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microphone (1)Alexandra
:  Hello everybody, good afternoon.  Today is Tuesday, February 26th, 2013.  This is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com, the one stop hub for daily planetary updates and information on our transition out of the 3D Matrix.  It’s very important for us to expand our perspectives and align our awareness cosmically in order to keep up with the major changes that are characteristic to the ending of this world age.  In order to continue bringing forward more thought provoking material, I have invited my special guest Cobra today to review an overview of February’s World events through a Galactic lens.  He and I will be providing this service to all of you each month in order to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings and add insight into what’s really happening behind the daily headlines.  So most of you know Cobra and the truth behind his words, but for those who don’t, Cobra is a true blue Pleiadian Contactee who has been in contact with the underground for 35 years.  He has been told to remain anonymous by the Resistance, and he has ongoing communications with beings from planet X that assist the Resistance Movement .  As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the Light Forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming Event Horizon.  One thing is for sure, anyone who listens to Cobra’s intel will walk away with a more concise picture of how much the Light Forces are truly supporting us each hour.  So with that said, let’s bring Cobra on.

Hey Cobra, how are you doing today?

Cobra:  Hi, Hello Everybody

Alexandra:  Did you fully recuperate from your London Conference?

Cobra:  I would say the experience was pretty much intense, because the energy of that city is really huge, so you see there is one thing after the other leading into the next one and we are still in the process of integrating all the changes.

Alexandra: Oh my Gosh, so what did you feel was so unique from the energies from London?

Cobra:  The first thing I noticed is that the energy has shifted very very much in the last few years.  It has improved quite dramatically, and also there is a huge potential present in that vortex now which was not present a few years ago.  The next thing I noticed was a very strong presence of the Resistance Movement.  While I was travelling by the Tram in the London Underground,  I felt a very strong presence of Resistance Operatives around me and also some other things were happening.

Alexandra:  Wow, that is great news.  So more support in that location of the Globe?

Cobra: Oh yes, very much.

Alexandra:  As I said to you before, I was thinking, it was becoming more and more important for everyone to kind of step back and review the major events that are happening since February 1st.  I thought we could get your take on them, since, there is literally a whirlwind of information flooding us.  I’m sure it’s really overwhelming sometimes for everyone around the Globe.  I believe you and I are definitely on the same page as far as focusing on the progress of the planet, looking at the silver lining behind each of the headlines.  I really love to connect the dots and I know that with your contacts you can provide some really unrivalled insights for all of us.  I think the first question I was going to ask you is did a UFO turn off the lights at the Superbowl?

Cobra:  It was not a UFO, it was coordinated action by the ground personnel of the Light Forces on the surface of the planet.

Alexandra:  ahh, OK but it was deliberate then?

Cobra:  Oh Yes, Oh Yes.

Alexandra:  And the intention behind that?

Cobra:  The intention was to show the Cabal they are not omnipresent and omnipowerful any longer on this planet.  As you know it was at the best possible moment to have the best possible effect psychologically.

Alexandra:  Absolutely, there must have been what billions of people watching that right?

Cobra:  I think it was about 100 million.  It’s definitely created some questions and makes people think, what is going on.

Alexandra:  Interesting…OK, well, one of the biggest headlines in this last month has been Sandy Hook.  My first question is…. have you checked out wellaware1.com? (Cobra Reply:  No)  OK this is a site, and there is quite a few others that are starting to pop up, that review biometrics of the face and they are proving very evidentially that these victims of the crisis, were not even there when it happened, or did not even exist.  Some of them actually took people’s names that had already passed away, I mean there’s just all kinds of information out there right now.  It’s displaying the fact that there have been a lot of lies from the Media.

So it appears some positive things have come out of the Sandy Hook event, for example, there is more exposure for the anti-depressant drugs, that they cause violence and things like that, but I was curious what your take was on that?  What was the meaning behind it and what do you think we’ve gained from it on a Galactic perspective?

Cobra:  It brought more awareness about the situation.  It is quite a similar thing that we could compare it to 9/11.   That event was created with negative intentions, but the end result was more awareness , so it basically follows the same pattern.

