w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light


With this newsletter begins a new service offering, “Cosmic Insights.” I spend a great deal of my time in the cosmic plane of awareness exploring what is going on with the Metatronic Councils of Light.

For some reason it never occurred to me until today that I can just share some of the insights I glean from this activity in a very simple way. I instead have felt I needed get the more in-depth and detailed version or let it go and just be with it myself. Seems to be some polarity there that is now dissolving!

I appreciate your feedback on these Cosmic Insights so I can tune in better as to what types of them are most helpful to you. In this way together we can sort of fine-tune this new cosmic flow!

Hanging out with the Stars

This Cosmic Insight’s title might be understood by many in the mainstream as being related to Hollywood groupies! But for me and all of you my Family of Light, it has another connotation altogether.

Right now we are truly “hanging out” with the stars and planets. We are in a period of time where we are being prepared for a powerful forward movement. Everything that has limited us from experiencing what we truly wish to be experiencing in life is up for review, re-alignment, transformation and transmutation.

If we are not paying attention to what is going on inside of ourselves and instead get wrapped up in whatever is going on “out there,” and which seems to be the cause of what is happening inside of us, then things can get quite difficult right now, REAL difficult.

How to sail through? Recognize the gift of what is happening right now and BE with the process in TRUST. It is a very powerful re-alignment and preparation for what is to come, know this deeply and trust in your High Self to guide you.

When the next forward movement really begins, we want to be clear so it energizes us in a direction that we wish to be going rather than in some direction that will bring us more of the what we do not want! It will not be “perfect” either, so when it happens forgive yourself too if you still get a bit of what you do not want.

The power of the stars and planets right now are also very much in harmonic alignment with the de-polarization process so powerfully initiated by the Sha’alura Cosmic Wave back on 7/23/12 and then its hyperspace ripple which appeared in our manifest reality zone through the Equinox window between 9/21/12 and 9/25/12.

Mitch Battros of EarthChangesMedia.com announced this morning that the GOES-13 weather satellite that covers the Eastern USA and Atlantic Ocean ws knocked out. This satellite stopped broadcasting on 9/23/12, the day of the Temple of Sha’Lem transmission that the Metatronic Councils of Light had coordinated with the Sha’alura hyperspace ripple appearing within our event horizon.

Mitch Battros proposes the large CMEs which were released from our Sun between 9/18/12 and 9/23/12 in combination with the “South Atlantic Anomaly” were the cause of this satellite’s technical issues. The South Atlantic Anomaly is essentially a natural warp in the planet’s magnetic field over the Eastern USA and the adjacent area of the Atlantic ocean.

As I read this info from Mitch Battros the Metatronic Councils of Light indicated that he is correct on all counts, but that there is also a component that was related to the Sha’alura Cosmic Wave’s hyperspace ripple. This additional component caused the charged particle emissions from these CMEs to carry a much higher energy potential than usual.

They also indicated that a lot of this additional energy potential is not yet fully detectable by our current scientific instruments, but that some of it indeed showed up in higher frequency radiation bands we are able to measure like in the x-ray and gamma ray portions.

This satellite outage also is quite synchronous with looking inward right now instead of analyzing external data to assess our “weather” energetically or otherwise! Our eyes are being turned inward, and whatever that means for us individually, it is very important to be aware that each and every one of us is working on our unique piece of this planetary transformation.

It is not just your personal stuff, you are working out a new paradigm of freedom and liberation for all beings on Earth. Your unique piece of this puzzle is extremely important, give it all you have to give from the depths of your heart and being my beloved Family of Light.

Together, in this unified awareness and knowing, we move as a whole organism even when we seem to be consumed by our own personal life issues, always be aware of that and you will experience things a bit differently when the going becomes challenging!

Blissings of Oneness Love,
Simeon Chi’Ra