Let me introduce Bill – a deep resonating writer who can say so much in one small paragraph and have you pondering all day about his presentation…enjoy!-A.M.

corpus callosum

This blog is about the intelligent heart*. Which means it is also about the loving brain.  The left brain/right brain discussion in modern discourse has become a false dichotomy — at last.  This is an “Ascensioneering” site.  It is about unity, and it starts with recognizing a coming love affair between our two brain hemispheres, and between our once-divided heart and mind.  Ascensioneering means the engineering of Ascension, the dogma-less pathing of infinite human growth.

Experiential trumps theoretical here.  The blog is about not being manipulated any more.

The corpus callosum is the physical anatomical join of our two brain hemispheres, a neuronal rich bridge we have deemed a wall, and which now in the next minute or the next year comes down as fast and as miraculously as collapsed the one in Berlin on November 9th, 1989.


It is about the return of the Goddess in our lives.  It is about the most important topics on earth.

*Coincidentally the title of a biography of D.H. Lawrence

-Bill Sterling

*Name cribbed from a book by D.H. Lawrence.