Alexandra:  How do you feel about this uprising in gun ownership?  I mean there is a lot of evidence to show that the second amendment was specifically created so that we would not be handing over so much power to what would now be the Cabal, and that’s certainly not the answer stepping into 5D. Apparently in Florida there are Sheriffs that are banning together and they are refusing to allow the state to take away their opportunity for gun ownership, what is your feeling on that?

Cobra:  I would say this increase in Gun Ownership is a natural human psychological response of human beings that want to be free.  They feel more and more oppression from the controlling forces, and of course the first natural response is to defend themselves.  So it is a natural psychological reaction, and this will continue  to grow, and up to the point where the positive light forces will liberate this planet, then of course those people will not need those guns any longer because they will be free and they will be safe.

Alexandra:  I think I remember a while ago, another very strong teacher on the internet was saying that there would be a period of time where no shots would be fired literally because the guns would not function, is that correct?

Cobra:  I would say at a certain moment, at a certain point this is exactly what will happen.

Alexandra:  Well that’s good.  I also felt the exposure of all the false reporting’s by the media was another benefit that came out of this and I was wondering what you thought about that?  Have we as a light force faction infiltrated the media more, because that seems to be a large complaint among the people that are out there reading the conspiracy theory and the spiritual community forums and that kind of thing.

Cobra:  There are many layers to this, the first layer is the control of the mass media which is still in the hands of the Cabal, and there is a little bit of cracks in the matrix on this, but not much yet.  And the second layer is covering the alternative media and this is disinformation agents, who are being paid to spread disinformation in so called alternative websites.  So we have different layers of control and I would say an information war which is taking place right now on the surface of the planet.  There is not much real info out there, even on those alternative sights.

Alexandra:  That is so true, and that is one of the reasons why I was so motivated to do this with you.  People have come up and asked me to do this with you as well.  So I really thank you, you’re such a service to humanity and I just want to thank you for that.

The next huge topic in February is the Russian meteor and there have been so many stories.  Everything from a UFO shot it down to…there is a lot of different stories about how many people were actually injured.  There was even one report that there was this sort of weird green slime that was left behind with the meteor…so many different stories…all these green fireballs lighting up the skies.  Can you give a bit of feedback on what you think is going on there?

Cobra:  OK, I know what’s going on up there.

Alexandra:  haha, true, that’s true UP there.

Cobra:  OK, yes the Galactic Federation has allowed a natural body which is on a collision course with a planet to skip through the protection membrane.  Usually they protect the planetary surface from any harmful impact, but this one they let through and the reasoning was the awakening of the human masses.  They allowed this natural body to go through the protection membrane and hit the planet.  It was a natural object, it was nothing artificial.  Its trajectory, its path, was not influenced by a UFO, it was just allowed to take its natural course.  And the reason it was allowed, was because it was a few hours before the passage of another cosmic body very close to the earth, so people will begin to think…that is not a coincidence.  People will begin to awaken, and this is exactly what happened.  Now they have thousands maybe even millions of people looking up in the sky for meteors.  We have reports from all over the planet because people are aware now of this phenomenon.  Those things are happening all the time, you have those very, very bright meteors happening every few days anywhere around the planet, but nobody was noticing that.  And the reason for it, is that people were not aware of it, but now people are aware of it and they are noticing it and this is preparing their consciousness for the first contact.

And of course there are many, many more cosmic events coming later this year and I might be able to speak about that later.  So the basic story is that this cosmic body has hit the earth, there were around one thousand people wounded but I would say the vast majority of those wounds were surface wounds that were healed in the hospital in a few hours…people were able to go home.  So there was not that much damage compared to what we’ve had happen.

Alexandra:  It’s interesting you say that because I was talking to someone the other day, we have so many crazy, massive, earth changes but considering that the loss of life has been very minimal.

Cobra:  Yes, it’s true.  This is the protection of the Light Forces, this is an example of the display of their power and what they can do to protect humanity.   And one interesting thing is that this event (meteor) occurred on the day of the start of the London Conference .  Also interesting the passage of the second asteroid on that date happened within minutes of the start of the conference.

Alexandra:  haha, wow so it was like a loud knock on the door to you huh.

Cobra:  Oh yea, it was a synchronicity

Alexandra:  So all this stuff about the US weapon’s testing??

Cobra:  No, no

Alexandra:  It’s all ridiculous?

