– 2013-11-09


Thanks to Pamela for transcribing.

Channeled Messages by Disdoo; Tekkrr and Lakesh –  2013-11-09

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ChannelingtheHeavensDisdoo:  Welcome everyone.  I am Disdoo from the vessel from North America.   We have the vessel that comes around in North. American and in the northern hemispheres.  We control the severity of weather, seismic activity, solar flare activity – that meets the earth and we try to keep it within satisfactory levels, although, some are so strong even we cannot fully contain them.   At this time there are several solar flares around your planet.  They interrupt the energy.  Have you noticed that you have not been feeling quite the same the last few days?  This would be an interruption of your energy pathways by solar energy.  However, right now, I was going to ask you all to bear with me a little because I would like to explain a little bit about the colonies.  I think it’s important that the earth knows about these.  Max has been very instrumental in helping us form these colonies.  We have tried to do this several times before without success and the reason for that was telepathy versus human condition, we could not possibly understand you in a way that we should.


We do have some human telepaths in our first colony.  There are six which we speak to daily.  We are starting to understand human emotions and patterns, spirituality in the way that you see it.  Your physicalities, the intensity of your thought.  We were never able to do this and, therefore, other colonies have failed.  Also, we do it a different way now.  We used to abduct – take people without them knowing they were being taken and, this was wrong.   We have to apologize for that because now we know  how humans really feel about that sort – action – on our part –  and now we ask permission before we take them to our colony.  There is so much more to tell but, I think I should ask you if you have any questions to this point?   You can ask anything – it does not have to be about the colony.


Q:  You mentioned the possibility of holographic interface with groups here versus visiting the colonies?


Disdoo:  Yes.


Q:  We have a group that meets that would be very interested.  How would we go about doing that?


Disdoo:   We have not organized that sort of group yet, but we are working on that because we feel that there are some that cannot come through our teleportation methods to be with us.  They have to remain on earth because of health issues or physiological problems that we cannot fix with our technology, therefore, we are planning to come meet with groups of people – perhaps three aliens to a group of 50 or 60 – but, it would start smaller. Does that? We will be doing that.  And other channelers around your planet have taken note from their sources. We were the first to tell the earth about  this and now others are speaking about it.


Max:  Any specific channelers you can name?


Disdoo:  I am not to speak of…but they do exist and they are genuine.


Q:  How many other realities, planets that communicate strictly by color?


Disdoo:  There are those species that have color as a language.  Yes.  There are two in particular.


Q:  Can you name those?


Disdoo:   We do not name them.


Q:  Are they humanoid?


Disdoo:   Not really.  No.


Q:  I have been told  that our group would  be able to see a specific alien.  I was told spiritually that our group would be able to see an alien.  Do you know if that’s true and what type of aliens that would be?


Disdoo:  You have a name?  Was there a name given at that time?


Q:   There was but I don’t remember what the name was given?


Disdoo:  I would be able to know if I had heard of the name.  There are many beings making contact with humans at this time.  Those of you who have abilities  to channel or be psychic in some way are being contacted.  Now there are some that are not of good will.   Be careful.   Make sure that you protect yourself before calling on any entity to come in – and if someone comes calling to you, make sure that you ask if they are of the light or, if they are good.  You may ask several different questions  that can be interpreted by your, this being, to know what your intents are and their intents are.


Q:  Would they lie?


Disdoo:  You will know if they lie because you will not feel right.  Does that make sense?  Because if your intent is aligned with purity,and their intent is not, you will know.


Q:  I can tell you what they look like.  Tall – thin –


Disdoo:  Do they have human-like faces?


Q:   Some characteristics.


Disdoo:  It could be an Orion.  But, there are other species that could fit the description – especially some of the reptile species can look humanoid.  They have that capacity to change their facial parts and they are usually very thin.


Q:  Can you tell us whether a solar flare will take out the electric grid?


Disdoo:  We will guard against that.  We have ways to guard against severe solar flares – and the ones lately have been moderately severe – but you have not had any major blackouts or electrical interference at this time.


Q:  So – you put a shield in a way of the flare after it happens?


Disdoo:  There are ways to deflect the energy and also we are interdimensional.  We can go back several hours and help things.  We are not permitted to move in time a great deal because it is dangerous but, we can move several hours at a time.   And so, if we see that something is going to be potentially fatal, deadly, we will go back and try fix that within several hours before it happens.


Q:  Our scientists and people who watch the skies and things like that – are they aware of these solar flares that is going on and all of the sudden it’s fixed – or you fix it before they are aware?


