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Testimonial- ‘You are an impressive and highly-skilled healer.’ from Beatrice

Dear Jeff, I would like to begin this after-treatment report with the acknowledgement that my two healing sessions with you gave me the confidence, and hope that my health situation can be successfully addressed. You are an impressive and highly-skilled healer. I deeply wish that you succeed in your efforts to help me as this will benefit friends and family members through referral. You are right that my situation is quite unusual, and I apologize beforehand that it seems to demand more time than probably anticipated. I am very sorry about that. I appreciate your team at the Galactic...

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Testimonial- ‘The GES fixed that ‘ from Laura

I have been on the GES for a month or more and have noticed many improvements. Something had snapped or pulled in my left knee and did not seem to heal with my healing skills. The GES fixed that within the first couple of weeks. My right heel has been in pain off and on for years and that seems to be taken care of. I have had a burning sensation between my heart and throat for years without being able to find anything physical, so probably past life stuff. That has gone away. My right hip has been...

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Testimonial- ‘I love your oils’ from Paula

Thank you for all the work you do, Alexandra. I love your oils. I bought a couple last Fall; Deprogramming and Harmonizer….I put the Deprogramming on every night before bed and it has helped me feel safe as my awareness expands and residue from life releases. I wear the Harmonizer when I go out. Looking forward to trying ‘Joy’  ‘Focus on your Homecoming’ and the ‘restful sleep’ blend. Love,...

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Testimonial- ‘I see the results extremely fast’ from Jack

I have used Alexandra`s essences and oils over the last couple of years, however not on as consistent as I should have. I first stared using them to help with prostate challenges with the combinations of energy healing technologies she was also integrating. There was a huge difference in my prostate challenges and recently I have also used the essence on different areas of my body, like on my throat and neck areas, when I would have a sore throat or cough starting up and this has helped minimize the symptoms. I have always struggled with finances and it...

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Testimonial- ‘I was completely impressed!’ from Patricia

When I started the breaking the barriers and financial alignment I felt subtle changes in my energy. It was a slow and gradual process.  But when I took the Joy for the first time this morning it was an instant feeling of high energy. Wow!! I never felt anything that instant.  I was completely impressed!  Please tell Alexandra thank you from me for the wonderful work she is doing. I cherish all her messages from the Prime Creator. I feel that my connection with Prime Creator is stronger with her channelings and essences/oils. I am grateful!! Sending Love and...

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Testimonial- ‘to speak with Source’ from Francis

My dear Alexandra, I’ve finished watching your video.  I must say, the one thing that’s synchronistic & resonates with me is the part where Source has removed our free will for the 1st time in our history.  This download came to me ABOUT 1 year ago.  Therefore, I know that this part is true.  The other parts concerning who & how all of this got started, rings a very strong bell with me (but that’s all I can say for now). Thank you for taking the time to speak with Source to get clarifications as to how all of...

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Testimonial- ‘I feel much better’ from Victoria

Dear Jerry Yusko, galactic connection, I am offering some feedback on process after just under 3 weeks of use of essences and essential oils. My report states several implants have been removed and that I possibly have a ‘Fallen angel’ intrusion. I have been taking the essences and oils as prescribed twice a day, and tried to meditate and affirm all prayers and dedications immediately after. I feel much better, my face seemed to change visibly after first use. I have opened up ideas on how to deal with things, and blockages that have been around for a while,...

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Testimonial- ‘This is a message of love’ from Petra

Dear Sandi and Healing Team, The night before my SA Session I took 4 drops of the essence. Then I had a dream. I dreamed of Judy Garland as a ” Child-Star” and I was told that she was abused as a child. I knew a fractal of this experience was belonging to me. This Fractal wanted to be seen, so it can be integrated. I felt so much love for this tiny  fractal and I assumed it. It was so beautiful, now it was allowed to come home to complete me! It no longer need to hide. It...

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Testimonial- ‘to express my extreme gratitude’ from Jennifer

Hello, I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Jerry for the IRP done on Wednesday morning. The changes are noticeable especially with what he did on my right knee/lower calf area as well as the left side of my head, and in my particular solar plexus and sacral areas. The inflammation in the white of my eyes has cleared, and I can tell the energy is flowing more now in the lower GI areas. I look forward to the second and third steps in the healing process. Respectfully,...

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Testimonial- ‘Immediate Shifts’ from Miriam

I wanted you to know I felt immediate shifts in my body as I took first dose last eve. It was very very visceral. I slept better than usual despite a really rough trip back and awoke feeling very well this morning . I had a couple of not so great things occur on my trip home yesterday and I had a whole new perspective on it today!!! Wow is all I can say!! I’m looking forward to more great shifts and financial alignment and abundance of all things money and more. So much love to you...

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Testimonial- ‘outstanding work’ from Anne Marie

Greetings, I am writing to thank Jerry, Alexandra and the entire Galactic Connection Team for the outstanding work they do. I am amazed that such thorough freeing implant removal can be done by specially Gifted and Blessed people on this planet. I bow to you all, especially Jerry and Alexandra. It is almost 3 weeks since my session. I follow the instructions for the essences and oil. I say the Proclamation re Controlling Energies and The Violet Flame Decrees every day.I do not have much pain, just a little in the temples. I have not had any ‘AHA” moments...

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Testimonial- ‘I don’t want to die without having done this’ from Petra

Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Healing-Team, My IRP meeting ran very relaxed. I felt a buzzing and tingling, especially on the back and in the field around on my 3rd eye. But It was not unpleasant. After that, I was fresh and clear that evening. But later the next day came violent headaches, even nausea. I had a few unpleasant visions of alien beings (like ants) that made something technical on the Assembly line. I asked mentally for loving visions and was told how I can change my frequency. Following night, I dreamed that I was at a class...

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Testimonial- ‘The alchemy is living in me’ from Celia

The alchemy is living and breathing in me and there are no words either. It’s in me and part of me forever even if the kit is finished. My life is changing each day and there is so much happening as we speak and especially in the next 4 to 5 months.  I feel so blessed and honored to receive all the loving gifts  from Prime Creator . I refer to as male but I am well aware it is however we choose. He is always with me whenever I call upon. Kind regards...

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