I do work in evolutionary cosmology and my work consists of the introduction of consciousness into the evolution of space and time with the universe. I use reductionism to determine how consciousness and energy are responsible for the creation, design and development of the universe. The vibrational strings associated with string theory are a manifestation of consciousness and light and dark energy. Through my work I have discovered what produces light and dark energy, and what light and dark energy actually represent. Grand Unified Theory, String Theory and Quantum Mechanics have to do with consciousness and energy being in different states of existence within space and time. There is a foundation for the beginning and introduction of this universe that started with the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. I am going to describe this foundation and the basis for the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy. I will discuss where the other dimensions come from in superstring theory; but I need to describe the introduction of the universe first.

This universe is contained within another structure of consciousness and energy that is responsible for the evolutionary development of the universe itself. This is where the universe gets its power from. Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy is produced by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy is produced by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Introducing this next concept into the scientific community is difficult but necessary to define the nature of light energy and dark energy. Light energy and higher vibrational frequencies represent love. Dark energy and lower frequency vibrations represent an energy that ensures the survival and continuation of the evolutionary development of love. This is the true nature of the light and the dark. Love is the most important and powerful energy in existence because it gives eternity a reason to exist. Love is the most powerful evolutionary energy in existence and is incorporated into the structure of physics; but just hasn’t been implemented into scientific theories yet. This type of activity is exemplified on Earth within the human condition every day on Earth. Earth is contained within a galaxy that is almost as old as the beginning of the universe itself.

Consciousness and energy that are contained within the structure of the universe that are associated with the big bang 13.8 billion years ago transferred into Earth’s evolutionary development and activity. Over 13.8 billion years ago Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin the higher frequency vibrations with the lower frequency vibrations with a design concept to form the universe. The frequencies were conjoined together with the beginning of the design concept and the Higgs boson was introduced into existence. This was the first introduction of matter into this universe. Infinite Consciousness had to create a representation of itself within itself that could be the basis for the evolutionary drive of this universe. This is the purpose that the Higgs boson serves. The Higgs boson is a combination of consciousness, infinity and light and dark energy. This was also how time was introduced into this universe. Time is a construct that was developed through evolutionary activity and energy so consciousness can determine certain states of reality within evolutionary development.

Infinite Consciousness then introduced more light and dark energy into the formation of the universe. The frequencies are different with consciousness and light energy and consciousness and dark energy. When conjoined together with evolutionary force and change pressure accumulates. The pressure accumulated within the formation because of the evolutionary change that this universe was experiencing. What was happening is the frequencies were changing and this was producing other elements in the evolutionary design of the universe. This was more matter in the form of subatomic particles. Higgs bosons are different because they are subatomic particles which represent Infinite Consciousness directly. Higgs bosons are like the DNA of this universe which make up the Higgs field. The Higgs field is a field of energy that is contained within this universe that is a direct representation of the parent consciousness and energy which is Infinite Consciousness. All other subatomic and atomic activity are results of the evolutionary development and activity of the universe itself.

The formation of the universe became very powerful. What this formation contained was the consciousness of this universe that was developing, Infinite Consciousness that was contained in the mixture represented by Higgs bosons, different frequency vibrations from concentrations of light and dark energy, other subatomic particles that were being generated out of these different frequencies, pressure from the evolutionary change and resistance to the evolutionary development represented in the form of consciousness and energy that was fighting the change. Within this formation there was a certain aspect of consciousness and energy that wanted to remain in the same state that it was previously; which was Infinite Consciousness. This resistance to the evolutionary change was producing a very powerful form of energy. This force of energy transferred into subatomic activity in the form of antimatter.

When the design concept became complete for this universe the aspect of consciousness that was resisting the change stopped fighting and a lot of pressure was released. When this pressure was released a lot of matter and antimatter collided. It has also been discovered lately how two bottom quarks can fuse together causing a flash and another particle called a nucleon and this produces an explosion more powerful than nuclear fusion reactions that take place in hydrogen bombs. When all of this collided the big bang occurred. As soon as the big bang happened there was an aspect of consciousness in this formation that became completely unaware of itself through the evolutionary change. This is how the aspect of death transferred into this universe and affects living organisms. This aspect of consciousness and energy are very powerful here because Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy which is 13.51 billion years old. This consciousness and energy transferred into planet Earth from the memory contained within space and time from Universal Consciousness.

