This show is designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

My dear Alexandra,

I’ve finished watching your video.  I must say, the one thing that’s synchronistic & resonates with me is the part where Source has removed our free will for the 1st time in our history.  This download came to me ABOUT 1 year ago.  Therefore, I know that this part is true.  The other parts concerning who & how all of this got started, rings a very strong bell with me (but that’s all I can say for now).
Thank you for taking the time to speak with Source to get clarifications as to how all of this began; and, how we can prevent this in the future.

Hi Laura, Loved the interview with Alexandra. Your hair looks great! You wear it well.

Please do more interview with her. I look forward to learning more.
Take very good care❤

Hi Alexandra:

I had to stop and say THANK YOU so much for yourself and the interviews you do.  I love your messages from the prime creator. When i heard you mention the Cathars – it made me remember, I use to call myself Cather when i was a child – but never knew why. I downloaded Mr Reyna book Incredulous.  I read allot about Kelts, Druids trying to find myself – LOL being black, african american guess that an oxymoron 🙂
When i look at your picture and hear your voice – I always visualize you as a female druid  a child of Tuatha De Danann and Merovingian bloodline.
I finally found out what Blue Apples really are, now i have to re-read William Henry books…
Again thank you for You
I can babble forever 🙂 I just had to say thank you!!!!

Alex, for years now I have had the honor of attending several meetings during sleep time. I watched your interview with Steven Bassett and found him to be “out of touch”. Trump will be our Disclosure President. Because he is the only one who can do the job that needs to be done. On my last trip last week who did I see up there? Trump. He’s one of us….He too is traveling during dream time. So next time you talk to Stephen Bassett, let him know just how wrong he is….Do you really feel in your heart that they would let Hillary be the Disclosure President with all the crimes she has committed? Search your heart and what does it tell you? I think you already know because I know your like myself (…) 


Dear Alexandra,
It occurred to me when Stephen was being interviewed about why he can’t do this disclosure with the current administration. Perhaps the ET’s did not WANT the Clintons to be the one to disclose. Or, more likely, Source.
Perhaps he needs a wild card like President Trump who doesn’t care what people think.
I know this president believes in freedom and the constitution.
That should be the first point to make.  A BREACH of the constitution!
I think he would love it.
So go around, perhaps to his wife, family members etc.
Good luck Stephen!

Sorry to see you don’t allow comments on your videos.
I just wanted to say EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!!  One massive component that he is totally missing and that is any sense of spirituality.  I was SHOCKED at how dumbfounded he was when you gave your
ideas about the near future.  Your comments shut him right down,, he was stumped! (MEN!!)  You handled him very well, with kindness, consideration and professionalism.  But its just shocking that he is missing the most important aspect and that is a sense of spirituality, faith, connection to Source, etc… Our Star Family will come forward when we are spiritually ready, when our consciousness allows. You really can’t be in the ET/UFO mindset without diving deeper into spirituality and consciousness.
I was healed years ago by Beings of Light from hospice and have been visited many times.  I have also met non-earth “humans”, face to face.  There are approximately one million walking among us observing, reporting, mixing in, healing energies, etc… They are here, but they are waiting for us to step up to the plate and raise our vibration.  They wont do it all for us, but they will meet us half way otherwise, what would we learn?
Thank you for that excellent interview with Stephen, I think he is amazing in his mission.  Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to watching more of your videos and interviews.  Women are where its going to be in the coming future of this planet as the male energy just has to go already.  They have done enough damage for a very long time.
Love & Gratitude!

Dearest Alexandra:
I’m a professional healer and author with my own practice and organization and I’m a consistent viewer of your videos.  I wanted to write and express HOW impressed I was with the handling of the interview with Stephen Basset (which I just viewed).  I got nearly nauseous when he expressed his vision for the next 5 months — not necessarily because it was so bleak (which it was) but because it is so far removed from what my guidance tells me.  You finessed that transition so incredibly well by standing in what you believe based upon your guidance, and transformed a tense moment into a renewed direction for the interview while remaining true to your guidance and perspective (without demeaning his).  Very, very well done.
Truth be told, I watch you consistently because you’re one of the few individuals working out there right now who gets the same general information I get — nearly uniformly, but with perhaps different subtleties.  Stephen’s expectations for what the next few months hold isn’t at all what I’m being told.  I understand why he thinks as he does, but it isn’t the outcome Source is sharing with me.  YOUR outcomes are more in alignment with what I’m being told.  It’s a validation of your work, honestly.
Anyway, well done in that interview.  Really well done.  I don’t generally write people with this kind of stuff, but I really had to reach out to you today with this thumbs up for a job extremely well done.
Sincerest blessings, Alexandra.

