MeHello Everyone!

I have been greatly prompted to research and get acquainted with the CE-5 philosophies and trainings available out there as of late. We all KNOW that this is our next responsibility, to remember who we really are and to prepare for the reunions with our Star Families.

I literally stumbled upon CeRPER as I was investigating ways to gain more insight and clarity with My own Star Family. Immediately, I was drawn to their European (ok English) positioning and efficient and willing responsiveness. Please do YOURSELF a favor, and check this organization out! Their vision and ethics are above reproach, their team of people exude the Christ Consciousness vibe,  are on fire to support The Light, and their desire and focus to bring about a better future for all of humanity are contagious. So much so for me, that I have decided to assist them with their first US tour this summer in Joshua Tree, CA.  I have officially taken the the CA International Representative position in hopes of bringing forth Martyn’s amazing teachings and approaches to ET contact.  He is profound and wonderful to work with!

There are still some slots available for the Texas and New Mexico events as well, so wherever you are, go to that area that you are most drawn to.  The directions are in the video.

I sincerely wish that those of you who have already participated in the Cobra events can make it to this one. There are only 25 slots available and we have already received a handful of reservations.  This will be a life changing experience filled with sacred and yearned for one-on-one training and feedback. Check out this video for more details and drop me a line if you have any questions at . There are many of us who have not been graced with the ability to remember and I truly feel this is one step which will assist us in regaining our memory and our majesty!

For more of a flavor of Martyn’s approach and value to the world, listen to my interview here:

CeRPER Interview with Alexandra

And as always…Victory to The Light!  We are getting closer each minute!  Yeah!

I love you all –


The CeRPER Expedition —