MeOK everyone, for ALL of you who haven’t noticed, we have had immense technical difficulties and interference on steroids!  Whoa!!! A perfectly recorded interview with Cobra ended up being a mysterious challenge with sound issues.  Then it never loaded onto the BBS radio program – at least for many of you?  You probably already know about clicking on the site and links from the newsletter where you were prompted for passwords and user names, when we don’t even require anything like this for my FREE site.  And then there are the returned emails (even more than usual). 

The point is please be patient with us and never assume we are ignoring you.  We will get back to you, and if you think we didn’t receive your email, let us know.Thanks to KP for this…

love you guys-


These are mp3s created from the original (available here, for those who would like to download the raw mp3). There are three parts here, and one more, after Cobra left the interview, which Alexandra calls “Roundtable”, with two other guests.

These mp3s have been volume leveled and boosted.

MP3s (~25 min., 11 MB each part)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Complete interview (75 min., 34 MB)

Post interview Roundtable

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