“If you would be so kind, please extend my sincere thanks to Miss Alexandra, and I do appreciate all of the inserts and other production work that went in to the final presentation, and for sharing her show with us. It was a fun interview. In fact one of my favorites to date.  She is a fun interviewer. “
Your enthusiasm, Alexandra, was palpable. Very fun and meaningFULL interview

Hello Alexandra.

What can I say except Thank you!

I have been going through the body changes you mentioned in the December 24th video  and I took it as a good change and cleansing and committed myself to the greater good and I physically felt pain been ripped out of my body, I have been taking pain killers since a motor bike accident in 1991 and now for a week have taken none  although I had been going through spiritual and mental change long before then.

I asked for guidance on what was happening and was directed to the December 24th video and thank you as it confirmed to me a lot of what was going around in my head and now stopped me worrying about some other issues and to know the good versus evil fight was over is a relief as with what been floating around with HAARP and other theories as to what was going to happen was one I could not reconcile in my head because knowing the earth frequency rising as high as it did had me worried and wondering but now I know it was by good to defeat evil.

What I find interesting is you say we are on a planet yet your emblem/logo shows the earth as a plane inside the firmament.

Thank you again


Loved your December Interview, Alexandra.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Thank you, dear one.  You made me cry, too.  What you do, and what you have already done, is invaluable.  I send you love and support every single day.  I recognize you and feel connected to you like a sister.

I wish and intend every good thing for you (us) – our beautiful planet – and all of her inhabitants, in 2017.

All is One

All is Sacred

Love is All



Dear Mary,

Warmest greetings! Just wanted to write and say how very much I enjoyed listening to your entire recent interview with Alexandra! You are truly an inspiration and an instrument of Light in these transformational times! Thank you for all you are doing with such care and spirit, to further humanity’s understanding of many aspects of this paradigm shift – especially our cherished star children. And I eagerly look forward to reading your newest book.

Joy, blessings and love,

Joan Halbert


Both literally when we arrived here lol and metaphorically Alex by your wonderful message. The letter from Prime Creator resonated on all and every level, it was just snap, right on and ahhhhhh, bliss. We are so there and what I have been feeling over the last fortnight specifically, the clarity and for such long periods with barely any intrusions, the results of the clearing finally being felt. Along with a second bout of flu/sinusitis, and I do not get either, it was just a series of ticks listening to you. Finally we are getting to the fun bit of the End of Time lol. We can drop the whole hard and arduous construct and start to play with the Beauty and bliss of Truth shining through, hallelujah!

Thanks so much for all you are and continue to do in the public arena. It is so appreciated. I am having the time of my life, eternal life lol, realizing how I can radiate energy and Love Light. I have everyones back behind the scenes and am being guided so beautifully these days, loving it. Know you are supported and being sent limitless love always.
Gabriel & Lindi

Dearest Alexandra,

I know you are very busy right now, and yet I feel compelled to reach out to you, and do hope you read my email. I have been emailing Sandi and Jeff, and watching your videos and recent interviews with an incredible sense of remembrance…. Especially of you and Jenny Marks. I have heard the language she spoke in this life, and I just felt like I was sitting with two old dear friends! Time stopped as I sat with you both.

Initially I came upon the Divine Blueprint reset interview with you and Jeff and reached out to him via email. In the meantime I had read (and cried) about being a Guardian. Jeff confirmed I am a Guardian and I signed up for the IRP which you just recently made my essence and oil for. (It was shipped to me on Dec. 14). I wish I could have been there when you talked to my higher self! That would have been so interesting…. 🙂

I identify with the characteristics of being a Guardian very strongly and have for as long as I can remember. When I heard your interview with Mary Rodwell, I also heard myself as a child.

