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December 5, 2013   Coast Insider Audio
Annunaki Origins:In the first half of the program, author Gerald Clark reacted to the news that 400,000-year-old human DNA has been discovered and talked about how it connects to his research into the Annunaki and human origins. In light of his understanding of the Sumerian tales of human creation, Clark was not surprised by the DNA news, since it fits within the framework of that theory. The discovery, he said, does not change the potential veracity of the Sumerian creation epic and actually reveals that there were “more potential bipedal hominids” for the Annunaki to use in their genetic engineering. Clark also suggested that the news serves to muddle understanding of the human “genetic family tree” which is a development that he believes is intentionally done as a way of keeping scientists looking for a proverbial missing link rather than accepting the Sumerian creation story.

Regarding his research into the humanity’s Annunaki legacy, Clark defended the work of Zecharia Sitchin by clarifying one misconception that is often touted by critics of the legendary author. He explained that skeptics often claim that Sitchin’s work was merely the interpretation of drawings on Sumerian tablets. Calling such an argument “ridiculous,” Clark noted that “we have thousands and thousands of cuneiform tablets with all kinds of writing” which detail the origins of mankind. He marveled at the growth in interest and acceptance of Sichin’s theory since it was first released in 1978 and pointed out that the work is taught in anthropology courses at UCLA today. That said, he called for genetic research into skeletons found around ancient gold mines in Africa, since they would likely contain the best information about our ET creators.

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