April 23, 2008

For almost forty-eight hours, on a website originating somewhere inside
South Africa, this second fragment of tablets discovered in Southern Iraq was posted in its English translation.

To say the least, the language is very scary and the similarities with the region’s current situation are undeniable.
I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking for proof of my assertions in the previous video and I expect I’ll undergo another onslaught after this video is posted.
The proof is the ultimate truth of the story. As I have said earlier, truths that are jealously guarded eventually seep out in drips and drabs. There seems to be a different story concerning these tablets in Europe as many of you have already heard. I do not believe and completely discredit the whole assertion as pure fallacy based on the intimate knowledge of a colleague who has intimate knowledge of the find and activities of the Near Eastern panel assembled to deal with the discovery. The very existance of this panel is evidence of something big. Why would both the US and British governments get involved in what is traditionally the work of academia?
The more websites that go down only spawn more and soon enough, the powers that be will have to come clean with the public about what exactly, they discovered near that historic ziggurat.