I am an RN with a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and I started a business called True Essence in 2004 and got distracted (and afraid to stay with it) but later did similar work helping people restore their Inner “sovereignty” (which you have discussed lately). I will be happy to share my website if you like, it is presently under construction (like me!). I have been on a radical spiritual path my whole adult life and was an active member of Summit Lighthouse and worked very closely with all the Ascended Masters and the Violet Flame at that time (2000-2004).

I could say SO MUCH more and with invitation by you, I would love to be connected with you by email or who knows how else??

Alexandra, I send you great love and appreciation. And I remember because I see me in you, to give myself that same love. I am teaching others to love, value appreciate and stand up in their true power. You are such a wonderful example of this…. Its funny when Jenny described the “warrioress” and the open, warm, powerful woman who walks in a room and loves unconditionally…. I could totally identify! But it is lonely as hell sometimes. So I am just glad to know I am not alone- never ever alone.

Again… (with tears in my eyes) i thank you sister and sending you so much love.

(or “Reini Star Light”- a name that came to me in meditation when I was in my 20s shortly after a visitation of blue balls of light and two golden light bodies…. Just remembered the name when watching your interview with Jenny)


Thank you for the special message. I just now listened to it and was so blown away because in my meditations in the last couple of days, I was having the images of golden pyramids coming down and pushing that energy all around that same middle east area and connecting it to the lines around the globe. I have been feeling such sadness before the meditations, then after just feeling so strong and the same colors you mentioned were in my mind’s eye as I saw 3 anchors of light. Chills came over me as I heard your message and realized I was viewing what you all had done, or were going to do, and I just wanted to say Thank you for the work and for the message. I am not ever really sure what is going on in my meditations as I am fairly new to the call of healing and energy work on this massive scale (I have always done small Reiki healings on myself and family and friends), so to have your message come after is just amazing and so helpful. The other piece that has come up is that I am having the visualizations of shields/domes of protection and placing them over individuals all over the earth. They are just popping up like little balls all over the globe as I view it from above the earth while I am working.

Yours in the light,


Oh my dear Alexandra, thank you so much for your latest(s) update which are really inspired ♥ It was really needed, and you transmitted it perfectly ! I was inspired to send you this little video, this is designed for mainstream audiences mainly but if you resonate with it ( or at least if it makes you smile 🙂 ), feel free to share it also. This points very well human social dysfunctionalities.

Of course, it is to be taken lighty ♫ but during my earth journey I’ve come to realize that the greatest truths are best conveyed lightly when dealing with the masses.

With love an gratitude !


…YOU are an amazing spirit and I dearly love you very much Alexandra, you light up my day even when you are below par. Your warm gentle and kind maternal spirit really reaches out to all and lol we def feel it. There are not many I would take lead from but you have all the wonderful qualities of a genuine compassionate leader.

Please know that many of us hold you in a loving protective space with the help of source and our other dear friends waiting in the wings.

Well angel , thank you for taking the time in your outrageously busy schedule 😆😆😆 to send Boo and I your loving personal email.

Our love always Pip ‘n a Puddin breath 😆

🌻 Vegan Vocalist 💙

Oh my gosh , I just listened to you msg and the work you guys did. I’am beside myself , I had no idea the shifts I feel so strongly , was from the work you did. I actually could feel the galactic friends . I was not sure why I could see them clapping, but now I know. The other funny part is as you guys where working , which I had no knowledge about, I was ask to put white light around my home ( building) and property( land) and have the pilar of light reaching up to the heavens. I’am in SC so not even close to where you guys are or did the work. But one thing for sure there must be a purpose. Can you guys let me know why? I really would appreciate it.


Dear Alexandra,

Your guest appearance on Veterans Today is literally the best interview I have heard. I have gotten a bit overwhelmed lately with information and I am focusing on practices that enhance unity and raise my vibration. Our focus MUST include thankfulness and what is essential to our ascension! How eloquently your responses flip the general focus from discussing issues to the constructive metamorphosis of demonstrating thinking which strengthens the spirit for our conscious evolution. In this interview you are planting quantum seeds of enlightenment. I am so honored to know you and witness the divine energy you are transmitting.

Thank You!!!