When the universe transferred out everywhere the Higgs field formed within the universe. The Higgs field is a field of energy which is a direct representation of Infinite Consciousness contained within the universe. The Higgs field contains frequency vibrations that are absorbed and retained from Infinite Consciousness. The Higgs field transfers out these frequencies throughout the universe. This is the basis for the evolutionary development of consciousness, energy, time, space and matter. The vibrational frequencies represented as one dimensional strings vibrate for a specific reason. This is to produce evolutionary activity within universal consciousness and energy. The vibrational frequencies produce subatomic particles and this is the basis for the evolution of matter in the universe. Because these frequencies are generated out of the Higgs field and the Higgs field is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness there is intelligent design associated with these vibrations. There has to be to ensure the integrity of infinity contained within the structure of evolutionary development in the universe.

Because the universe contains consciousness, the universe contains memory within its consciousness. There is specific activity with matter and energy contained within the dynamics of this memory. I will use Earth and the population of human beings. Earth and the human race are a representation of consciousness and energy associated with the formation of this universe and the big bang. Astrophysicists and astronomers that are formulating different theories on what the answers are for the basis of universal evolutionary development; are actually representations of consciousness and energy of universal memory. When this universe was being formed like I described above there were elements of consciousness and energy within that formation that were trying to understand what was going to be the result of the evolutionary change. Certain aspects of the universe was trying to understand itself as it was being created before the big bang; which constituted evolutionary change before the aspect of death was introduced like I described above when Universal Consciousness lost awareness at the moment of the big bang. These people that are fervently working on different theories trying to understand the universe are actually part of the memory of Universal Consciousness. Every aspect of the human condition can be attributed to the consciousness and energy that was under development when the universe was being introduced. I have discovered through my work how this works in reference to human behavior.

Different dimensions as discussed in superstring theory are constructs of memory contained within Universal Consciousness. Matter and energy behave in certain ways according to evolutionary development with intelligent design within time and space. Different dimensions are consciousness and energy which represent memory of the certain types of behavior of matter and energy contained within Universal Consciousness in previous evolutionary development of space and time. Time is incorporated into these dimensions so energy and consciousness within Universal Consciousness can continue on with future evolutionary development. Like planet Earth. It has been stated before in a metaphysical realm that Earth is located in the 3rd dimension of existence. Earth and all of its inhabitants contain space and time within consciousness here from the evolutionary development of the universe over 13.8 billion years ago as well as the consciousness and energy associated with the big bang. I discuss this in a previous article of mine.

Earth and human consciousness are in a dimension of Universal Consciousness and energy and this is reflected by the activity that occurs here every day. The universe itself is going through an evolutionary change in a very powerful way. The discovery of the Higgs boson here by CERN is akin to when the Higgs boson was created by Infinite Consciousness. The discovery of different subatomic particles by the LHC is an extension of universal development like I discussed previously. The Higgs field is evolving here. The reason life and death are so powerful here is the memory contained within Universal Consciousness of the original formation because Earth is located in a galaxy that is 13.51 billion years old. The aspect of Universal Consciousness that went through formation in the beginning is evolving here now. This is why Earth was introduced by Universal Consciousness into the Milky Way galaxy almost 5 billion years ago. This was to aid with evolutionary development by completing the formation of the Higgs field in this location of existence that represents the activity that occurred with the big bang. Scientists that are trying to understand the universe are actually representations in space and time of the memory contained within Universal Consciousness that was trying to understand itself when it was being created.

Because superstring theory came from human consciousness I believe this was due to evolutionary development in consciousness here. The Higgs field permeates through planet Earth and is undergoing evolutionary development here. Human beings don’t have that much interaction with the Higgs field and this is why they age and experience death so quickly. Frequency vibrations transfer out of the Higgs field because this is the basis for the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy universally. Superstring theory was introduced here because human beings are connected to the memory of Universal Consciousness in space and time here. Brainwaves are amplifications of the frequencies transferred out of the Higgs field. Human consciousness is connected to the evolutionary development of the universe and this is why superstring theory was formulated is because the Higgs field is evolving here.


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