CeRPER.org in collaboration with ETLetsTalk.org

is serving to bring us all together in an exciting and interactive way.


We are reaching out to the World and Beyond, inviting ongoing Human~ET Contact in the most loving and dynamic way possible.


Please join us for the second “ETLetsTalk Community Conference Call” this Sunday, December 16, 2012, where the info for our historic interactive Winter Solstice Event,


“LIVE ET CONTACT CELEBRATION 12.21.12” in collaboration with the new creative CE-5 Live Streaming concept brought to you by CeRPER with a “How To” set up your live streaming event will be discussed as well as other events of interest such as the release of the Sirius Documentary.


We want to hear from you and see you on our global map!
Just click ETLetstalk.org to join the community here! 


You can be a part of this Celebration in many ways, including part of the global live broadcast yourself or just watch the fun on youtube!


Here is how to take part in the call:


“ETLetsTalk Community Conference Call”

Sunday, December 16, 2012


5pm EST
2pm PST
10pm GMT

Email your intention to take part in the call to:




with your name and email address, and we will send you your call-in number approximately 48 hours in advance of the call. The number of phone lines is limited and your regular long distance charges will apply.

If you are not a member of ETLetsTalk, we miss you! Be part of the growing community, take part in all the action and get all the GCE-5 news there as it happens at:
If you wish to participate in the Live Streaming portion of the event or simply contribute your efforts remotely in front of your computer, please send your contact information to:


ce5live@cerper.org  for information and instructions.

Finally, there has been a fantastic response to apply to  “Live Stream” from various locations around the world! The team here wish to say thank you for your continued patients in receiving further information. 
Martyn Ellis