Dear Alexandra,
I just wanted to let you know how important the work that you do & inspire from others is truly amazing.
My name is Peter and I live in Sacramento California.
Sheldan Nidle is a personal friend of mine.
I’m 70 years old, have been in combat in Vietnam in the 60’s and the Persian Gulf war in 1990.
This is not about me, but rather about you and the impact that you and your staff have had on me.
After leading men in combat I became a Public Information Officer for the 1st Air Cavalry Division. I was briefed by the generals & colonels and told to cover up the atrocities that our soldiers were inflecting on our enemy, in essence lying to the media for the glorification and sensationalism value.

I broke my back in both wars, suffered from the effects of Agent Orange & Sarin Gas and the indignity of my family that what I told them didn’t seem to make sense. Thus I’ve been cast out as a black sheep especially when I mention UFO’s or anything related to that.
I don’t hold them responsible but rather view it as they want to remain ignorant when it comes to alternative thinking including the healing arts.

I started attending the MUFON meetings here in Sacramento about 5 years ago. I look forward each month to hearing the various speakers. Tomorrow (Sat. the 28th) Rubean Uriate will speak again. I love this man & all of his research.

What I’m saying here is that your website & your & your team’s research is the absolute best in terms of its wide breath & scope of subjects. I hope to meet you someday, possibly at a UFO convention or wherever you are showing in public. You are a very articulate individual and you make your point easily.

I lead a patriot group studying law & all of its applications here in Sacramento for 10 years uncovering the fraud in our government. We had about 60 or so people every week.

Again I just wanted to let you know how important the work that you & your staff or doing to make this world a better place.



Hi Brilliant Lovely Ones

Thank you so very much for all the enlightening interviews & info!!! Exon is mostly owned by Vanguard Funds, who Benjamin Fulford discussed in one of his newsletters, along with all the cabal corrupt corp. in the fund.

Infinite Vibrant Blessings & Thanks,




You’re awesome! Thank you for all the work you put in and all the info you put out!


May I say I love, love, love your work, and I appreciate all that you do to anchor love and light into Gaia, for the well being of every living being. And you help us all to do the same!

Many Blessings to You!



I’m not certain you’ll get this note of appreciation for all the fine interviews you’ve performed for us over the years, so I’m keeping it short with a message of thanks that would be much longer.
Your current interviews with Johnny display your abilities as an already well-informed listener/interviewer as among the most caring and conscientious truth-tellers in an ever-growing field of those equally concerned with informing individuals who are themselves helping to create a positive path into the future.
Your work with Randy was also meaningful not only to us, but to him in a time when he is deflecting much criticism for having stepped out front to defend the best traits of character found in humanity as a leader.


I really enjoyed your interview with Mark Sargeant of Enclosed World. The flat earth movement that is spreading like fire just might be the key to waking up humanity from it’s sleep.

More updates from Mark and others at this forefront that are questioning the structure of our reality would be great! It’s time to expose NASA and the “global” agenda.

Thank you!


Dear Alexandra,

I had to write to thank you for a brilliant website. I am a British ex pat living in southern Spain and now married to a German guy, one of the reasons I am now able to look deeper into the “feelings/knowings” I have had for years is that I am finally in a position where I can, it’s not the done thing to talk of such things being British!! From around the age of 5 I had an idea I wasn’t from here (earth) as everything seemed alien to me, I’m now 54 so it’s taken a while!!

Your website has taken me in brilliant directions thank you and keep doing what you are doing

Many thanks, love


Thank you so much Alexandra for getting back to me so quickly, your truly are an amazing person…. Keep up the good work. I would just like to say you and your team are so amazing, you keep the positivity going when everything seem so negative, if it wasnt for galactic connection I dont know where I would be.

A big big thank you to you and your team.


Hi Alexandra!

My name is James and I sent you a friend request and hope you accept. I have been listening to you for quite a while. I love your interviews and look forward to the new ones that come up on Youtube. I found you on the Galactic Connections couple of years ago after listening to someone’s other show and glad I did. So In short I would love to have you as a FB friend and would look forward to following your post!



Hello Alexandra – I have become a fan of your work and dedicated efforts in the Galactic Light Work arena.

I have heard you request submissions that might be of interest to your members and have been guided to share the Equinox St. Germain video I published this week. If it is of interest to you please feel free to post it on your website. I love what you’re doing and hope to meet you one day since we’re in the same vicinity (San Diego County).

God bless,


Hi Alexandra!!!

First of all, Greetings from the Netherlands! My name is Ellenique. I am married to and have 2 children.

