As channeled by Taryn Crimi

mind_control1We have been asked to give our perspective on the topic of mental disorders. Certainly there are many mental disorders to choose from. It is our intention to shed light upon several mental disorders as well as to share our perspective on why mental illness exists in your reality. We will touch upon bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and autism. But before we begin we would like to give our definition of what a mental disorder is. Note the simple breakdown of the word “DIS” – “ORDER”; simply put it is the physical manifestation of Dis-order or the experience of a reality in “Dis-Harmony”. When there is harmony and order, balance is restored and maintained.
Like any “dis-order” the severity of the individual experience is directly related to the disharmony that is created. We say created because all disorders are created; they do not happen to you, rather they are created by you. Now with that being said it is almost always created subconsciously and it is an agreed upon circumstance that a soul chooses to experience.
Now let us begin.
Many wonder if the experience of a mental illness is a choice and if so why would you choose to have one? Of course our reply is always the same; simply for the experience. Many lessons can be gained from any life that you choose upon your world. As we have stated many times before, the reality which you have chosen to incarnate into is filled with many unique opportunities for growth that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Certainly your reality is one of the most challenging to choose from. It is not for the “faint hearted”, not by any means. It requires a tremendous amount of courage to slip into the illusion which you have become so entranced by. We are simply here to offer another perspective of the reality which you have come to play in; because we are not submerged within the illusion, we can offer our assistance from a different vantage point.
We will begin with the mental illness known as bipolar disorder. This illness can affect adults and children although it is rarely diagnosed as bipolar disorder in young children. We see this as being a chemical imbalance which in manifested as extreme mood swings within the affected person. Although this chemical imbalance is not hereditary, it is commonly found amongst family members. Not because it is passed through the cells of the parents to the child, but rather because the beliefs are passed and shared within the genetic line. A person who “suffers” from bipolar disorder can be compared to the drastic temperature changes that occur within a dessert. Let us explain.
A dessert does not contain many plants, trees or grass; there is a tremendous amount of sand that easily absorbs the sun’s rays in the heat of the day, and easily releases the heat as the night sky takes over. Because there is no moisture in the dessert, the dessert is susceptible to huge temperature changes. Water serves to balance and maintain. A person who experiences the wide fluctuation of emotions due to the chemical imbalance known as bipolar disorder lacks the body’s ability to maintain and balance chemicals at a constant steady rate.
A healthy human’s brain will release chemicals based on the stimulation that is detected by the 5 physical senses. For instance when you encounter an experience that frightens you, your brain will send a signal to secrete an extra amount of adrenaline that may be required to help you to respond in an appropriate manner. However with a person who “suffers” from bipolar disorder, the brain does not properly monitor the secretion of the numerous chemicals that are responsible for your moods. There is a large correlation between not enough water in the brain tissue and its inability to properly balance and monitor the secretion of numerous chemicals responsible for large mood swings. We are not suggesting that simply just drinking more pure water will restore the imbalance and brain function found in patients with bipolar disorder; however we do highly recommend that those who suffer from this imbalance drink at least ten 8 oz glasses of water per day. This alone will not generally resolve the chemical imbalance, although it will significantly impact the severity of the mood swings generally associated with this illness. Even those who do not have this disorder will find that when they have neglected to drink enough water throughout the day, their mood will be dramatically affected.
Now this of course is the physical explanation of why a person experiences a dramatic fluctuation in moods known as bipolar disorder. However, as always nothing manifests in the physical before manifesting on the spiritual and emotional planes of existence first. There is an imbalance on a spiritual level which then manifests in different ways within the physical reality. An imbalance of what, you may wonder. We are talking about a severe imbalance of beliefs. Those experiencing bipolar disorder often are holding onto very many conflicting beliefs.
The beliefs that any of you hold are what determines how you view the experiences in your reality. To give you a simple example of this, suppose two people each had two very different beliefs about the number 13. One person believed that the number 13 was an incredibly bad omen which foretold that they were to experience very bad luck, whereas the other person believed that the number 13 was incredibly lucky and that it foretold that they were to encounter great fortune. One would be waiting for a very bad experience to manifest, while the other would be waiting for their fortune to arrive. The very same circumstance can be viewed very differently depending on the beliefs which you hold. Now suppose that just one person believed both that the number 13 was incredibly lucky, as well as incredibly bad luck and meant that something very bad was going to happen. These two beliefs are conflicting of one another. When a person experiences bipolar disorder, they are holding on to very many strongly conflicting belief systems. This accounts for the very dramatic fluctuation in their moods. Most of these beliefs are held subconsciously and the person has little to no conscious knowledge of these conflicting beliefs.

You may wonder how you could possibly hold onto two opposing beliefs. Let us give you a quite common example. A person can believe that the universe is infinite and yet they still hold the fear of lack.

