ATTN: Keep an eye on the steady stream of articles and news stories coming out about life on other planets, UFO’s and US Space Forces… The MIC SSP Disclosure time table seems to be on track.
The PTB will not be able to control a partial disclosure. It will spread into a Full Disclosure Event.
So much about the various SSP’s have now been disclosed that the only option the PTB (Almost were) have is to discredit the Full Disclosure narrative.
With the campaign to discredit the Full Disclosure narrative and whistleblowers failing last year we now expect “fresh approaches” from the PTB.
We certainly expect more Disinformation and LARPER campaigns to attempt to discredit and “Super Soldier” the full SSP Narrative as well.
Disclosure will not be controlled or censored. Full Disclosure will come from all of us! You are Disclosure!
We look forward to working with a few key groups in organizing the community for mass meditations and peaceful marches demanding the release of suppressed technologies very soon.
Please keep an eye out on social media for announcements.
I am seeing Star seeds waking up to their missions faster than ever before. The more active we become the more they will pursue us… With unity we are unstoppable!
Please focus on Disclosure and on expanding the mass consciousness. This is our true mission.
We need to stay focused and not get diverted or divided during this key time window.
Things are really getting exciting and dangerous in the background!
We are so close to the finish line with the battle against the Cabal and we are winning. Thank you to those that continue to support those who are putting their lives on the line to bring about Full Disclosure.
Please also join David Wilcock, Emery Smith and I at Dimensions of Disclosure. We expect this to be a community summit of sorts. We will also be showing the finished version of our Documentary “Above Majestic” and announcing how we will distribute it.
Please, see this article from last month that I just became aware of.
Trump’s space force could expose US military’s black projects, claims top UFO researcher – http://www.ibtimes.sg/new-us-military-branch-space-force-wo…
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Popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner has claimed that there is already a space force protecting us from external cosmic interference