I first want to say that I love your site. I think your articles are really good daily. They give such a good overview of different aspects of the things going on in the world at the moment. Thank you for the hard work for The Light….


Dear Alexandra. Thank you hardly seems adequate when I realize the momentous work you are doing for humanity. I look forward every day to listening to the interviews you carry out in such a lovely way,may God bless and protect you always.



… here’s what I sent to my e-group and ‘special friends’ … with love, Param Devi

Some brilliant and insightful subscriber to Galactic Connection at a synchronous time requested Alexandra interview Will Berlinghof and Cosmic Awareness … and here it is :>) Presented in 2 parts, the first 47 minutes of Part 1 is conversation and Will gives his background. (In the very beginning of her intro of Will, Alexandra includes the story and implication of her computer breakdown during the interview.) Then Will brings in Cosmic Awareness. Alexandra asks thoughtful and insightful questions. Each video is about 1 hr 25 min. If you must break your listening time, my recommendation is to break at the point where Awareness begins in order to listen to the channeled information in one stream.

Cosmic Awareness – The Same Force Who Spoke Through Edgar Cayce! Part 1 September 27, 2015

Cosmic Awareness – The Same Force Who Spoke Through Edgar Cayce! Part 2 September 27, 2015

“Cosmic Awareness comes through with clarity and purpose, sharing messages we all truly need to hear and assimilate as members of the enlightened spiritual community. You will hear information on Pope Francis, The Vatican, the ET’s behind the Vatican, the US Government, politicians and their alliances, timelines, the black arts, Ratzinger, China, Russia, Putin, the United States, Syria, and the role they are playing in the unfolding of this new world, Stargates, They also discuss Wave X and its ultimate effects on the planet.


I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you interviews with Randy Cramer, and the many many others you have recorded. When I “hit ” the “like button”, google does not recognize my email address, (namely that I am on Juno). I have watched almost all of the interviews this year and often send the link to friends.

Thank you.


I come from a media background and I just wanted to tell you that you are one of the best, most informed interviewers I have heard. I used to do the same type of thing on TV and I know what it takes. LOVE your interviews with Sheldan Nidle!!!




I really appreciate all your doing for us, I have listen to most of your interviews and they are awesome and very informative. I will be purchasing more oils to help me through this turbulent but exciting times which I know it will help us ascend to the next level.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Thank you for the email, and for your services. I have listened to a few of your interviews, and I have to say that I adore your passion and unwavering dedication to the cause! It is relieving to hear someone, such as yourself, so eloquently tell it like it is… without any fear or doubt. You truly are a person who is in your own power, living your truth. Seeing it has left an impression on me.


To say the least Galactic Connection emanates a ‘higher frequency’. Reading what you write and listening to your wonderful show, and diligent updates (EPA, soul alignment, giving Kevin Annett -whom I trust- his say) makes me very happy and greatly strengthens my spirit in the midst of these times. I know it’s pretty corny but I had tears streaming down my face because the relief/joy was so great just listening to such a beautiful soul for the first time in so long. I know y’all are very busy and understaffed so I won’t oblige your time too much. I am a poor man who just got a job, otherwise I’d have already donated everything I could. Just want to let you know I will be donating as much as I can on my first paycheck in two weeks, it will be with pride but regret that I cannot send more. Thank you so much for everything, I really mean it. Subscribed and emanating the most positive vibes I can your way. Bless you all so much, I am hooked 🙂 Thank You for exalting our human race as a whole, makes me want to be the best person I know how to be.


Bless you in these new beginnings and bless you for your giving heart as you move into your next expression of grand creativity. I have been a reader for a year or so and have benefited tremendously from your generous site. May abundance and peace continue to encircle you in every endeavor.



Thank U so much for the Sheldan Nidle sessions. This one was so positively life affirming and heart warming; to have such knowledge imparted and to know that it is in alignment with the huge and powerful energies that are in motion NOW, to allow us to further our ascension, along with all of Gaia. WOW!

Love to U and all the Galactic Connection team.❤


Hi Alexandra,
I love your website and enjoy every single interview. I just wanted to thank you for all you do and specially for the Sheldan Nidle interviews. OMG! those are fabulous and I wish to listen to both of you more often.

Sorry, but I couldn’t find a better place to send you this words.

Thanks a lot once more.


