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Bank of England Warns of “Economic Collapse” [VIDEO]

DAHBOO77 Published on Dec 16, 2017 SUBSCRIBED 328KSUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE The Bank of England is putting the United Kingdom on alert. Should the UK keep borrowing money, as Corbyn’s Labor Party has advocated, there will be a “Venezuela-style” economic collapse that will devastate normal citizens. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Bitcoin Address- 1KbDZijL3jVJGyea3zhanUwPbnCE9op2mk Lite Coin – LMpmVuR5vHVYdrgMsauPskGQS5v9YCpuxm Get Free Crypto Coins Daily, No strings Attached!… Get Free Bitcoin Cash Every 24 Hours! Official Gear- My Other Youtube Channel-…...

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Q Clearance Anon: Is it #Happening Part XII [VIDEO]

Tracy Beanz Published on Dec 16, 2017 Support me on Patreon! (THANK YOU!!) Paypal: Follow me on Twitter/Gab: @tracybeanz Presidential Archive:……………………… THE REAL JUICE:… EXECUTIVE ORDER– 404?… WAYBACK:...

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Do I Have an Alien Hybrid Child?? Bridget Nielsen Synchronicity [VIDEO]

Divine Frequency Published on Dec 15, 2017 Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency discusses the phenomenon of ET hybridization programs and her personal anecdote about hybrid children, including synchronicity with prominent self-proclaimed hybrid mother, Bridget Nielson. — Support Independent Media: Come see Divine Frequency Speak at Conscious Life Expo! Buy Tickets:… More Info about my talk:… Ryan Cropper Interview:… Bridget Nielson YouTube Channel:… Bridget’s Patreon:...

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Uranus in Taurus 2018: Earth Revolution [VIDEO]

The Human Howl Published on Dec 12, 2017 Uranus in Taurus 2018 is bringing massive change to our world. The way we eat, what we eat and how we grow our food is all going to be altered for the improvement of our planet. We are about to see an upsurge of concern for the earth and a societal push towards more ethically conscious industries. To read more about these changes check out my blog post:… Like! – Subscribe! – Share! – Follow! Blog: Facebook: Instagram:...

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Strategies and Clarity for Creating Your 5D Structure: Jill Renee Feeler and Magenta Pixie [VIDEO]

MagentaPixie Strategies and Clarity for Creating Your 5D Structure: Jill Renee Feeler and Magenta Pixie Dec 10, 2017 Jill Renee Feeler and Magenta Pixie discuss concepts related to living in the fifth dimension, the integration of the dimensions, the fall of the control structure, the hidden agendas being revealed and the energies for December 2017. Jill Renee Feeler Magenta Pixie...

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ForbiddenKnowledge INSIDE S4: 3D ILLUSTRATIONS OF AREA 51 FACILITY December 9, 2017 Aerospace draftsman and military historian Michael Schratt at the 2011 International UFO Congress gives a virtual walk-through of the Black Budget underground facility in the most secretive section of the Area 51 base near Tonopah, Nevada known as S4, under the airspace designated as R-4808N. The blueprints, recreated in auto cad and in 3D digital drawings are based on the testimony of Dr. Dan Burisch, a microbiologist who claims to have received a “Q” clearance and to have worked at Area 51 under the direction of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Schratt’s...

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The GoldFish Report No.169 Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: Rothschild’s Hijacking of Humanity [VIDEO]

TheGoldfishReport The GoldFish Report No.169 Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: Rothchild’s Hijacking of Humanity Dec 15, 2017 On The GoldFish Report No. 169, Winston share three articles published in different countries that identify the LEGAL NAME FICTION OR NAME GAME the Rothchild’s devised and have executed since 1933 to rob Americans of their legal rights as Live Human Beings and to entrap Americans to be used as the Rothchild’s debt slaves. This model has been utilized in other countries as the authors of these papers competently illustrate. The first Article is Titled ” The Fictitious Legal Entity called ‘A...

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Incredible Giant Mummies Discovery they Tried to Suppress [VIDEO]

AncientSecretDiscoveries Incredible Giant Mummies Discovery they Tried to Suppress Dec 3, 2017 After gaining access to a long lost chamber, large coffins and mummies were discovered, some with red and blond hair of very large stature. Boxes with metal plates inscribed in an ancient text, were also found alongside the Giants. There are claims that the discovery led to the removal of 60 giant skeletons . The whereabouts of these remains today are not publicly known. One wonders, is there something like an archeological cover-up that has occurred here? Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their...

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ForbiddenKnowledgeVIDEO: WIRED BLOCKCHAIN EXPLAINED: CHILD, PRE-TEEN, COLLEGE STUDENT, EXPERT December 14, 2017 let political scientist and blockchain researcher, Bettina Warburg explain blockchain technology at five levels of difficulty to five people; a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and a blockchain expert. The current nosebleed speculative bubble around Bitcoin is just that. It’s not particularly based on the utility of blockchain technology, although most can agree it does have inherent value as a new system to help decentralize trade, allowing us to do more transactions peer-to-peer, decreasing our need for intermediaries, such as companies and banks. The same way the Internet decreased the need...