Cobra:  It’s all ridiculous.  You see every major event produces a few conspiracy theories, some of them are correct, most of them are not.

Alexandra:  Was this one original meteor and then fragments were landing in Russia, Cuba, San Francisco, was that one from the same original meteor or were those different meteors?

Cobra:  As I said before there was one cosmic body hitting Russia.  There are many meteors, very, very bright meteors happening  I would say every few days.  People fail to notice them because they are not aware , but now people are more aware.

Alexandra:  So this is going to continue to increase then.

Cobra:  This is going to continue to increase, especially if people keep that awareness.

Alexandra:  That makes a lot of sense, now why would they be green?  Why would they have green fireballs lighting up the sky?

Cobra:  It is not always green color, but it is the green color that is produced by the friction between the meteor and the air molecules in the atmosphere.

Alexandra:  Wow, I didn’t know that, they are mostly reporting them as blue and as green

Cobra:  In most cases they are green, but you also can have other colors.

Alexandra:  Explain this to me as well, at the same time as the meteor was striking the earth there was a report of one hundred thousand dolphins off the coast of the United States.  What would be the reason for that?

Cobra:  The Dolphins are sending us a very powerful message, and that is the message of awakening, which has many different layers.  It’s like a reminder, a call, I would say an alarm clock going off.

Alexandra:   So basically everything on the planet is trying to tap us on the shoulder and say Hello, wake up here, we are all here working together with you.

Cobra:  Yes, exactly.

We also have another sign that lightning struck the Dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome a few hours after the Pope resigned.

Alexandra:  I was going to ask you about that too, you beat me to the punch.  Well how about this, this was amazing, another report on the 19th there were some new sunspots that were 6 times the diameter of the Earth, and they formed in literally under 48 hours.  So I was curious what you thought about that?

Cobra:  Well this is a natural sign of increased sun activity because now we are at the peak of the sun activity cycle, and it’s quite a natural occurrence.  This happens quite often where the sun is active.

Alexandra:  I read somewhere that the sunspots actually represent the mail psyche, and the earth quakes and things like represent the female psyche, is that true?

Cobra:  Well this is just one way of explaining the symbolism of these structures.  The sunspots are areas on the surface of the sun that are actually a little bit cooler.  Actually they are hyper dimensional doorways, for which certain spaceships would arrive and technologically enter towards the center of the sun and then teleport through the wormhole to other dimensions and to other parts of the Universe.

Alexandra:  You know when I read that, I was just shocked.

Cobra:  Yes, you have to have some really amazing technology to do that.

Alexandra:  Yes, amazing.  And apparently it’s pretty cool (temperature) in the sun spot location right?

Cobra:  Yes but it’s very hot considering our standards.

Alexandra:  Of course, but I just meant the sunspot itself is actually supposed to be cooler than the outer layer of the sun itself.

Cobra:  Yes, Yes.

Alexandra:  And supposedly these ships fly in and out of these sunspots…and that’s what I was going to ask you, is if it got that large, is that also representing that there is a larger contingency of UFO’s coming into our realm, is it representing that?

Cobra:  No, it is actually an increased activity of our sun which is actually reflecting an increase in activity of the Galactic Central Sun.

Alexandra: OK, that makes sense.  Now, my next thing is all about the Pope, there is a lot of information about this that came out in February, the resignation of Pope Benedict, and the lightning striking the Basilica…lot of controversy on why this was happening, why it took place the way it did…was he fired by the Knights of Malta, was he running away for his life.  There are just a lot of stories out there, apparently he contacted the Italian president, Georgio Napolitano asking for protection and immunity from the Italian government.  Could you tell me a little bit more about that?

Cobra:  This is just the last phase of the long struggle which was taking place in the Vatican and various factions.  The Pope got a lot of exposure in the media in the past few months, and this is the reason he got fired, because his image was getting too dirty for the tastes of the Vatican, so they had decided to get rid of him.  Of course he did a little bit of maneuvering to protect himself, and this is why he contacted the Italian President.  As you probably know the Pope is not the highest person in the Vatican power structure…he has his superiors which most of them are Jesuits, and some of them are even higher than that like the Roman Black Nobility and they are the ones who actually choose the Pope and decide how long they will be pope.  So he was ordered to step down.

