Posted on 2012/06/29

Here is this week’s Cosmic Vision News, with Geoffrey West. Among other things, I really enjoyed hearing Geoffrey’s interview with Veronica Keen, who explained what she is doing to unveil the truth about Ireland. And there also was this one named, “Drake”, in the news show.

To view the summary, with links, from Geoffrey, click here.

CVN host, Geoffrey West offers news, talk and commentary about the latest events unfolding with regards to what is arguably the most guarded secret, and yet the most important event to improve the human and planetary condition.

Disclosure, as a global awareness event is now happening.  CVN is among the first to formally declare disclosure as real and peaceful.CVN will be an evolving program, adapting to the events unfolding upon, within and beyond our planet.

CVN will also address current events that support a shift to a peaceful planet.

A program to promote and encourage courageous dialogue worldwide, while preparing everyone to be re-introduced to our galactic families.

A beautiful future is unfolding! Know it, and share it! Cosmic Vision News – the truth is out there…and it’s in here – the heart of Gaia, and the heart of you!


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