Report #003

8/2000 (orig post) – 12/15/2000 (1st rev) – 06/27/2003 (2nd rev)

Joseph P. Skipper


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The above first image is the entire MGS MOC M02-00164 third listed straight oriented strip from corner to corner just as it appears in the official science data, including size and resolution. Except for the arrows and text labels that I’ve added to point out the anomalous evidence, there are no other changes or enhancements by me in this image. Make no mistake about it, this is some of the most incredible and extraordinary evidence to come out of any satellite imaging of another world made available to the public.

As you can see, the most striking anomaly here is most definitely the human or humanoid head sitting upright in the terrain with only the upper areas of the head visible from the mid nose area up. Note that this object’s surface is smooth contrasting sharply with the rough terrain it sits in demonstrating that it is almost certainly an artificially smoothed creation. Note that the head is balding and perfectly anatomically correct complete with nose projection and two recessed closed eye areas under a forehead and brow, again anatomically correct. The lower portions of the head are obscured by image tampering applications.

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