Alexandra:  OK, so you agree, he was fired.

Cobra:  Yes.

Alexandra:  Are these Jesuits one in the same with these Knights of Malta?

Cobra:  Not exactly, Knights of Malta is like a military occult order which serves as a vehicle for the Jesuits to do trades and to contact the illuminati.

Alexandra:  Ahh ok, that makes more sense.  And I also read somewhere that the Pope was fingered for  being involved in the 9/11 and 3/11 situation do you agree with that?

Cobra:  Not exactly, because there are many people with dirty hands in the Vatican.  He was simply to exposed in the media…his public image was not good enough anymore, so he did not serve the purpose of the Vatican any longer.

Alexandra:  OK.  Every day I blog Cobra, there is something about the Vatican, and I wanted to know…they are really stepping up their declaration that the ET’s are real, and there’s been a ton of information coming out about what’s really being stored in the vaults below the Vatican, I was wondering if you had any feedback on that?

Cobra:  Actually it’s a purification process, the Light Forces are going to exert more and more pressure on the Vatican, and this is going to increase.  Especially next month (March 2013), you will see some interesting developments in this Vatican story, because the Light Forces have decided enough is enough and things have to change.  We are actually approaching, slowly, but we are approaching the Event Horizon and those things have to be cleared.

Alexandra:  Are you finding that of all of the factions on the planet, that they are the worst…the most difficult, are they the most intransigent?

Cobra:  They are at the core of the conspiracy.  I would say the Roman Black Nobility, so called (Physical) Archons and Jesuits are at the top of the Pyramid or the top of the food chain, and when they are removed, our planet is free.

Alexandra:  Interesting.  Now what about the fact that people couldn’t even access money?

Cobra:  It was an interesting development because actually the credit cards were blocked for a certain period of time in the Vatican.  This is also part of the power struggle at the very top of the hierarchy of the Cabal over the control of the financial system

Alexandra:  I know apparently there has been a lot of scuttlebutt on the money laundering that’s been run through the Vatican and that’s been exposed.

Cobra:  I would say a tiny fraction of 1% have been exposed.  There is so much more.  Actually the Vatican owns the Federal Reserve through hundreds or even thousands of small companies.  It’s like a Network of small companies around the planet everywhere.  They are very, very developed in Central America, South America in other countries in Africa.  You have companies that are completely under Jesuit control, and through that interconnectedness of those companies the Jesuits actually own the Federal Reserve and not the Rothschild.

Alexandra:  Wow, are these companies aware of this or is it more of a mind controlling issue?

Cobra:  They are Fronts…like Shell companies; they are just instruments of control.

Alexandra:  Got it.  I read an interesting quote here, “nobody becomes pope without a sorted past because only with such liabilities can he be controlled by the Curia.  It’s the same in any big company.  He was to be the scapegoat for all of the trash the church knew would surface.”  So it seems like they’ve always been one step ahead knowing.  There are articles out there that state that Pope Benedict had already been discussing when he would be leaving a couple of years ago, what do you think about that?

Cobra:  This is very true.  Actually the real masters of the game are always in the background.  Public figures get all the exposure, all the hatred and all the consequences of the actions of those in the background.

Alexandra:  And they know this before walking into this position?

Cobra:  They are aware of this to a certain degree, but you see many people have this appetite for power or fame and this overrides their logical reasoning.  Apart from saying that most members of the Cabal do not have much of a logical reasoning remaining.

Alexandra:  Right, right.  I’m sure you are aware a lot of Catholic cardinals have been busted for child abuse, like the whole child abuse case has been completely blown open by the ITCCS website (Cobra: Yes), and that’s been pretty impressive.  Is this also part of the Light Forces’ way of giving them a sign, that you only have so much more time or else, through an indirect way of saying things?

Cobra:  It’s a different story, it’s actually an action of the Light Forces to expose what’s happening so that the human population will become more aware of the crimes of those people, and again this is just a start, it’s just the tip of the iceberg…much, much more of this is going to come to the surface.

Alexandra:  Every couple of days the Vatican is mentioning that UFO’s exist, and I know that they have said this in the past but it’s really stepped up, and I’m wondering why now?  Is it just the energetics of the times?  Or is it because the Light Forces are really putting pressure on them?

