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Conflict cannot survive without your participation.Wayne Dyer

MeAs many of you know, there has been quite a stir this week!  Several derogatory posts about Cobra were created by a group of IT’ers formerly with Prepare For Change.  Many of you have written to me asking the obvious questions of who are these people delivering such news? why are they so angry and going after Cobra? what caused such an incident to occur? and what am I to think about Cobra?  I want you all to know that I have remained silent out of respect for some necessary Prepare For Change related tasks that needed to be accomplished before speaking out.  And seriously this decision to contain my silence was made with The ALL IS in mind, not just Cobra, PFC, or any other accused party involved.

The purpose of this correspondence is not to rehash all the details, which have been thoroughly presented in a letter from the Prepare For Change Council today (, but to call attention to certain aspects of this unfolding.

Let me begin by stating that the turmoil last week was a perfect example of “compression” on many levels.  Compression is defined as “the result of the subjection of a material to compressive stress.”  One could compare it to the proverbial squeeze or restraint, and in our realm just these words alone drum up an uncomfortable sensation.  Well, that is where WE ALL are, not JUST those that are dark or mislead on this planet, but each and every one of us is being compressed.  Compressed to make choices.  Compressed to take action.  Compressed to speak our truth, no matter how it is presented.  Compressed to face emotions we may have ignored or didn’t want to feel.  This compression acts like a mirror, reflecting back to each of us how we interface with our external world under pressure.  This compression also reflects what is going on within all of us at this time…upheaval, rumination, challenge, and constant realignment.  So, the question is how are we as a community coping with this compression venture?

It never ceases to amaze me how those of us who give our heart and soul to support The Light are gratefully appreciated when things are copasetic, and everything is feeling good.  But when the s*** hits the fan, how many remain standing tall, rooted in their faith, truth, courage, steadfastness, and loyalty?

I have never wavered in trusting a certain knowingness I have with Cobra’s information.  I have always seen him as a somewhat shy, sincere, intelligent, consistent, and forthright individual who has ONLY attempted to inform and empower others to the best of his abilities.  Whatever “contract” he has taken in this timeline, he has been challenged with the less than easy task of marrying private intel with informing us, and without dangerously impacting so many others whose lives are on the line.  I also know he takes this task very seriously, for he and I both know the weight our words and writings can carry.  Many years ago, I too carried out a bit of the same sort of role, receiving very private intel and carefully sharing information for the purpose of informing, apprising, and supporting others without endangering those who shared that intel with me.  It requires a special knack of not crossing a fine line successfully, which Cobra has done with excellence and consistence in my opinion.

I have had people write me various accounts, questioning if he is so of The Light and a Pleiadian like he claims to be, then why does he have to modulate his voice?  Well there are several points to consider here.  1) I have telepathically seen how his loved ones were terribly assaulted and how he genuinely wants to prevent that from ever happening again, 2) As much as we would all love to claim that no matter how much we have mastered the art of protection, we are still in a dark and light conflict here on earth (despite the fact that The Light in my estimation is clearly dominating this planet right now), so if he deems it necessary to modulate his voice then why would we object?, and 3) Just because he is a Pleiadian, that does not mean he is not functioning in a human body, deciphering, living, and coping with the challenges each of us contends with.

I do understand that a period of silence has lapsed without any word from PFC or Cobra, or me for that matter.  I recognize that that may have been disheartening to some.  However, I also acknowledge this silence has given us an opportunity to prove what we do when one of those who is diligently working for The Light gets severely attacked.  No, Cobra isn’t perfect but neither are any of the other Spiritual leaders in our community.  We are all just doing the best we can, at the moment, with the data we have to process, and with the tools we have accumulated throughout our lifetimes.

Can you all not see the test in this recent conflict?  Isn’t this more about how we process and participate in contrary information?  Let’s face it folks!  What do any of us KNOW in this world of illusion other than our own Inner Guidance?  I challenge every one of us (myself included) to begin a process from this point forward that NO MATTER WHO is attacked out there, that we not become over reactive, but that we step back untriggered, and assess the information as best as we can without going into doubt and before we make up our minds.  If we don’t have all the information to make a balanced decision, then we should sit on it, ruminate it, feel it, go within and ask our heart if it feels right.  This is where we will find our answers according to our own truth, not someone else’s.

When I blog, I sometimes blog posts that are not totally in alignment with what I think, but they have enough pieces of information within them to catalyze our thought processes and cause us to become more discerning and therefore more balanced individuals.  We literally find ourselves in a “compression age” of jam-packed bits of data that within a small space of time must be sifted through and accepted or dejected.  We are truly being “trained” and prepped at this time for the ability to remain less polarized as our 5D counterparts.  This is a time of sensing perceived dark or light “activities” and observing it first, instead of reacting or contributing to it afterwards.  We are being called at the time of hysteria or emotional upheaval to step forward as the masters we strive to remember we are, and hold a poised position throughout the community.

Let us observe this for what it is…an opportunity for all of us to check in on ourselves and see how we respond to angry and deleterious information.  How are we reacting to ANY information, whether it is regarding PFC, Cobra, Tolec, Drake, or headline news?  If we are truly the Enlightened Ones, we should trust in the ability to connect with our inner truth, our Higher Self, and then our hearts and minds.

I would like to point out that companies such as the Rand Corporation have spent decades and billions of dollars to research the reaction of humans under pressure.  Military personnel have been continually used without their knowledge to provide this monstrous organization with reams of scientific data on what a human will do when pushed to the limit.  A compression of sorts has been expertly investigated by ‘the powers that were’ in order to effectively manipulate us.  Is it so inconceivable that circumstances such as the one of late have been fed by archontic influences to divide and conquer our community and those who intend to support The Light?  When will we all see how typical this process is, and how programmed we have become to react accordingly?  When will we unflinchingly unite, accepting each other’s differences and perspectives, and take the time to observe what is presented to us instead of fueling the fire?

Let us be conscientious to truly “be above” the dissension, reflecting a calm maturity back to those who choose otherwise.  Let us strive to represent the masters we wish to meet and desire to be.  Let us remind ourselves to observe and remain neutral, considering ALL perspectives instead of just one before making decisions.  Let us negate any tendencies towards an ‘us versus them’ programmed mentality, and truly live the way we dream of living in our future new society.  It is only then that we will truly be free….

As always, I send you love and respect.

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