Civilization One | Uncovering the Superscience of Prehistory | Alan Butler | Origins Conference

Aug 23, 2019

The next Origins Conference is on November 16th 2019 at Steiner House, London. Limited tickets available at. A curious baked clay disc unearthed in the ruins of a Cretan palace was the trigger for a quite extraordinary discovery that would gradually enable engineer Alan Butler to reconstruct a remarkable, multi-faceted measuring system adopted originally by the megalithic builders of prehistoric Europe. It encapsulates distance, mass, volume and time, and incredibly the entire system was found to fit perfectly into the mass and dimensions of the Earth. The findings of this discovery became the basis of the bestselling book Civilization One (2004), co-authored by Alan and Chris Knight, writer with Bob Lomas of The Hiram Key. The book was also the start of a world-wide adventure that continues to rewrite humanity’s past even today. Alan Butler is a British born engineer with a lifelong interest in ancient history who became a researcher and writer thirty years ago. Alan has worked alone and with co-authors to produce a number of bestselling books related to the origins of society and deep mysteries from the past. His books with Christopher Knight, Civilization One (2004) and Before the Pyramids (2009) have drawn critical acclaim. Alan has travelled the world in his research and to speak at seminars to publicise his extraordinary discoveries. Often appearing on television documentaries, Alan Butler continues to further the hypothesis that the origins and ancient past of humanity are dramatically different than orthodoxy would have us believe. Alan lives with his wife Kate on the North East Coast of England. Filmed at the Origins Conference, London, in November 2017. Copyright Megalithomania 2017/2019. All Rights Reserved. Support us on Patreon: Explore the world with Megalithomania Tours:… Subscribe here: