Greetings from Galactic Heart….

sun'smagneticloopHow are we all coping with the Light energies flooding our planet? This past week was a doozie for me and Shel. We found that we had to lay down to sleep many times during the day….even if only for 15 minutes. If we didn’t and tried to force ourselves to stay up “doing” something, we found ourselves so dizzy and disoriented that we had no choice but to go horizontal.

I asked Ms Supa (our Arcturian Light Body specialist~GF med team) if there was anything we could do to help us cope with the acceleration of frequencies. She reminded us to supplement our electrolytes (lemon water or sea salt in water are good for this). After all, we are electromagnetic Beings and integrating the influx of vibrational patterns uses up our electrolytes. Here are Ms Supa’s recommendations:

  • Drink plenty of water (remember to put Loving words on your water bottle)

  • Increase electrolytes

  • Spend time in nature (more important than one may think)

  • Eat bananas

  • Listen to your Spiritual and Galactic guides

  • Increase vitamin Bs because the increase in frequencies stresses your nervous systems

  • Meditate daily…..even short meditations are helpful

The more we know about how our bodies are transforming into 5th dimensional Beings of Light, the more graceful the ride. Check out Sheldan’s webinar download for detailed information: Battling Dimensional Fatigue. The more you know, the better you do!

Selamat Ja!