Disdoo:  They have awareness of us in some ways because there are miracles that happen they cannot explain – and they have seen our ships.  They conclude, by logic, that we have interfered.


Q:  Can I ask why you would do it?


Disdoo:  We want to preserve this society, species – whatever you want to call yourselves.  We know that there are several things that are coming to you that are very fatal – the weather due to global warming – the toxins in the air – the shift in the axis – the solar flares – the seismic grandeur of the tilt of the axis is one of our great concerns because your earthquake that struck Japan could have been even worse – if that is imaginable.


Q:  Have there been aliens who have been here for 20, 30, 40 years?


Disdoo:  Yes – and longer.  Hundreds of years for some of them.  A thousand years for even others – but some of them do not come back.  We take a personal interest in you because we know that you are on the verge of your next evolution.  It will happen in a day, a week or a year but we see that the energy of your brain has opened to telepathy.  We are working with several humans to develop that telepathy even greater – so they can train others to speak to us directly.  I have spoken before, not to you, but to Max about how we interact and telepathy is our most vital tool in helping you survive because this way we know things that we cannot know as a foreign species.  You are like cylinders to us – you are closed off – but now that your telepathy is awakening, we have hopes of joining you as part of the galaxy – or you joining us.


Q:  So they have integrated into our society physically?


Disdoo:  Not as of yet.  First contact – we are planning – there is so much to say about that.  I am flooded with information.  First contact is being planned very carefully with the help of telepathic humans and they will be part of first contact because they need to be an intercessor for your species.  They cannot – not be there – because you would be overwhelmed if just an alien-looking species tried to make contact without humans coming first to turn _______________.


Q:  Is there a timing for this?  Are you allowed  to tell us the timing?


Disdoo:  There is much planning still to do.  You are as a species not quite ready.  There are too many deficiencies in some cultures that could not be overcome at this moment, however, your ascension of awareness and psychic abilities is bringing up the level of the earth.  When this happens, fourth dimensional energy is released into the atmosphere from human beings – which is very interesting.  You have the capacity for fourth dimension – 150 or 200 years from now perhaps – not quite yet but we see the beginnings of it.


Q: As before, I said we have a group – and we do try to practice telepathy.  Is there something that you could tell us that would help us practice telepathy even more?


Disdoo:  Yes.  The very beginnings of telepathy are intention.  Your intention toward another.  When you are able to walk up to someone and know what they intend, then that is the beginnings of telepathy.  The intentions between your group are all very high, therefore, you must find a way to camouflage your purity for a moment to see if someone can find evidence of a different intention.


Disdoo:    You must find a difficult space in yourself for the intention is not good so that you can practice with each other – because you only know your good intention to each other.  Now, you may go into the world and if you can feel the intention of those around you, do you think you can do that?  There are many that can at this point – by facial expressions they know, by they can feel the energy of malintent.  I believe you can do that.  I believe your group would be able to feel malintent from a distance even.  This is the beginning of telepathy.  Practice these things when you go places before you speak to someone – before you know who they are or what they are doing.  Make a judgment – but then, don’t be harsh with them;  Just make a judgment to see if you were correct.  That’s all.  But do not judge them if their intent is not good because we are all perfect in the eyes of our creator.  You must not judge – judgment will come to you before then.


Q:  Are you saying that there is a part of me that sees not good stuff?


Disdoo:  If you were to protect yourself in this day and age, there are those who would not be appropriate for you to be around because they could affect your vibration.  Keep your vibration moving in a positive direction – and if you find that people are causing you great stress, look into yourself and find if it is you that is causing the negativity or, is it they that are causing the negativity?   Because you must find a way to either calm that negativity – or, disconnect from that negativity.  It is essential for earth at this time to heal the negative parts of your society – difficult times – but yet essential – essential – essential.


Q:  Does our thoughts affect other realities?


Disdoo:  No. But your thoughts affect this reality.  Your intentions affect this reality.  Your good natured, giving or taking – or whatever it is that you do affects your reality and everything around you – and, you already knew that.  I can sense in you all the wonder of the future.  The wonder of getting things right – the moving ahead – the knitting together of your species to be a whole and not just a part of who we are because we are a community – Yes?  But we do not act like a community – telepathically, we can be a community – do you understand that?  Because we can look at each other and know intention – we can know thoughts – share experiences – but, you are separate from each other and, therefore, you do not know the inner workings of another mind.  Every mind here is different – it is the same with ________________ every mind is different – and if we didn’t have telepathy, how would we ever know each other as a community?  Does that make sense to you?  Because we have learned to love each other as a community.  Not all of us are even good or great people but, there is a good part in every one of us and we tend to lift each other up when necessary to a level where we can communicate in a very ______________.


