January 2, 2013    Coast Insider Audio

Coast to Coast AM kicked off the New Year with our traditional look at the year ahead with four different types of prognosticators, appearing in separate one-hour segments. Up first, trends analyst Gerald Celente was critical of the ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle and predicted we’d see “more of the same, but worse” for 2013. America has been sold out on every level with NAFTA, and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, he argued, and the mantra of “too big to fail” is not capitalism but fascism. The American people have been shut out of competing as an entrepreneurial society, and we have to start over again, he said. Celente noted that the Millennial generation is trying to course correct, moving into neglected city areas, with a buy-local, make-local mindset. One trend for 2013 he called “New Millennium Education.” This represents a great opportunity for educators to develop teaching methods for the younger generation who’ve grown up in the digital age, he explained.

In the second hour, psychic Joe Jacobs offered his predictions for the new year and shared his intuitive process. Worldwide, January and October are going to be difficult weather months, and March and December will also present problems, he said. 2013 will be a strong karma year, favoring those with a compassionate attitude rather than the greedy, he continued. Each person has a different track for learning various life lessons, and some are more conscious of this, Jacobs commented. He also gave intuitive readings to callers based on their birth dates.

Prophecy expert John Hogue discussed different astrological significances impinging on 2013, as well as some of Nostradamus’ predictions for the years ahead. America’s natal chart has Scorpio rising, and Saturn is returning to Scorpio from October till December. Related to these influences, 2013 could be thought of as the year when the bill comes due, and tax reform is going to be a major issue, he outlined. According to Hogue’s interpretation, Nostradamus made no mention of 2012, but did refer to 2013, and the pivotal years of 2015-16, which could be a window for a cataclysmic Middle East war that starts in the Strait of Hormuz. During this time frame, President Obama will play a key role in either finding a diplomatic solution, or entering the US into this possible world war, he added.

In the last hour, astrologer Linda Schurman presented her predictions for the economy, weather, and politics. She cited a Pluto/Uranus square between now and 2016 that signals a clash between entrenched interests such as giant banks, and dis-empowered citizens. For 2013, she foresees more scandals and misdeeds revealed about the banking industry, and gold & silver remaining a good investment due to uncertainties about currency. A war in Iran could break out in the spring, possibly tied to an eclipse there in late April, and a quake/tsunami incident on the level of Fukushima could also happen during this time frame, she predicted. This summer, instead of drought in the US, she sees a lot of flooding occurring.

Blast from the Past:

Our two free audio clips this week are from a pair of shows from eight years ago, when during an Art Bell-hosted  “Alien Encounters” Open Lines evening, ‘Mary’ recounted the time an alien occupied her body, and Dr. Michio Kaku hypothesized about the existence of parallel universes and “shadow” matter from these dimensions.

Today in Strangeness:

On this date in 1860, the discovery of the planet Vulcan was announced at a meeting of the Académie des Sciences in Paris. Mathematician Urbain Le Verrier believed Vulcan orbited between Mercury and the sun. Doubts about its existence began to surface almost immediately after Le Verrier’s proclamation.

Tonight’s Show, Wednesday, January 2nd:

Student of ancient Greek and classical literature, M.J. Miike began to research the mythology of cryptids, such as Bigfoot and the Chupacabras and discovered a scientific basis for their actual existence. He’ll discuss the various theories both mythical and scientific explaining homonid cryptids which have been detailed in literature throughout the ages, and may actually exist today.