Cobra:  It’s not appearing just through the Vatican, also the Bilderbergers, all factions of Illuminati in their own way are preparing for disclosure because they realize they will not be able to hold that back much longer, and they will have to adapt to the situation one way or another.  They want to be those who are controlling and dictating how this disclosure will happen and they want to twist it in a way that will suit their agenda.

Alexandra:  I remember Cobra at the Conference you had with all of us in November, that Obama, what was the word you used…would be “turned on” and suddenly step into his mission, has that occurred yet?

Cobra:  No.

Alexandra:  OK.  I thought so.  Is there anything else that you can enlighten us on with the Pope stories and the Vatican?

Cobra:  As I’ve said this is just the beginning, again March should be very interesting regarding the Vatican.  There are many things being prepared by the Light Forces for March, many surprises for the Vatican, for the Jesuits, for the Catholic church.  It will be interesting.  If everything goes according to the plans and I can not guarantee it will, but if everything does, March will be a very interesting month regarding the actions of the Catholic church.

Alexandra:  That’s exciting!  OK.  Now the next big story is about North Korea.  I have read that North Korea is actually behind closed doors an ally to Japan.  So I was curious what your feeling was about the explosion of the so called nuclear device , I thought that you mentioned one time that this wouldn’t be allowed, is this just strictly disinfo?

Cobra:  There was an explosion, but it was not a nuclear explosion.

Alexandra: Was this deliberate?

Cobra:  It was testing that the military does but it was not a nuclear explosion.  It’s true that there are alliances being made all around the planet.  It’s a big shift of power, people are searching for new connections, new alliances, this is happening daily right now.

Alexandra:  I noticed that as well, and I was wondering, we’ve been brought up in the United States to see Russia, China, North Korea and a few of the countries in the Middle East as our absolute enemies.  I’m not talking on a personal level, I’m saying one country to another.  It seems like those same countries seem to be making the most advances in stepping up to the plate to comment on disclosure, like the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), they seem to be very aggressive in putting together some programs that are more involved in humanitarian causes, what is your feeling about that?

Cobra:  Again, there are many layers to this.  The first thing I would like to notice is that the countries that are most hated by the United States are the countries without the Rothschild central bank, so this was always a problem for some of the controlling forces in the United States.  And now this is changing because there is the so called Eastern Alliance, which is getting stronger and stronger day by day.   But this Eastern Alliance has its own internal struggles, people struggling for power, the same story happening within and this is one of the reasons why the financial reset hasn’t happened yet.  And they may be issuing some humanitarian projects, but those projects have not been manifested yet in reality, because when there is a real will and dedication and determination to change things on this planet, this can happen extremely fast.

Alexandra:  Interesting…this is such an exciting time to be alive.  What about this gigantic sink hole in Louisiana?  It’s now grown to over 7500 square feet…you get a lot of stories about it being from the salt caverns to the oil and gas pipelines, what is your feeling on that?

Cobra:  First I will say that this is not the only sink hole, there are many sink holes around the planet.  Some of them are natural, some of them are artificial and some of them are being made deliberately by the Resistance Movement just as another sign of awakening.

Alexandra:  That’s Interesting.  What about the gold?  Everybody’s following the Gold.  There are a lot of stories coming out that Russia and China, they say China is the number one holder of gold and they’ve said that Russia has just stepped up as the second largest holder of gold on the planet.  What is your feeling about that and what are the connotations of that regarding the United States economy?

Cobra:  There are many layers to this, again.  There are the official stories in the mass media, and there are fabrications in the alternative media, there are disinformation stories there.  But you see, no one knows where the gold is because the gold is not any longer on the surface of the planet.  You have Gold plated Tungsten bars at the central banks, and this is basically all that you have.  Where is the money, where is the gold?  These are the questions I would like to ask to people, think about it.  Everybody’s speaking about the collateral accounts, everybody is speaking about St Germain Trust, the question is, where is the money?  Everyone is speaking about Trillions of dollars but no one has ever seen them.  I know that there are pictures circulating the internet and if I just add up all that gold, you would get maybe three thousand pounds.

Alexandra:  So is the gold being held on a dimensional level?  Explain that to me.