Many may wonder why medication is often found to balance these huge fluctuations in mood. This is simply because the physical is being “artificially” balanced by forcing the brain to emit a slow steady amount of chemicals. However, it is not able to balance the problem at its source. This would require a balancing of the spiritual and emotional bodies. Energy work would be particularly helpful for these patients as well as a strong focus of healing and detoxification of the emotional body. We would suggest the essence of red clover for these patients as this will help to detoxify and release the stress held by the emotional and physical body.
Another mental illness which we would like to touch upon is the illness known as schizophrenia. This disorder is described as affecting the mental faculties of the affected patient in various and numerous ways. There are varying degrees of severity in patients affected by this “disorder”. A very common symptom among most with this illness is hallucinations. Now let us first explain that your reality is one that is based in physicality; it also is an illusion. The reality which you perceive is created by your mind and then perceived by your 5 physical senses. With that being said, each soul who incarnates into this reality also agrees to perceive some general illusions. This acts as a template from which you all can agree to perceive a similar reality . This allows you to all play the “game” together. For instance you can stand beside someone and look at the landscape and they will perceive a similar view, they will be able to see the sun, the sky, the grass, the trees and so forth. Even though this is all an illusion, it is one that you must be able to have a common basis from which to use as a template. This reality is the creation of the collective as a whole.
Those that suffer from this illness, have chosen to “detach” in some ways from the agreed upon perceived reality of others. For instance they can “see” people, places, things etc. that others do not perceive. These of course are creations of their own mind, however so are any of the things which you view in your reality. >From our perspective, your entire reality is an illusion; the computer which you sit in front of, the chair which you sit on, the space you are in, none of these are “real”. So we ask you this, what makes something real? It is only your belief and perception that says it’s real.
So are we saying that those who “suffer” from schizophrenia simply see what others cannot? Quite simply put, yes. Many with this dis-order are said to suffer from hallucinations; however from our perspective your entire reality is a hallucination. Yet most of you have chosen to participate and perceive the same hallucination. It is part of the game; you cannot play if you do not choose to accept the illusion as real. Those that have schizophrenia have chosen to play another game all by themselves, yet this is not a conscious decision and as a result they are often left feeling alone and separate from others. These patients often have feelings of resentment, depression, irritability, frustration, paranoia and this is primarily a result of feeling misunderstood, separate, and crazy. They begin to distrust their own perception as much as they mistrust others. The hallucinations which they create and then perceive are a reflection of their beliefs, and therefore those that begin to become paranoid, angry and fearful will often hallucinate “scary” creations because this is the vibration they resonate with.
This dis-order is largely created because of the absolute trust that you have been taught to have in your physical senses. The unwavering belief of the collective that if it can be perceived by your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or touch that it is in fact “real”. However, what if your eyes didn’t see what others saw? Who is right and who is wrong? This is a very strong belief currently held by your collective. Once you begin to release the absolute trust in using only your physical senses to determine if something exists or not, this dis-order will eventually disappear from your reality.
The last mental dis-order we would like to touch upon today is Autism. This is becoming a very common dis-order among more and more on your world. Like any disorder, the severity of symptoms will vary widely. This dis-order has a very large range and equally as many unique symptoms which are found amongst those who have this disorder. Often those labeled autistic commonly are described as “being in their own world” They often do not communicate well through spoken language, and are also reluctant to engage in social situations. However what they seem to lack in social and communication skills, they usually excel far beyond the capabilities of the “average” human in one particular area.
The common perception of those with autism is that they are slow, or not as intelligent as others, yet this is not accurate. Many on your world believe that your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings and beliefs through speech somehow determines the level of intelligence that you hold. As we previously spoke about in our last message “You do not communicate with words”, just because you do not use speech as a vessel for communication does not mean that you do not have intelligent thoughts. Some of the most capable minds in your recorded history would have been labeled as Autistic had they “labeled/discovered” the dis-order at the time of their incarnation.

Because those with this disorder lack the ability to use speech to communicate in the way most others do and they are often happiest when they are left to be alone with their thoughts, these people have a greater ability to channel energy from the higher realms. They often find the outside world overwhelming and resort to “shutting it out” entirely and instead they focus intently on their own thoughts.

Your brains are designed to focus intently on only one reality and filter the majority of what goes on around you, out. An infinite number of realities are going on in front of your very eyes, and yet your mind only perceives what you expect to see. It cannot perceive much of what it cannot fathom. The brain of an Autistic is even more focused than that of a person who does not have this “disorder”.
So why then do they have the propensity to excel in one particular area? Their mind is focused like a laser. This allows them to develop the ability to use one particular part of their brain to its fullest capacity. Know that the abilities of those who seem to have “super human” gifts that far exceed what most can achieve right now will one day become the “norm”.
This is why you see so many autistics excel in various other skills, such as having an incredible photographic memory, drawing and painting life-like pictures, calculating large numbers in their head with ease. Autistics often tend to be incredibly sensitive; their emotions seem to be more dramatic than others. Because they do not develop the ability to communicate with words, they must show their emotions to others instead of telling them.
Also, because they often are not as skilled in using spoken language, they maintain a greater ability to perceive the thoughts and feelings of others using telepathy. You will notice that often Autistics are naturally drawn to animals. Animals do not rely on a spoken language, those with this “disorder” are able to connect and share more easily with animal friends. Animals have a wonderful balancing and healing ability and are great companions for those who often feel misunderstood or overwhelmed by the fast paced life many live today.
This is our explanation of what is occurring on a physical level, however as you know all is first manifested on a spiritual level. Often those with this disorder do tend to detach regularly from their physical body due to the stress and intense anxiety that they feel when fully “in” their body. Some may wonder, where do they “go”? We are not suggesting that they leave their physical body entirely, they simply are “straddling both worlds” with one foot “in” and one foot “out” so to speak. Many of you do this when you are feeling incredibly overwhelmed or are in a very dramatic experience. You detach to some extent to help lessen the “pain”. Some would call this not being grounded in your body. However those who have Autism tend to live this way. This often leaves them feeling a bit ungrounded, detached, uninvolved, and unable to fully connect with the world they live in. Of course this is again a choice made by the soul to gain another experience. Activities that help them to engage in physical activities will help them to ground their energy more firmly into their bodies. Also animals are phenomenal at “getting through” to those with this disorder. We would highly recommend that they are encouraged to interact with animals on a regular basis or if possible to adopt a pet into the household.
We hope that this message has in some way served you, and that it finds those who need this message most.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.
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