Q:  How long have you been on this ship that is circling the earth?  – for North America?


Disdoo:  We have been 8.9 years.  I’ve known of the earth for 11.7 years – but, I should say I’ve been aware of earth as a personality for that long – and you are a personality.


Q:  How do you get that job?  I mean – is it something you volunteered?  – or, is it dictated – or?


Disdoo:  I showed a special interest and _____________ dealing with foreign species  and I studied earth for many years before I was in this particular position – but, if I have to be very honest, I’ve grown more in the last year than I have in many of my years because I am communicating with humans like Max and the telepaths.  They are teaching me more than I could ever learn  from any kind of curriculum – any kind of a holographic projection – visual aides – interacting is where one learns – we find that there is much good here.  Some species would have you already eliminated – but we have not allowed that.


Q:  Why would they want to eliminate us?


Disdoo:  They would like to have your world for their own.  They were on worlds that were not compatible with them_________________  because their misuse of it – also your minerals – your uranium – and radioactive materials – the core of your earth is very important to some of them.  There are many things – your water systems – your actual  human emotions were at one time tried to be stolen because they were so unusual and deep.  There was a species that wanted to steal your emotions – that did not happen and I don’t know how they could have done that – but, they tried.


Q:  Are you aware of any middle earth aliens?


Disdoo:  There are some in the Pacific ocean deep at the bottom.  Yes.


Q:  But nothing in the core?  Like in the middle of the earth?


Disdoo:   There are life forms there but they are not from outer space.


Q:  Agarthans?  Have you heard that term – Agarthans?  It’s from my understanding is- what’s in our inner earth?


Disdoo:  Yes.  Something similar to that – they are fire species that can move within fire?


Q:  Are they humanoid?


Disdoo:  No.  They are almost fourth dimensional in some respects – but, they are not.


Q:  Is it like between three and four?


Disdoo:  Yes.  But they are – it’s very – there is no words in your human language to describe to you what they are really – you are going to have to understand there are us species that we find in the core of planets with volcanic centers – with hot centers – they’re not all planets have that – but many do.


Q:  Do you have a name of a magical animal in the fire called salamander?


Disdoo:  Yes.


Q:  But I think maybe this species has a name – or you don’t have a name that you can say?


Disdoo:  Yunkan-shefkar.


Q:  Can you repeat?


Disdoo: Yunkan-Shefkar.  Yes. That is our language – by the way.


Q:   Are they in communications with any of the alien species?


Disdoo:  No, they are isolationists for several thousand centuries –


Q:  And YHVH is not one of those?


Disdoo:  No.


Q:  Can you speak a few sentences in your language?


Disdoo:  What would you like?


Q:  Oh – can you do a blessing and then translate?


Disdoo:  Ok.  Diryekash ondorovorkoti arrendat tabasakasho yeskukah krion tipayar nutta toturr semtikirar rondakolala  sukatah patah wakah yanealar morenori.


The translation would be:  I call out to you blessings.  Let the earth surround  you with joy.  Let the things you lift up lift back.  Let the awesome power of mother nature and the universe be with you.   May you always be proud of the perfection that you attained.  May you know that you are loved eternally and let us be blessed together in our unity.


Q:  Amen – thank you much.


Q:  How old are you?


Disdoo:  In earth years?  137.


Q:  So, you are very young?


Disdoo:  Yes.


Q:  I think you live about 500 – 600?


Disdoo:  Yes.  But I moved quickly up the ranks because of my ability to communicate.


Q:  What’s your IQ for that of Yahyel? Which percentage would this respond to?


Disdoo:  I do not understand the question.


Q:  Are you representative of a typical Yahyel?  Your race?


Disdoo:  I am not considered typical but, I consider myself more typical than they do.  Intelligence – ah – we are all intelligent.


Q:  Thank you – I know that you are very diplomatic – you cannot say that you are exceptional – right?


Disdoo:  I would not want to.


Q:  I was curious about those of us humans that may be hybrids of sorts.  Is there a purpose for us – or we just an accident? or what?


Disdoo:   There is always a purpose for what has happened here on the earth.  Hybrids were experimental – but not in a chemical or scientific way – but in a spiritual way.  They wanted to develop a higher spiritual realm for earth.  They wanted to develop it quickly because they saw that your axis was going to flip over in so many hundred thousand years and you would be extinct again.  But we are stopping that.


