Update 10-31-18

Earth and Venus, on NASA Stereo and Secchi Cam’s. Sun and Solar images for recent events of September & October 2018.

Celebrations Overhead as the Allies Vanquish Set | Yellow Rose for Texas Update

Rose brings us a very positive update today on a number of topics. I would need help to understand everything she’s showing us in these shots from LASCO and SECCHI (I believe) but I can see it’s good. Fireworks! Cleansing waves. Set goes to The Pit, etc., and Earth/Terra/Midgard prepares to exit from the construct, and us with her. Where We Go One We Go All.

She begins with a phrase that reminded me of Q. “Shall we play a game?” Rather than “Where’s Waldo”, however, it’s “Where’s Venus”?

We’ve recently learned about “planet ships” and planets put in place as weapons (from Dante Santori), so perhaps that helps define what happened up there and what may have happened to “Venus”. I’ll have to watch again when I get a minute.

I was relieved that Rose reminded me what VAH is = Virtual Artificial Hologram. It’s crazy stuff when you’re a dumbed-down Human. I do recognize that I’ve been having a lot of “flashbacks” or memories from the distant past coming up for contemplation and release recently; perhaps part of the cleansing in preparation for our exit.

The intel from Rose makes sense when one considers the news we shared yesterday that NASA has turned the Hubble telescope back on, which Cobra told us went off-line to protect uneducated eyes from seeing all the activity up there these past few weeks.

Another ‘Tuber reported that until October 26, some of the NASA cameras were also shut down, but Rose was on it when they came back up.