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Here we go again, folks.

Whenever a Lightworker develops a healthy following and has great influence, the cabal and their minions are on a mission to disgrace and discredit them. Is that what’s going on now? You decide.

The purpose of attacks on those who bring us truth is not only to destroy their credibility, but to shatter the dreams and trust of those who derive much-needed support for the mission and their HOPE; the hope they need to carry on and keep the energy high. Us!

Eighteen months ago, someone presented some damning evidence around COBRA’s identity. Since then I have watched very closely and have not found anything to suspect COBRA is not what he says (or believes) he is. Nearly all of what he says rings true to me.

No, I did not take mind control into account. I don’t see the signs.

I also put great faith in the fact that although I have not personally met COBRA, many I consider to be reasonable judges of character have, such as American Kabuki’s ‘Bill’.

Perhaps it is naive of me to feel that if I meet someone face to face, I can tell if they are the real deal or not.

After all—when mind control is in place, one believes with every ounce of their Being that they ARE what and who they are being. They are living a reality; albeit a false one. If they are not able to discern the lie, then how would someone they interact with  be able to tell—unless they were trained in that ability?

At any rate, I don’t wish to discredit anyone, as I harbour no ill will toward Drake or anyone else who has been a ‘victim’ of present circumstances on the planet—and all the best known ones have been targeted, even David Wilcock and, of course, the OPPT gang. So far, I’ve been right about with whom I’ve placed my trust, but I’ve been wrong about some things, too.

I endeavour to bring information from both sides of the fence to enable my readers to do their own due diligence and soul-searching to determine what is truth. I will NOT take that responsibility for anyone but my SELF.

Awareness is our best tool, and our discernment our only defense. No one will blame us for being wary.

Here is an article I suggest you read so you have background on this latest attack on the Light Forces.

Did COBRA’s volunteer web crew resign?

We need to remember that all is not what it seems, and the cabal is desperate and have always tried to tell us what to think and shape our reality. What more significant targets than we, the awakened ones? Interesting times, these, eh?

Apologies to COBRA. There’s a war going on, and apparently everyone is fair game.

One day soon we will fondly remember our days in the trenches and laugh about all the drama and our Human naiveté. We are but pawns in this vast game of ‘divide and conquer’. Namasté.