June, 2013 

Putney Mountain, Vermont
From a different kind of art
On the evening of June 25 Jupiter enters Cancer for a year. Ancient astrologers considered Cancer the best sign for Jupiter to be in, because something enormously powerful occurs when the King of the Gods lands there every twelve years – a doorway opens to the heart, and the summons is cast for human beings to come home.


Most of us consider the heart an organ of feeling but it is also an organ of knowing, and the kind of knowing that the heart possesses is claiming our attention from this summer to next.


Jupiter carries the vision of the most you are to become. Jupiter encourages you to expand beyond your limits, to grow wiser in the truth of your nature, to come home to that life that enriches your personal gifts while enriching the world.


By Igor Morski

The massive generosity of this royal planet can expand your sense of belonging to find your home in the universe as you find it inside yourself, for you belong to cosmos as much as to earth, to spirit as much as to matter, and for too long these twin homes of humanity have been kept apart by a thick cultural trance.


During this Summer of the Snake, the world serpent is shedding its skin, making many relationships, jobs, and ways of being obsolete. One of the biggest thought forms we must shed as this mightiest planet moves through the Realm of Home is the schism between truth and reality. Reality speeds down a dangerous road taking humanity farther and farther from truth, but the two worlds become one when the doorway to the heart opens, and you allow yourself to grow big in spirit and massive in dreams, while making a place for yourself in this changing world.


Those acts and ideas that constrict the truth of your heart must be shed to accommodate the Big Picture of what you’re really here for. Those thought forms that cling to you like old clothing must be released so you can get down to the clear simple truth of your being. Even in a time of great complexity and distortion the heart is the part of you that knows who you are, what you need, and where to go. When that doorway opens you owe it to your future self to walk through. The more that people claim their right to inhabit this living world of miracle and wonder, the more we create a sustainable future.


Whatever choices you made that make you a stranger in a strange land must be undone to usher you into your greater destiny. Whatever detours you took that led you into tangled thickets of false compromise must be abandoned. Whatever reasons you sold yourself out must be traded for a life that feels bone good way down deep in the soul.


By Doris Tesarkova


A massive shedding is under way that affects your personal life and the life of the species. Our little blue-green planet is going through growing pains of a magnitude that dwarfs even the revolution of the 1960s, which left many changes incomplete. The toxic thought of our time runs deeper than the sins of Nixon. The corrupt influence of multinational corporations upon our land, food and water has become more insidious and pervasive. We have a smiling president who is stripping the Constitution and Bill of Rights while torturing whistleblowers in the name of a so-called “War on Terror.”


It’s no longer enough to run away from a repressive home in Mobile, Alabama and hitch-hike to Haight Ashbury. It’s not enough to stop one corrupt war but to stand strong against the War on Truth waged every day in the name of normalcy. Despite these twisted distortions of our time we must muster a love stronger than the hate that has produced a media-induced mirage which we confuse with the living earth.


Cancer presides over belonging, inhabiting, and orientation, and for decades a false consciousness has taken over the heart, displacing our sense of belonging to the Earth, to each other and to ourselves, giving us false landmarks to steer by.  A toxic state set in, making millions of people feel guilty for even being human. But beneath that false world is a sparkling planet where love is lord of all. When you open the doorway to the heart, walk through and learn to inhabit this deeper dimension you begin to set the world right.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here for?  
How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait?
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