Dear Galactic Connection Readers,

We understand that this information is very depressing and sinister, in nature, and yet we feel that it is crucial to share what the CIA and other factions of the U.S. Government and other global governments of the Earth have been perpetrating against innocent victims! Tragically, we are continuing to hear of reports of actual victims from the past and present day who are still affected by these nefarious and evil programs! We have assisted men and women who are recalling said events from generations past and seeing strong evidence to suggest that men and women who are in their early twenties are continuing to report similar programs with more advanced technologies, yet negative agendas.

Our thoughts, prayers and healing intentions go out to all of the victims, past, present and future of the MK Ultra program and all other dark programs and agendas! We are calling on ALL Light Workers, Healers, Guardians and Star seeds to take a moment to join the universal love circle to bring exposure, cleansing and healing to this tragedy!

In love, unity and resonance,


The Galactic Connection team


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