Above Top Secret

At least that’s my opinion.

We all have heard about the conspiracies saying the Hollywood industry is part if the Illuminati, or some secret society that’s responsible for controlling the way we think or act. Here on ATS we have a few threads on the subject and none so far was proven to be true or false, and I don’t think we’ll ever be able to “prove” what is happening behind the curtains. We can only watch it, connect the dots and take our own conclusions.

So fasten your seat belts ’cause things are about to get weird again. I’ve found many pictures, clips and interviews where these so-called celebrities by the industry are acting weird and/or making strange symbols, most of them related to the “All Seing Eye” you guys are very familiar with.

Symbolism and Connections

Many artists do not even hide the symbolism and the connections with these societies anymore. Hide in plain sight tactic.







Plenty of satanic references as well.



Fergie on 2014 AMA’s performance. Pyramids and the All-Seeing-Eye.


We can’t talk about the Illuminati without mentioning Walt Disney, who has plenty of subliminal messages involving sex and demons.

Here we have Madonna responding to the accusations Tidal is another tool of the Illuminati. Tidal was bought by Jay-Z, now who would’ve expected that?


So you believe it’s all just a joke from them, right? It’s obvious if they were really Illuminati/Satan worshipers they wouldn’t just dress like this and say these things in public, amirite?

Programming complete!

Now, I’m not gonna say this is proof of MKUltra or Mind Control programs. Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidences, right? But what happens when some of these people tells us they’re being controlled, played and playing a part in this game? They are labeled as crazy, psychotic and worse by the same Mainstream Media.

This was the case of Kanye West, when he went on full talker mode in a concert, saying Google and Mark Zuckerberg lied to people, saying Jay-Z is dangerous and have killers, saying feeling matters and that we should be ourselves and cut the political crap.

He seems to me more awake than ever. After that he was forcibly hospitalized and told by the Media he had a psychotic attack. Weird, huh?

In some cases we’ll see people stay for more than a minute without blinking or showing any sign whatsoever that the person is aware of its environment. It’s almost like the person has simply gone for a different place. Or in other cases, the person seem to be completely disoriented, saying random words that makes no sense and formed sentences completely unrelated to the subject.

Also, we’ll see some cases where there appears to be “keywords”, that activate this strange behavior. Tell me this isn’t weird! And in most cases it doesn’t look like these people are faking it, joking or pranking in any way. There’s a very good video I came across recently and I’m gonna give some quick insights on what I could observe in these incidents and I hope you guys can give your opinion as well.

Video Evidence

I first watched a video on YouTube showing Beyoncé swinging back and forth like a hypnotized person while Jay-Z completely ignores his strange behavior. Then I went to look for some more cases and I ran across a video of a TV program where the guy literally froze for about a minute. How is it possible a person freezes and completely loses touch with reality live in TV and people around them tend to simply ignore what is happening?

Seems to me this is a common, recurrent weirdness in the Hollyweird World, and people are just used to it, or they’re just trying to not make it a “big deal”, maybe to cover it up or because they too have no idea wth is going on. Hell, I have never heard of this until a few days.. I’m pretty sure many more here will hear about it for the first time as well.

Keke Wyatt

Here we have Keke Wyatt, she’s a singer who starred as a cast member in TV One’s R&B Divas show. When his now ex-husband was talking about her emotions she started acting weird and making some exorcist eyeroll. The Media said she was just acting silly and playing a joke. Weird joke. And not very funny I must say.

In a quick research, on his Instagram biography she says: “It’s GODS WORLD AND IM FREE.ARE U FREE???” Free from what, I wonder…

Lady Gaga

Moving on… Now we have the Satan worshiper queen Lady Gaga.

This is a weird incident but it can be explained as a freaking bad trip on acid, so I’ll leave the comments to you guys.

Watch it on 2x speed to save you some time.

She was literally in trance. Maybe channeling some demon entity? Who knows. She like the stuff!


Now we have another Satan and Illuminati worshiper, Beyoncé, in a trance state in a basketball game while Jay-Z sits next to her. I don’t think she’s on some drug trip on this case because a few moments back she appears to be lucid talking to him.

She starts acting super weird at 1:46 but it’s interesting to watch the whole video because honestly she looks weird the whole time.

Video repeats itself after 3:46.

At 0:08 you can see she already has a vague look, like she’s just speaking but she’s not really paying attention on her environment.

From 1:45 to 2:43 she looks suuuuuper weird, swaying back and forth like a child, while Jay-Z looks at the screen board a few times, maybe to check her or the game, not sure who was in the screen at the moment.

Katy Perry

Now here’s an interesting video from Katy Perry, where she appears to faint while in the stage. This one is super weird because she looks confused like there’s someone talking to her or trying to get out of her? She makes some pretty scared expressions, but definitely doesn’t look like she was passing out for health issues.

Draymond Green

OK, this one is super weird too! The guys just went outer space in a live interview for a minute and then went back and nobody asked him if he was okay or having a heart attack or something?

Wendy Williams

Here we have Wendy Williams passing out live too, with a scary look in her eyes before she goes. Does anyone else passes out like this? I know I don’t…

There’s many more videos of these “glitches” as some call, but since all YouTubers seem to enjoy creepy-dark music running behind the video, and saying nonsense instead of showing the content, I made a small compilation on the videos I could find without the sensationalism.

Hope y’all enjoy the trip!!