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AAE tv | Pure Synchronism | Darryl Anka [VIDEO]

AAETV AAE tv | Pure Synchronism | Darryl Anka | 12.2.17 Dec 2, 2017 In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann is joined by Intuitive Channel for Bashar, Darryl Anka. Ethann discusses with Darryl, his personal journey to becoming a channel, and his recent film Bashar “First Contact” Documentary. Darryl shares an in depth view of the teachings of Bashar, and how they can be used to live a fulfilling and happy life. He helps us to understand how we create our physical realities, and the interplay of free will and fate in its creation. Darryl also...

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Trey Gowdy Goes Off On Rod Rosenstein Over Anti Trump FBI Agents//Deputy AG Won’t Say Whether The FBI Paid For Dossier [w/ VIDEO]

DailyCallerAmicusHumaniGenerisVIDEO: “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Trey Gowdy Goes Off On Rod Rosenstein Over Anti Trump FBI Agents Dec 13, 2017 “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Trey Gowdy Goes Berserk On Rod Rosenstein Over Anti Trump FBI Agents WOW Trey Gowdy Just Went Off On Rod Rosenstein MUST WATCH this is breaking news and latest news today and today news and trump news, president donald trump has been made aware of fbi agents who sent text messages that are extremely bias and anti trump from the during the course of the russia trump investigation by robert muellers...

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Tracy Beanz: Rohrabacher, Rand Paul, and Wikileaks, Oh My! [VIDEO]

TracyBeanz Rohrabacher, Rand Paul, and Wikileaks, Oh My! Dec 10, 2017 Support me on Patreon (THANK YOU!) Paypal: Follow me on twitter/Gab: @tracybeanz Dana Rohrbacher Wiki:… Chairman of United_States_House_Foreign_Affairs_Subcommittee_on_Oversight_and_Investigations What do they do:… Interesting Vetelnitskaya/Magnitsky connects:… (Ollie North Connection):…… Meeting with Assange:……… October meets with Rand Paul:… Paul attacked on 11/3:… Meets with Hannity:… Hill Reporter interview:… Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education...

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Weather War Terrorism; Laser Torched Smart Fires, SoCal [VIDEO]

APlainTruth.Info Weather War Terrorism; Laser Torched Smart Fires, SoCal Dec 9, 2017 China, Alberta, Canada, Madiera, Portugal, Gatling, Tennesse, Nine Counties in Northern CA and now several torch fires in Southern CA…all likely caused by Directed Energy Weapons. The US and world, is under an attack by powers that rule the skies likely including our own US Air Force and Strategic Commands. Two months since the deadliest fires, over 60 of them in nine counties, and officials have still not said how the fires even began and now SoCal is on fire. Agenda 21 is being implemented quickly all...

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Remote Viewing Psychic Spy John Vivanco – Part 1 [VIDEO]

Search4TruthReality Remote Viewing Psychic Spy John Vivanco – Part 1 Oct 23, 2017 John Vivanco shares his experiences working as a psychic spy. While at Trans-Dimensional Systems, he performed counter-terrorism remote viewing for the FBI, met a gray alien, received death threats, and experienced high strangeness. *BIO* Author, Speaker, Investigator and Instructor of the Remote Viewing method Trans-Dimensional Systems (TDS), John Vivanco has been Remote Viewing and teaching students for over 20 years. He was part of the first Civilian Remote Viewing organizations after the government declassified the program. His company, TDS, was hired to investigate the unknown, including...

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Interview with Fmr Air Force Sgt. Niara Isley About her Secret Space Program Experiences [VIDEO]

DestroyingTheIllusion Interview with Fmr Air Force Sgt. Niara Isley About her Secret Space Program Experiences Dec 12, 2017 Niara’s Website – https://facingtheshadowembracingtheli… Niara’s Book – “Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening is the story of one woman’s induction into the world of extraterrestrials, flying saucers, shadow government operations and finally, her own transformation. Through trying to understand what happened to her, with the larger context of such activities even more disturbing than the trauma and abuse inflicted upon her personally, she comes to remarkable insights into the crucible that is our...

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S T R A N G E siting on home security camera footage [VIDEO]

MrMBB333 S T R A N G E home security camera footage | Looking to the North Dec 10, 2017 A homeowner in Prairieville, Louisiana noticed something very interesting on her security camera late on the night of December 7, 2017. Special thanks to Suzanne Bourgeois for the video. #MrMBB333 SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES **Subscribe to my channels below** YouTube: (Subscribe) CLIMATE CHAOS Channel YouTube:… B BRANDON...

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