Cobra:  The gold was taken by the Resistance about a year ago, and is waiting in a certain location for the right time to be given to humanity.  And of course the condition that the Resistance gave them is that you have to make an agreement of what you are going to do with it, and how you are going to do it.  And the Eastern Alliance had a great opportunity in February of last year, but they were not able to make a consensus so… sorry about that one.

Alexandra:  Yea, bummer.  And you feel that the money is not going to be available until after the Event Horizon?

Cobra:  The money will not be available until after The Event because the Cabal will have control over the money until the very last possible moment.  This is their last resort of power.  They will release everything else before the money, because if you have the money you can change things.  People are not broke and penniless without a reason and the reason [the Cabal keeps them penniless] is that they will not be able to do anything, they cannot develop free energy devices, they cannot launch rockets, they cannot create private spaceships, they cannot do whatever they want to do.

Alexandra:  Yes, can’t launch the City of Light in my case.

Cobra:  Yes.

Alexandra:  OK, so if that’s the case, how is this impacting the Cabal?

Cobra:  The Cabal now still has the surface of the planet, but not for much longer, because the Resistance Movement made great advances below the surface and now there are more and more agents on the surface day by day.  Today, we have I think it’s around 37,000 and the number is growing hour by hour.  Basically saying the Resistance has enough, and they will be making stronger and stronger pushes towards The Event.

Alexandra:  That came up at your conference too, what do you do when someone approaches you and says, I want to be part of this Resistance, is there a process or a protocol involved?

Cobra:  At this moment the Resistance operatives are not contacting the surface population, because that would put that person in danger.  When the Cabal would find out about it, it would not be funny.  So they are not contacting anybody on the surface, they are just negotiating daily with the top members of the Cabal, and the results of those negotiations are sometimes more advantageous of the Light Forces.  But it is a long and dedicated process because humanity is the main hostage…the lives of 7 Billion people, the wellbeing of 7 Billion people.  And the Cabal still has pretty much quite a bit of power and the ability to create harm if it wants, so we have to be careful still.  The Resistance is impatient, they are getting angry but they are still careful.  They don’t put unnecessary suffering on the planet.

Alexandra:  Do you still feel that the nuclear card is still being pulled?  I’ve read that but I’ve also heard you and several others say that the nuclear thing will not be tolerated, so there’s conflicting information on that spectrum, can you clarify?

Cobra:  Not only will it not be tolerated, the Light Forces have technology to effectively block all nuclear technology.

Alexandra:  OK, so basically anything we read regarding a threat of nuclear weapons is a bunch of BS?

Cobra:  Yes, and they use that as a disinformation tactic, but of course not everyone knows this, and not everyone inside the Cabal knows this.  People deep inside the military know this, they have seen proof of this, but I don’t even know if the President of the United States has confirmed facts about this.  It is on a need to know basis.

Alexandra:  True, true.  How are we doing with the meditations, do you feel that this is really increasing the light quotient on the planet.

Cobra:  It’s not really increasing, it is I would say stable.  There is I would say a stable and dedicated group that is doing a very good thing, but that group is far too small.

Alexandra:  OK, so you still need more people.

Cobra:  Much, much more.

Alexandra:  OK, well you all heard that people, we need to start meditating more.  And it’s still every Sunday correct?

Cobra:  Yes, every Sunday, at 7 pm London time.

Alexandra:  What is the story behind Mali..what is really going on there?  All you hear is crisis about these Islamist rebels that want to seize the country.  What’s really going on there…all I’ve heard is they are trying to capture oil out of Nigeria there?

Cobra:   Of course one layer of wars in Africa is always about resources.  Thing that is happening there in Africa is about the resources because that continent is very rich in resources.  And the other level is the psychological control of that population and the Cabal has created Islamist groups to use them as a tool in their wars.

Alexandra:  Is there something to do with a stargate there as well?

Cobra:  No, No.  Actually there is a star gate but the Cabal does not know where it is because it is below ground.  It is connected with the Sirius star system.

Alexandra:  Oh really Sirius?  OK.  Are they succeeding, or are they running into a lot more obstacles than they have in the past?  It seems like because of the times and energies accelerating that they (the Cabal) would run into a lot more problems?

Cobra:  The Cabal as I said before is pretty much still controlling the surface, so they have problems but they can still manage to handle them right.

