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Here is this week’s Cosmic Vision News show. In support of the triangles, I have consistently seen “quite bright star” outlined triangles recently. And tonight, feeling drawn to view the moon, as soon as I looked up, it was in the middle of a long, isosceles (two sides of same length) triangle opening in the clouds. A ship? A Hole Ship? Therefore a Holy Ship?

Here are highlights which Geoff has posted at the CVN Show site.

  1. Triangles In The Sky – Ships, Astrological events, And Significance of Triangles
  2. Ship Sightings And References To ‘The Event’
  3. Banking Scandal Now Affecting Vietnam
  4. George Soros Bailing Out Of Banking And Stacking Up On Gold
  5. Accounting Rules For Gold Changed – Gold Now 100% money, not 50%
  6. Fluoride And The Pineal Gland

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