Q:  When is it happening?


Disdoo:  It’s already happening.


Q:  The axis is already flipping?  Getting ready to flip?


Disdoo:  We stopped it at 3%.  That’s why you are experiencing such weather change, seismic reactions – we’re trying to calm that down.  We can’t move it back that would be even worse.  We can stop it.  Going backwards would cause twice the damage that going forward does.   If you can understand that – just because of the way your earth is in orbit around the sun.


Q:   Back in the 1950s, the Roswell incident in New Mexico?  Can you tell us a little about that?


Continuation Transcription of Disdoo channelling (part 4)

Q:  Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Disdoo:  I can tell you a little but not a lot because your government knows everything about that and they were Yahyel (???) in that accident.  They were greys – they were friendly.

Q:  Were they greys or Yahyel?

Disdoo:   Greys are Yahyel – but a different species than Yahyel – but they look very much the same.  There are five different grey species.  They were mistreated, unfortunately, and their technology was uncovered through reverse engineering.  So, there are, on display, in some prominent places on your planet – alien technology.  You may not know that what they are exactly because they will tell you that the’re alien technology – but they are.

Q:  Can you tell us?

Disdoo:  I am not permitted to point those things out at this time.  I’m sorry.  But, I will tell you one is in New York City and one is in Washington, DC.

Q:  And what were these?  (???)

Disdoo:  They are alien technology.  There is a spaceship in Washington, DC that was made by aliens.  Or, I should say, made by earthlings with alien technology.

Q:  And is it true that our military has picked up technological secrets from off planet people?

Disdoo:  Yes – it is well known.

Q:  Is it fully secret to us still?  Like free energy and scalar weapons and such?

Disdoo:  Yes.  If you go to your Internet and there are places on the Internet where they openly discuss alien technology and interaction – and most people think that because it’s so open, it can’t be real.  That’s what they want you to believe.  They actually are hiding in front of your face. There’s a – oh this is fictitious – this is awful –  you know – but, it’s an actual conference with press, newscasters, people – and government officials – and army officials that are actually telling you what kind of technology they found but, yet, people think it’s a hoax – and that’s what they like.  They are happy that you think it’s a hoax, but, it’s actually real.  If you pay attention to it, it’s way too boring to be anything but real.

Q:  Can you tell us why the government is so reluctant to let us know the aliens are out there?

Disdoo:  Yes.  Because it gets rid of their control.  If they realize that you realize that aliens are protecting the earth, what do we need an army for?  Do you understand this?  What do we need military for if there’s – your people will say to themselves, what do we need that for?  We have aliens protecting us – they are 10 times the ability that all our … so, stay in control while politicians – your politicians – your people… keep…. they want to keep the control.  That’s the big issue.  And, also – there are portions of the earth that are not ready for this kind of information.

Q:  So, you’re saying it’s a fear test?

Disdoo:  Yes, it would become chaotic in some areas as well.

Q:  I would have believed that many years ago – but, in the current time, I don’t believe it’s fear because there’s too many now that believe in the (???)

Disdoo:  Go to your Bible Belt in the South and you will find fear beyond your imagination. And this is what I speak of in your continent.  But the Bible Belt is tight – fear control – and

Q:  Superstition.

Disdoo:  It is spiritual – but it does not reach God the way that goodness and love and traits that are pure –  reach God.  They must unshackle themselves from the debris of dogma – if you want to call it that.  It is a bondage on them and we see more hate there than we see love.

Q:  Is it  more difficult for you to deal with religious leaders or, politicians?

Disdoo:  They are the same.

Q:  Is the vibration of the planet increasing – at a greater rate than it has in the past?

Disdoo:   Yes – let me explain something quickly – which I explained to this group before – not all of you were here though.  The ascension has begun – but, it starts small – very, very, very small –  but, as we gather people, like new people are here tonight, it gets wider like a beam of light shoots out – and it collects – when you come into contact with pure love, honesty, joy and people that are happy to be here and are moving in a way that is positive – how could you not want to be  part of that?  How?  There are those that don’t – but they will be overcome – not in a forceful way – but they are in the shadow and the light kills shadows.

Q:  There has been a lot stories about the earth separating when the ascension time comes and then some of us will stay on earth and there will be a new earth – for some of the people that?