Alexandra:  OK.  What is this whole thing with all of these Pyramids, my gosh, 35 pyramids showed up in Sudan, another ancient pyramid dated 3000 years ago showed up in Egypt, what do you know about that?

Cobra:  There is an energy grid around the planet and those pyramids were located, or should I say built on those vortex points thousands of years ago.  And simply because the awareness on the planet is rising, this is the reason why people are discovering more and more of those pyramids and as people are becoming more aware of those pyramids they are becoming more aware of the energy grid and this of course helps with the planetary liberation process.

Alexandra:  Right, and of course the awareness, it’s like once again the earth itself is talking to us trying to get our attention (Cobra: Yes).  And what is your opinion on the massive amounts of lawsuits going down against the bankers.  I mean there are too many to even name but one of the biggest was the Royal Bank of Scotland, they just got nailed..there’s just been so many I couldn’t even keep track of them all.

Cobra:  I would say this is a dedicated operation of the Light Forces.  It’s a very methodical way of exposing the bankers and diminishing their power.

Alexandra:  Excellent.  Some people would say, well this is just a drop in their bucket.

Cobra:  It’s not true, every tiny little bit of progress is more than nothing.  The only thing going is their determination and dedication.  I will say it again, the Rothschild’s had time, they had 200 years of dedication to create what they wanted, and we need to have the same determination they had.  We will not need 200 years to manifest what we want, but we need just a little bit of that determination to be successful.

Alexandra:  …and resilience.  Don’t give up before the final call as they say.

Cobra:  Yes, and we are getting closer day by day.

Alexandra:  We are, I see it because of blogging everyday… I can really see the progress that’s being made, and the fact that people are really starting to stand up, and the fact that these protests have not been violent at all.

Cobra:  Actually nonviolent protests have much more power because they create a much more powerful resonance field.

Alexandra:  Yea, I agree.  I’m really proud of the people on the planet.  They haven’t gone crazy and shot a bunch of people down, they’ve really band together as a united force for whatever that cause is they feel passionate enough to bring about.

Cobra:  Yes, people have managed to stay calm in these situations.

Alexandra:  That really shows the changes in the energies.  I’ve been really wanting to ask you this Cobra, I wanted to find out if this had to do with the Resistance.  The Federal Reserve admitted they had been hacked on the 7th of February, what is your take on that?

Cobra:  Well it’s hard not to admit that because it was quite obvious.

Alexandra:  Haha, but you know in the old days, they would have gone through the whole disinformation campaign.

Cobra:  Yes, but they discovered that admitting something can sometimes be a good distraction tactic, now everybody has forgotten about it.

Alexandra:  True.  Now you’ve got the CIA admitting they are truly monitoring Facebook, Google, You Tube, and all the other Networks, they are coming forward and saying, yea we are doing it.

Cobra:  Well I think this is not news for anybody that has a bit of information.  Actually NSA is monitoring every email, every phone call, every conversation for many years, and it was all in the mass media 10 years ago, that was in the media.

Alexandra:  Have you heard about this malware thing flying around?  What it does is it hits specific websites that have alternative content.  So if you are challenging you know the matrix, or if you are making any kind of statements about that, they will target that website.  And if you access that site, you’ll get a pop up saying it is malware and won’t even allow you entrance to it.  Do you have any recommendations for those people who are trying to get the information out and are against the grain of the Cabal, what we can do to protect ourselves?  Any suggestions like software or anything like that?

Cobra:  My suggestion would be to diversify, you could create a blog, a facebook group, a twitter account, many different outlets for the same information, and they cannot block everything.  And in these days information can go viral pretty quickly.

Alexandra:  That’s a good point.  There have been a couple of emails that have come out about HAARP.  And I know you have been pretty passionate about saying that HAARP no longer exists.  There was a very impressive one, the woman was a scientist and she put together a phenomenal presentation and it went around the internet.  I could feel the anxiety in the online community, and I wondered what you thought about that?

Cobra:  Well I would need to go back and check that email to answer that question.

Alexandra:  Haha, well you said before that you felt that the HAARP technology has been brought to its knees, is that correct?

Cobra:  Yes, the physical HAARP has been shut down.  But you have the Etheric HAARP which has pretty much the same effect because the etheric plane is very close to the physical and the Etheric HAARP does have an effect on the physical body.

