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underwater-hotel-dubai-beach-story-topCreating Communities of Light on Planet Earth by CmdrAleon and the Ashtar Command.
The Command has telepathically downloaded important information on creating new communities of light connected to the Ashtar Galactic Command on Planet Earth in the times ahead of us.
These communities will be places that will connect with each other on a very high frequency of light coming in from beyond this orb.
We are not speaking of your traditional communities that now exist on the planet.
On our worlds beyond yours we live and interconnect with the source that has given each of us life.
Our cities and other area’s of galactic life are all connected to source always.
When we build a community it is with great love and devotion to the creator nothing is left out in the light communities that exist beyond your planetary system.
On Earth you have currently structures created that in many ways are disconnected from the creator of all life in the multiverse.
There are many spots around Planet Earth that have portals to other dimensions of existence for millions of years on your Planet.
In the Past places like Lemuria and Atlantis were built on locations where space portals existed and still do today.
So to create the New Ashtar Communities on Earth we will share some ways this can be accomplished.
The first being to connect with like minded conscious humans where you reside.
dome structureThis might be 4 people or 40 people.
The next part is to sit mediate together and come up with a design for your Ashtar Community.
What will it look like in a farm area , a small village,or a city etc.
If you have open space this is a good place to build the Ashtar Community.
This will also be a place where your Space Brothers and Sisters can peaceful come and visit when they wish to without being detected by your Governments.
There are energy sources that can be used today in these communities.
Such as your Tesla Free Energy devices,certain crystals that are of a very high frequency integrated in all the communities.
Living spaces that would be created would be designed with the highest vibrational energies possible by you the designs of such Light filled places around the Planet.
Each of these communities will be created in all corners of the Planet Earth.
The food you eat can be both grown on the lands where these communities are created.
Each Ashtar Community will have a center to meditate and connect always with the Christ energies and God Universally.
The meditation centers will be circular in form and bring in the energy of the Sun’s Divine light.
Cosmic Education will eventually be part of these communities to allow for the understanding of the Universe to be taught to the Children and Adults who have been programmed by the current systems of the Old Earth Energies and Schooling system now on the Planet.
Many of you will in these Ashtar Communities be the teachers and students.
Creating new realities from old realities will take time but in this time of great transformation can be accomplished.
When you plant a seed the roots will take place and the flower will evently grow from the branch of that seed you have planted.
round glass living quartersWhen you water it and cultivate it with love it will shine brightly for all to see.
Our connections here through the use of computers will be an important part of the development of these ideas and realities that will be know as Ashtar Communities of Light on Planet Earth.
As we create the foundations of the Ashtar Command into real Light Communities on Earth .
We will be bring the Light Communities in the etheric levels to Mother Earth.
This includes the Cities of Light off Planet which cannot be detected at this time but do exist as we are Ascending to the frequency of the Christ in the times ahead.
The building structures for these new communities will include crystal structures that will be dome in shape,aswell as non Crystalized buildings.
They will conform to certian energy lines around the Planet aswell as the Cosmic Portals that exist in many parts of the World now.
They are explaining to me that the structures should be circular or Geodesic domes aswell
Also Pryamid Structures will be build in the New Earth Communities of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Here is an example of such structures.
Spaceship Structures also will be build that will operate in a very high vibrational frequency.
Here are some photos to give you some ideas to work with as you plan your Ashtar Communities now.
Your visions for the future can be planned now as we enter the new realities out of the old paradigm.
The structures of government has you know it now will shift completely and all will be decided from a cosmic understanding of life universal.
You have alot do to do now in these times ahead.
You are not alone where you are. Its just a matter of time when Ground Crew on Earth will find each other in the nations all around this orb.
This is just the beginning the spark that the Ashtar Galactic Command wanted me to share .I was downloaded this only a few days ago and they wanted me to now share this with all of you living here now.
Part of the Earth Changes and most importantly will be the change not only in Human understanding of the Universe but of our connections to the Stars which we have had before being born here and in our experiences living on this Planet now.
So lets make this a reality for that is part of the mission we have taken coming here in Human form at this time .
Its going to be a wild ride in the times ahead of us but one worth the trip.
Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,
Founder AGC
Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio
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