Hi Alexandra! I just wanted to thank you personally. I have been resonating strongly with you and your messages ever since I saw your interview with Simon Parkes. I’m from Melbourne Australia. I’m a very spiritual being, and have been awake most of my life. I am a starseed with a mixture of Andromedan/Pleiadian/Lyran background. Your messages have been a crucial part of my spiritual and psychic development as i reconnect with my energetic 12 strand DNA. I wouldn’t be half of what I am today without your work. I applaud your courage, kindness and strength. Change is on the horizon Alexandra, the energies are palpable!

Thank you dear one!


Sorry I was not able to find an email address directly for Alexandra hence that’s why I’m sending it here for you to please ! hopefully forward . Just wanted to say a Heartfelt BIG THANK YOU !!! I’ve watched ur latest message and the tears rolled down my cheeks with joy and releaf.

I’ve worked alone for so long , having ur site to tap into on a daily basis has made sooooO much difference. To all of you at Gallactic Connection and beyond , I could never express enough my gratitude. For all that you do , the sleepless nights ect ect . We all appreciate your sincere loving work on all of our behalfs.

Lol 😀 I am soooO ready to go home but am prepared obviously to complete my loving work here before I go. I am tired though and not in a kind of , ‘get some sleep and wake up refreshed’ way lol 😆. I really need time out. Today was the first time I’ve cried coz I have been holding the space for so long , it was just a real release to know I have been heard and listened to ,so to hear your words that we are being supported and our obstacles have been removed is appreciated .

From me ‘n my beloved canine family member to all of you / us for this magnificent achievement

All our love eternally , your friends

VEGAN VOCALIST and Pip n’ Boo xXx 🌻🐶


Thank-you so much for all that you do and have done in Service! When you posted your Prime Creator update, I could not help shed some tears. I played it 3 times and I cried 3 times. I must be getting old. For you see, I have waited a long time for this to occur. But I have done more than just sit and wait when it comes to all this. Jesus sent me an email once. Back in 2005. When I opened it up, I thought my computer was going to short circuit. There was such a burst of electrical energy that it created a highly charged bubble. The email said, “Go for it!” Here is the date that I did go for it. Dec. 3, 2005. The rest would be better explained on a Skype convo. It was a major event that occurred and very few were aware of it happening. A handful.
Sound familiar? Just like a lot of the work you do and not report it. In truth there are not very many who will act. Again, a tiny handful. Likes attract likes as you know. I did have a website back around 2007 and 2008 called the Galactic Frontline. When the economy tanked, I had to shut it down because I lost everything and had no income to keep it going.

Mind you, I am one of the dumb ones when it comes to making money. Haven’t made one dime in this field. I never personally understood how to charge or what to charge when it comes to the solution for a soul. I am also not criticizing you as I know it costs a lot now to have a real website. Also for the products and services that you produce and provide. My hat goes off to you for being successful at what you do. You must work almost 24/7 and I get that. You speak of guardians. I am coming out of my shadow to say hi. How can I be of service in the now? Is there still a need now that the Prime Creator has made essential changes for this Universe’s future? I would gladly welcome a Skype with you if you have the time. Also I will not stalk you or pester you if you don’t respond. Clearly you are a very busy soul and I get that. Bottomline…….You are one in that handful and having said that, I applaud your service and I say that with a most sincere heart.



My Dear Alexandra,
I want to express my deep appreciation for the 2 videos and that you published today.
You know, as soon as I reached out to contact you my internet inexplicitly went “down” – interesting.

What you shared is exactly what I have been working on recently and feeling deep within my self.

I do not trust many people at all, but mostly, I have not been trusting myself either and have recognized that I did not comprehend discernment – therefore, I have been asking for guidance on this.

I am and have always been a very spiritual person and highly intuitive. I have always felt called to prayer when the top of my head has “gone off” – and this is from my memories of my entire “current” life. I am very connected with Earth/Gaia and have felt very responsible for Her and my Family. My inner life is somewhat different than my outer life and I have been in an internal conversation on how to proceed and blend the two. Appreciate the tools which you shared.

I want you personally to know that these 2 broadcasts today have been a huge confirmation for me.

I came upon your website by chance a month or so ago and have enjoyed every bit.

I hope to contact you again in future.

With Much Love and Acceptance, Your Friend,