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I’m going to quote Dr. Presser again as he’s been covering important issues so well while I’ve not been in the blogosphere much this past week or more.

Clif is rallying the troops in the alternet REAL news field to help us fight the Google monster and take back control.

My next Google Adsense payment will be half what my last one was. While a small part of that was due to the interruption with the company that provided an adserver with malware so we weren’t getting Adsense revenue figures for that week, the daily revenue has been shockingly low most days.

I had thought with the ad income I had last year, which was only slightly less than my retail job, I might leave the job and go back to blogging full time, but we’ll see what unfolds.

Readership is down slightly at Starship Earth this month, but Clif has a remedy for all of that.

Thanks to Richard and Patrick for the heads up. I haven’t even listened to Clif’s video on the SGT Report myself, but soon will be. 

A lot of bloggers etc. read Starship Earth, so if you’re not aware, you may want to arm yourself to take back the Internet alternative news. Together we can assemble a formidable adversary for the controllers.

They really do think we’re stupid, but necessity is the mother of invention and Humanity will rise to any occasion and fight our battles. The dark will be vanquished. They know it, and they are too mind controlled to think any other way but to manipulate every scenario to maintain control. It usually backfires.

We can’t have disclosure until we get the mass media back in the hands of the People, and we may be heading there now. This issue with “Internet interference” may be the catalyst. Another backfire?  ~ BP

Dr. Richard Presser

Right on, Richard.  Dr. Presser’s overview says…

Another fascinating interview with Clif High. The first part sees Clif explain to people how to turn his mastery of linguistics on the Fake News bullshit merchants at Google, who are using the Fake News excuse to tune out the alt media who are bringing forth the truth of things, thus turning off their income streams. Clif is a master of linguistics, given that his own spiders analyse the web to pick up the hidden psychic patterns that incredibly powerfully foretell what is going to unfold. So, he’s teaching people how to turn this knowledge back on Google and others and screw up their algorithms and target advertisers. And it’s working.

These arrogant pricks in the MSM are simply underestimating the power and the knowledge that’s out there, and those being targeted are getting pissed off and taking action. It’s all getting very interesting.

The rest is Clif revealing some of the things he sees unfolding. They broke the mold after they made Clif. But they made something extraordinary before they did.



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