Disdoo:  People that are confusing the ascension with the rapture.  They are two different things.   I am not sure that I can explain the basic difference – but, ascension does not make people rise off the earth and go into a spiritual body.  The ascension is an evolutionary process – it causes man to move to the next level of expanded thought – and process and telepathy.  This is what the ascension does.  Your so-called rapture from Revelations in your Bible is not echoed nearly the same by any other religious book – but, it is a semi truth about there will be a time when many people will exit the earth at the same time into a spiritual body – that’s all I can relate that to.

Q:  Earlier, you talked about abduction?  There’s no more – that was a while back – re: abductions – can one become abducted in the dream state?

Disdoo:  Yes – but our species are a species –  that we are in alliance with – do not do any form of abduction any more.  There are species that still do abduction – but, we are not of that species or alliance – but they still do that – yes.

Q:  Do you know if they are benevolent – or no?

Disdoo:  There are two species that still do abduction that – one is benign and the other is not.  One is purely scientific and one is malevolent.  They want the things that you have – your minerals – your water – your sky – your planet.

Q:  Back to the ascension – when is the first wave of ascenders to go?

Disdoo:  They don’t go anywhere.   The first wave of ascenders will become the first telepaths on earth – they will be feared – but, once they let themselves be who they really are, no one will fear them at all.  They will not want to seek information that they shouldn’t have – they will want to connect in a positive way.  Now, that’s not to say that at the beginning, there will be those who seek to do harm as a telepath – but you will know them by their intention – and other telepaths will find them.  They could not hide it.  They will not be able to hide because of their intention.  If another telepath comes across them, they are exposed.

Q:  Would you consider this telepathic – or, just intuition?  You’re a person that has lots of love for everyone – but yet –  sometimes you run across somebody and you start to go near them – and you want to back away?

Disdoo:  That’s the first part of telepathy – knowing the intent of somebody that wishes to cause negativity in the area – or, with you – that is the first part of telepathy.  You will be able to sense their energy before they’ve even released it.  This is the first beginning.

Q:  Can we change their energy by sending them lots of love?

Disdoo:  You cannot change their energy without their will being changed.  Their will has to change by your will being of the light and love – then, if they see you – the things in you that they want,- their will will change – but, it has to be their will – your will cannot control them.

Q: I know that you are limited in what you can tell us about the future – I just have a concern about our government – and this could be conspiracy theory – and I want to know if your species is also protecting us to some degree from our own politicians and government from maybe some malevolent design to?

Disdoo:  Well – yours – where do I even start with that?  Let me tell you this –  there is a group of spirit beings named El and they’re in charge of your finances – commercial – well being – I don’t know if I am saying that correctly.  Your money situations – as a world –  and they find it unusable.  They cannot use the way that you have done so.  They are planning to crash the economic systems.  I can tell you that because no one would believe that.   I mean the government were too strong – I mean I am imitating a politician that I saw on your website – he was certain that everything will stay just the way it is – or worse (???)  When it falls apart, El will be there to build it back up – they will be our leaders to help you rebuild your society – because they know how to do it – they have done it in several worlds – that are now working very (???)

Q:  So, they are spiritual beings then – not aliens – right?

Disdoo:  Yes – El is more spiritual than alien – or, is spiritual – I should say.

Q:  So, is this financial realignment likely to happen?  As – some sources say – very soon?

Disdoo:  2027.

Q:  That’s a 2027 date with the (???)

Q:  Is it finalized – or it’s flexible?

Disdoo: El is very superstitious – in some ways.  27 – 2  and 9 is a final number – it’s an end number – but if you add the 2 on to it, it’s an 11 – which is two beginning numbers – so, they double begin and final – they have a finality which is the 27 and then they add the 2 to it to make a double beginning.

Q:  Count it 11 and 11 then?

Disdoo:  No – 2027

Q:  Can you tell me what you know about Jesus?  Was he a telepathy?

Disdoo:  Yes – Jesus was a great telepath.  He channelled many times – many of his parables are channelled from other aliens because their planet had undergone many things of the same nature and – so, he was aware of God, his father – and, in many ways, he was the son of God – many ways – his purity was very, very bright.  But he was a channeller.  He taught his people how to become prosperous without having anything – and even they were prosperous still when they had nothing.  They went from home to home – they were lacking for nothing – but, yet, they were given everything they needed by the law – what is it you call that?  the law of attraction – because they prayed.  Prayer is so powerful – they prayed for what they needed and God interceded for them and they got everything they needed.  Now, of course, some of them were martyrs –  that couldn’t be helped – he could not step in and do miracles when he is not there.  He was there in spirit, but, he could not interact with the physical at that time.