Alexandra:  Oh, so it could be happening but on an etheric level.

Cobra:  That is still happening.  It is happening less than it was but it is still happening.

Alexandra:  That’s not good.  Now there has been some discussion about full blow UFO wars.  There have been a lot of videos coming across my desk.  They are actually catching a UFO being shot down.  What’s your take on that, is it our government?  Did they come into our air space and it’s the good guys?  What do you think?

Cobra:  OK, most of those reports are disinformation reports as most of the UFO pictures that you can find on the internet is also fake.  There are a small number of incidents in which the Light ships have been appearing, and the military has tried to shoot them down, of course they cannot, but it is a little bit of display of fire going in different directions… that is all.

Alexandra:  So you are saying that pretty much most of the UFO sightings and stuff like that are not for real.

Cobra:  I would say most of the pictures and videos are not for real.  There are many sightings that are real.   But things that you can see on You Tube many of those are fake.

Alexandra:  Is that from the disinformation agents doing that all day long?  What are they gaining from that, I don’t really get that?

Cobra:  There is a special operation by the CIA to create as many fake UFO sightings as possible to cover the real ones. (Alexandra: Why?).  So people are confused and they don’t know which one is real and which one is fake.

Alexandra:  OK, doesn’t make sense…but I guess I understand haha.

Cobra:  The Cabal wants to suppress evidence of life out there and this is one of their driving factors, main motivations in life to suppress that.

Alexandra:  OK.  Just have a couple more questions.  What did you think about the announcement the Pope, the Queen, the Canadian Prime Minister, they were all charged with crimes against humanity?  This was done through the International Court of Law?

Cobra:  Yes, it is true, this has been done but this has to be enforced for this to become reality, and who is going to enforce this, that’s the question.

Alexandra:  Is it true that they are scurrying away and in hiding and running away to places like Fiji?

Cobra:  No, no.

Alexandra:  OK, that was something that came out.  And I wasn’t sure if you read Ben Fulford’s last email?

Cobra:  Oh Yes, it was very interesting because he mentioned some changes in the United Kingdom happening days after we had activated the London City Vortex…Financial.  We had actually triggered changes to the financial system on the etheric plane and a few days later, Ben Fulford is speaking about the changes in the UK regarding this.

Alexandra:  Well that’s great, because that’s what I was going to ask about next…I couldn’t believe the turn face when the UK was now willing to work with the Chinese Renminbi.  And you felt this was in direct correlation to the conference itself.

Cobra:  I would say it was interesting because we had activated the vortex and Ben was speaking about the events happening 3 days after that happened.

Alexandra:  Interesting, and he was also talking about just a ton of moves with Japan, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa and the United States.  So you are saying basically that all these guys are scrambling and resetting their networks of who they want to align themselves with.

Cobra:  Yes, but they will not come to a conclusion soon this will continue where they will keep shifting alliances.

Alexandra:  Well, I have so much more, but those were the big ones that I wanted to review for the month of February and I’ll be talking to you at the end of March, and boy I’m sure we’ll have a lot to go over then.  Is there anything else you can add, to give people some insight into the unobvious progress of the Light Forces?

Cobra:  I would say that most of the real action is not being reported because all the real action must happen undisclosed, at least at this stage.  So when a certain operation is completed then I can report about it, but there are many things happening in the background that will have long lasting consequences in the future.  What is interesting is that we are going to have March Conference in Rome right around when the new pope is going to be elected, so this is a very interesting coincidence.

Alexandra:  What is your feeling about this new Pope, some are saying he may be an African American and this goes back to Egyptian times.

Cobra:  Well, the Cabal’s choice (Jesuit’s choice) is Cardinal Bertone, so he is the most likely candidate, but of course there is a possibility of surprises.  The Light Forces have their own plan, so it will be an interesting story.  We will see what happens.

Alexandra:  I know, this could be a book, like you could not put it down if you were reading it.  Amazing times right now.  OK, well Cobra as usual thank you so much for your time, and I will talk to you in a month from now.  Everybody else take care, keep the faith, don’t lose your hope and continue meditating, and we will see you around this time next month.

Cobra:  OK, thank you so much for your attention.  Thank you.

Alexandra: Bye Everyone.

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