In my quest for answers on the question. Could some of the Cherokee originated in Atlantis? I found a lot of interesting information. Some of my most interesting information came as an introduction to a prophet that I knew almost nothing about. The prophet is Edgar Cayce. I really knew nothing about him other than his predictions of the future, that I had seen on television. Most of these television shows were on the history channel. Yet, none of these predictions, I thought applied directly to me. While researching on the Internet ,I stumbled upon an Edgar Cayce website that had some amazing information. First of all let me explain to you, how that I first got interested in a connection between Atlantis and the Cherokee.I have a rare blood type with the Rh negative factor and was researching it on-line several years ago, when I found an Internet group that was doing the same thing. Like looking for pieces of a puzzle, I saw connections between me and these people in the group. I noticed in the group that many had Cherokee ancestry as I did. A lot were of Celtic heritage as well. It was an odd coincidence to me that so many in the group had Cherokee ancestors, since there are so many different tribes of Native Americans. I thought to myself “What would be the chances of so many in one group of people with the same blood type, having mostly Cherokee bloodlines. I think also another reason that myself and this group were looking for answers or pieces to a puzzle of sorts is because, as many websites state. This blood type, blood factor is of an unknown origin.

The Rh negative blood factor is said to have originated 35,000 years ago in the Basques people in the Pyrenees Mountains. It is called a Basques gene. Many studies that I have read stated that the gene was carried from the Basque area to Scotland, Ireland and on to the British Isles.

The Rh negative blood factor is recessive and although a person can be Rh positive, they can still carry the gene if they have a Rh negative parent.

Quoted from the Cayce website:

In the Cayce readings, the Atlante-ans migrated from their last island prior to 10,000 B. C. and went to Egypt, North American and the Pyrenees Mountains. Some went to the area of the Gobi. Archaeologist have speculated that the Basques moved from southwestern Europe in between 13,000 and 8,000 B.C.. This group of hunter gathers were of the haplogroup X. Researchers have discovered that 3 percent of modern and ancient Native Americans have this haplogroup. The X haplogroup has been identified in the Middle East and a tribe that lived in the Altaic Mountains of the Gobi. These areas are specific to where Cayce stated that the survivors had fled prior to 10,000 B.C.

another source:

Levi B Gritts that was chief in 1920 of the Cherokee Nation, and later became a Cherokee historian taught that the Cherokee came from an island in South American and that this island sank after the elders misused “white fire”. Some other Cherokee holy people taught that the Cherokee were a Medicine Clan called the As-saga and that this group went into the Great Smokey Mountains to preserve the ageless wisdom combining with others to become the Cherokee people, which are called the principal people.

The Cherokee have a distinct difference in dialect, though they are from Iroquois origins. So this solidifies the information of a gathering of different peoples.

There is much speculation by Archaeologist that not all Native Americans came through the Bering Strait to North American. It is clear by testimonies of the Cherokee holy people and Mt DNA that this is true..