August 19 2012

Charlie Brown discusses the latest breakthroughs in establishing mercury-free dentistry worldwide, and the progress made at the 4th World Health Organization Mercury Treaty meeting in South America.

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By Charlie Brown
Consumers for Dental Choice

“I do not approve the practice of any who use mercury or quicksilver as an ingredient for stopping teeth, and would not privately recommend any one to go to such.”

– Eleazar Parmly, M.D.

Dr. Eleazar Parmly’s warning about the dangers of amalgam fillings was not issued in 2012…nor even in 1912…he spoke these words way back in 1845.  Over 150 years later, health professionals still voice those same concerns about amalgam – a product that is 50 percent mercury by weight. Over 150 years later, some dentists (albeit an ever-dwindling number) still claim that mercury is safe in people’s mouths.  Over 150 years later, even children are still subjected to the unnecessary exposure to mercury fillings.

Enough is enough.

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