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Last Tuesday, February 26th I received a vision while meditating that was very powerful and will be significant for everyone on Earth.  I waited a week to share it because I wanted to experience the new energy as it affected my mind and emotions, and also because I was still working on my last blog post.  The vision itself was of Christ Consciousness transcending the symbol of Jesus being crucified on the cross.  At the risk of offending everyone who’s ever been a Christian, please allow me to explain.

The deeper symbolic meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection is that through an ascended consciousness, Jesus transcended the death of his body.  However, the symbolism has been hijacked to only show a symbol of physical torturing and death – the crucifixion.  This has resulted in people unknowingly focusing on a symbol of death, and not on the transcendence of enlightened consciousness over death.  (I used to joke among friends that a much better symbol would be Jesus emerging from the cave, whole and intact.)

Well, in the vision I was shown the real symbol of Christ Consciousness transcending death.  Simply put, it is Jesus sitting on top of the cross, meditating and radiating universal Love, with the upper shaft of the cross gone, giving him a nice flat surface to sit on.  This is also known as the ‘Tao Cross.’  Here is an image I photoshopped together using pictures taken from Google images.  (No copyright infringement is intended, and nothing is being sold)

This was more than the usual types of informational visions I receive that are designed to deepen my understanding of higher consciousness.  What I was also shown is that the frequency of Christ Consciousness is returning to Earth in a BIG way, right now.  Further, the message was clear that this symbol of Jesus sitting on top of a “leveled” cross is going to be appearing in the minds of many people in the next 12 months, and that Christians will begin relating to this new symbol because it truly represents Christ Consciousness transcending death and attaining a state of eternal Oneness with the One Creator.

So Tuesday, Feb 26th 2013 marked the start of a new phase of the return of Christ Consciousness to the planet.  It is affecting everyone, and I do mean everyone.  Even people who don’t consider themselves spiritual are feeling its effects.  This is an intense energy, so if you’ve been “purging” energetically recently, just go with it.  It will lead you to a place of tremendous inner peace.

This return of the true Christ Consciousness is going to hasten the ongoing decline of the Roman Catholic Church.  That den of pedophiles, thieves and energy vampires is imploding in upon itself, and the truths of their crimes are going to emerge too fast to be contained or covered up.  Enjoy the show on that one, folks.  Once the church is fully discredited, and up to half of its more powerful members are in jail, the contents of its secret vaults will be made available to the public.  Ancient manuscripts of incredible profundity that have been suppressed will be available for translation, and a whole new level of information will be available to humanity.

Also, expect to see the “negative elite” in 3d being thrown off-balance as this new Christ Consciousness frequency expands on the planet.  I’m practically giddy in anticipation.  🙂

Recent Radio Show Appearance

I made a short appearance on the Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley last week.  I was on the 2nd half of the show, and the show focused on the Ankle Biters, how they affect people, and how to counter their effects.   Here are links to the show in 2 parts.  Please right-click and choose “save” to put them on your computer.

Part 1 (Robert) –

Part 2 (Robert & Cameron) –

More One Law Coming Soon

I am working a One Law follow up-article, after which I will retire from politics and return to my regular types of articles.  🙂

Much Love,
Cameron Day