Weekend Edition   December 31, 2012    Coast Insider Audio

Annual Predictions Show, Part 1:

On Sunday night, Ian Punnett ( Twitter) hosted the first half of a long-standing Coast to Coast AM tradition of reviewing listeners’ predictions for the last year, and recording predictions for the new year. Here are some of the predictions callers made for 2013:

  • Craig from CT believes that the Amtrak high-speed Acela train will go off the track somewhere between Madison and Clinton, CT.
  • According to Ryan in Peoria, Illinois a sinkhole will open up in New Orleans around the time of Mardi Gras.
  • Rick of Franklin, TN said that when comet 2012S1, known as ISON, passes near Earth in 2013, it will turn out to be highly visible and cause mass hysteria.
  • A Bigfoot will be discovered and captured in June in either Washington or Oregon, and DNA testing will show that he is the result of the mating of ape and human, said John from the Bronx.
  • Frank in West, New York intriguingly posited that our universe will merge with a smaller universe in 2013, but scientists will interpret the event as something else.
  • We will experience severe cold in the United States starting in April, possibly signaling the start of a mini-ice age, predicted Yar from Charlotte.
  • Bill in Ontario said that the NHL talks will break down, and the league will be disbanded in 2013, with a new league emerging in 2014.
  • Mike from Montana foresees the Grand Canyon collapsing with one side hitting the other.
  • The secession movement will gain momentum in a number of states in 2013– this could be the beginning of a the break up of the United States into several regional countries, Ryan from LA suggested.
  • Jan in San Diego predicted that Iran will achieve nuclear weapon capability and get together with other countries in the Middle East to form a union.
  • David from Jacksonville foresees the price of gas rising to $8-$10 a gallon in the US.
  • After a car accident, Lindsay Lohan will serve time in jail, possibly up to a year, said Sam in West Lake Village.
  • Sal from Fargo related a prediction that there will be a huge 8.0 – 9.0 earthquake, and tsunami in San Francisco on February 13th.

In the review of the first half of last year’s predictions, here are some of the hits and misses:


  • Ron Paul will win the popular vote, but after election fraud is discovered, a civil war will break out.
  • The Occupy movement will gather more strength with violence against the police.
  • Big box movie theaters will shut down due to troubled economic times and Hollywood flops
  • Murder investigation into Kurt Cobain’s death.
  • A covert lunar probe will find ancient ruins. The information will be leaked in mid 2012.
  • Oil will be discovered in the Dead Sea by the Israelis.


  • Major droughts around the world and the US.
  • US government will not be involved in any new major wars.
  • Economy will slowly get better – Obama will win the election.
Media Manipulation/Qu’ran:

In the first half of Saturday’s show, activist, webmaster, and talk show host Michael Rivero joined John B. Wells for a conversation about how the U.S. government manipulates information to generate support for military conflicts and the financial factors fueling these wars. “We’re fed this constant diet, by government and corporate media, basically telling us what will get us to do what they want us to do,” he observed. In the second half, former Wahabbi Muslim, Al Fadi, discussed the Qur’an, and his efforts to educate Westerners about its teachings. He explained the messages in the Qur’an can be broken down into four basic groups: “generic warnings” that one must follow Allah, religious laws, an emphasis on the “oneness of God” which served as an attack on the Christian trinity, and calls for violence against those who do not practice Islam… cont.

Today in Strangeness:

Happy New Year! In Scotland, the raucous festival of Hogmanay is celebrated on New Year’s Eve, which includes such traditions as ‘First Footing,’ and swinging balls of fire. 13 years ago, on Dec. 31,  1999, the world braced for Y2K chaos as computer systems switched over to the year 2000.

Tonight’s Show, Monday, December 31st:

George Noory celebrates New Year’s Eve live on the air, reviewing listener predictions for 2012, and recording new predictions for 2013.