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KingCobraCobra has explained many times why he chose his code name. Most of you have heard this before. He has said “Cobra stands for Compression Breakthrough, which is a process when the Light is coming from above to the surface of the planet, and the Light is also coming from below and when they both meet on the surface, that moment when they meet is known as Compression Breakthrough.

That’s the moment of The Event – the moment of planetary liberation.” He has explained that he uses this code name because “the name always invokes the energy of compression breakthrough.” He has also said that the Cobra is also an ancient symbol of Kundalini the force of enlightenment.Kundalini + Shiva
The Trimurti {from Sanskrit – English = three forms} is a Hindu concept in which the cosmic act of creation, maintenance and destruction are personified by the 3 different forms of the Creator, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the maintainer/preserver and Shiva the destroyer. These are three of the supreme forms of The One.
For me Shiva is very much in action now as this Matrix where we have been imprisoned for so long is about to be destroyed. Our united will and desire to be liberated has created a unified field of consciousness that creates a reaction from Mother Father – One. This reaction will culminate in The Event – that forever destroys the veil – the web – the net of illusion that we have been entangled in for eons.

Lord Shiva is depicted in many images like the one above as wearing a garland of snakes around his neck. There is a deep symbolism hidden behind this.
The snake also stands for the power of Kundalini, which is described as a coiled serpent lying dormant in the muladhara {root} chakra of all human beings and descends upwards when one starts ones spiritual journey and becomes increasingly divine oriented. The snake around the neck of Shiva conveys the meaning that in him the Kundalini not only has arisen fully but is also actively involved in the divine activity by keeping an eye on all the devotees who approach Shiva with their individual problems.

The snake also stands for all passions and desires. By wearing the snakes around his neck, Lord Shiva conveys the message to all his devotees that He has overcome all desires and is in full control of Prakriti, or Maya {the illusory world} and its various machinations.

In 1989 I got myself some American Totem Medicine Cards to learn about the symbolic meaning of the animals. When I took out my own Totem animals I was surprised and slightly shocked at first to discover that one of mine was snake. The theme for this energy is TRANSMUTATION. Here is a quote about having the snake energy totem. “Snake medicine people are very rare – their initiation involves experiencing and living through multiple snake bites. Snake poison transmuted brings eternal flame.” So snake’s main gift is the ability to transmute – to transform whatever comes your way.

I guess that because of this knowledge I have always felt very safe with the code name of Cobra and I have felt such a strong attraction to depictions of Shiva with his Cobra around his neck ever since my first visit {in this life} to India which was in 1987. This may help you to have a greater understanding of Cobra’s choice of code name at this time.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner