Check out this message from  James McBride….
Dark_EnergyWe have been trying desperately to get this email out to the DP members and were having great difficulties in doing so.  The webmaster was unavailable to resolve a problem with the backend of the site that handles email broadcasts.
During the interim, the following thread on the DP forum was posted in an effort to get the message out:  http://divineprovince.org/forum/showthread.php?801-IMPORTANT-Statement-from-JT
The backend error is now resolved, so here is the email as it was intended to go out a few days ago.  This message is directly from JT:
The Power Brokers of the old ways are desperate to stop the transition as we enter the final days of darkness.  As the dark retracts from our reality, chaos is left in its wake.
Just as the economic system must be returned to zero through discharge of debt clearing the way to solvency and value, so to we must return to zero point releasing the remnants of our Karmic experience as we migrate into the New World of love and compassion, abundance and prosperity.
The old energy will no longer be tolerated as we move forward but the old energy is rearing its ugly head for one final chance to drag us back into darkness.  Today we are all being tested.  I have been detained and many of the DP members are being harassed.  We must all remain strong and steadfast in the light.
We must remember that fear and intimidation is the only weapon that the dark has left and that is only effective if we give energy to it. What we are experiencing is the contraction and expansion as we release the old energy.
As we return to zero point paving the way into the New World, we ask that you do not fall into fear but choose rather to stand in the Light with full knowledge that we are leaving the dark behind and entering the New World of love and compassion.  Please know that all is well and that the harassment and detainment is temporary.  Keep the faith of Love and Light.
There is a team of people straightening this out and JT asks you to be calm, careful and hold the Light.
We move into the New Light on Sunday, September 22, 2013, which is the Autumn Equinox.