Q:  Would you tell us about the Bilderberg group?

Disdoo:  I don’t know this group – what is it?

Q:  The group that runs the world.

Disdoo:  Oh – MIC.  We know them as a different name – they have their finger in a little bit of everything – they have…. you  may think that you are safe  – you are in many senses – but they know everything about you at this day and age unless you live on the plains of Siberia.  They know who you are – what you do – how much money you make – where you go – if you watch pornography.  They know all these things – how many calls you make a day. They have their hands and control in politics –  religion – every possible thing you can imagine – and it has taken them a while to do this but, they have been in power for many years now.  Is that what you meant?

Q: Yes

Disdoo:  They even know how long every phone call you have made – who it was to – and what source of the information was –

Q:  Is that through the Internet? or, other methods that you do not know about?

Disdoo:  Other methods that you are not aware of because – like I said – they know Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner – they have operatives everywhere – and these people are doing this for the good of the world – they are convinced that this is what they should do to save the world – is to spy on everybody and make sure that everybody is within the control of MIC.  They were told that – that was the propaganda – if you will – that has seized so many of their people.  There are a few that have left – and if they leave, their lives are in danger

Q:  Where is their propaganda coming from?

Disdoo:  Everywhere their operatives are – because their operatives are the ones that are spreading them.  They are in the Bible Belt – keeping them tightly aware that Jesus will come back any second and they can’t love anybody because judgment is what they have to do – but, it’s all gone through such a twisted mentality – that we see that is many – many places on your world.  But, this thing is – that you are a cylinder – you cannot understand some things that are celestial – esoteric – because you are a cylinder – but, we’re breaking that cylinder with the light that is growing.  Do you understand?  The light will come through and  telepathy will break through the cylinder – because you can’t stay there.

Q:   Can you tell about your religion – your connection to God – your religious practices?

Disdoo:  We do much meditation when we can – but, even our work is our religion because we are helping move people up into a greater vibration.  We are working at a spirit level with humanity.  We are also working in a physical – in a natural level – but, our intention started when it was spirit – so, therefore, our religion is helping you – as if, perhaps you needed help – which you do at this point – but, then you help us as well. With your prayers – with your thoughts – with your positive actions – you also encourage us to do our job better.

Q:   Are you praying using words?  Are you in contact with the Angels and – maybe some higher consciousness which you also know?

Disdoo:  Angels choose when they want to come into your reality.  It is the same with us.  If they want to be in our reality, they make themselves available.  They give us the message, they let us know what they want us to know.

Q:  Are you using words and prayers?

Disdoo:  Yes – words are very powerful.  There are some words that have great vibrations.  The om is a great vibration  – you know why?  If it’s gone long enough, you all become a part of it.  You all become a part of the om.  It is not separate from anyone – you all hear it the same way – you all perceive it in a peaceful way – you all love it and it becomes a higher vibration in you bringing you up – knitting you together – bringing you to a higher place.  So the om is one example of one word with a high vibration – and prayers have high vibrations – the word Jesus resonates very high in the universe.  Emanuelle – El – some of these words have great resonation in the universe and, therefore, connect you to even other planets and galaxies and peoples off world because they know those words to.  There are some words known throughout the galaxy – like Max.  Max is known throughout the galaxy at this point but, because of his writings – they have taken many of his thoughts and translated them into other languages and – but in….

Q:  You mentioned El and Jesus – which you know about – are there any other Gods which are historic deities from our past which you also are dealing with and in contact with?

Disdoo:  Mohammed – Buddha – Ghandi.  Ghandi was actually a hybrid spirit being – no one could have that much strength in a human body.  Do you realize what he went through?  He was unhuman – he was not fully human – but he taught humanity what humanity should be like.

Q:  Do your Gods or your higher consciousness – do we have something in common so we know their name – and you are in connection with them – and praise them?

Disdoo:  Oh – yes – God would be your name – Allah is known in the universe.  Yes, we pray to God and Allah and Ra –

Q:  Is Ra a separate being than Allah?

Disdoo:  Yes – but slightly underneath – that’s all.

Q:  Are you in connection with Ra?

Disdoo: Correct

Q:  Ra Material is very much correct – right?

Disdoo:  Yes

Q:  Many on earth are taught from Ra Material and respected very much – it’s maybe one of the step stones – another teaching is Messages by the Nine – are you in connection with the Nine?  The Books of the Nine – which were channelled to the earth.

Disdoo:  Ray ha boch


=== to be continued

November 10th, 2013