera aboard a US Navy F/A 18 jet flying at 25,000 feet wowed military personnel. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Bitcoin Address- 1PxukfsHv13DbTPMwbRrXQ6wqsKQmgwQqD Ether- 0x6cf70890e7188dac057cb0284de0f9104ed07a52 Lite Coin – Lhiaz85TyiNmCGDMaQ8DGRGETXfAvYDkTG Crypto Kings Telegram- Get Free Crypto Coins Daily, No strings Attached!… Official Gear- My Other Youtube Channel-…

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The Ruiner – Avians

Please Note: Older article, but accurate representation of the Avians. The Ruiner There are ET’s known as Avians.  Each group of Avians uses the name of a colour to represent themselves. There has been a lot of talk around the Internet about “Blue Avians” and this is rather laughable.  “Blue Avians” do not exist.  They are and have always been used as part of a mind control program specifically for members inside Secret Space Programs, Cloning Programs and Culture Creator programs.  (Katy Perry has been in contact with the Blue Avians, as has Lady Gaga, as example) The Avians...

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