The Articles on this page are showing the various parts of this Elephant and with each moment that passes we are now closer to Victory of the Light !

As the Elephant in the Room becomes more visible to more people Gaia and all of her inhabitants will be ever more ready for Ascension and The Event

The Elephant in the Room/Explosion of Information/True Storm of Disclosure Imminent

No Witch Hunts
We are at a point in time when more and more notice will be paid to the Elephant in the room. Within weeks we can expect a virtual storm of disclosure in the mainstream media, this will be the ‘storm of disclosure’ that David Willcock dreamt of in the Autumn of 2012.
Those of us now avidly reading the alternative media sites are finding evidence for everything that we have been hearing from people like Cobra. He mentioned that the ‘suicides’ in the banking world were because they silenced people who were planning on revealing the fraudulent gold trading etc. and we now find links to this truth all over the net. Other links doing the rounds are related to the Queen and her connections to paedophiles and the disappearance of children. As Benjamin Fulford said and Cobra agreed there is big work taking place to expose the Royal Family and cabal members in the British Government. On one site I read how there was a desire from certain groups to have ‘some heads rolling’. I am declaring here and now that I will not be posting these types of scandalous revelations here unless there is something that has been definitely proven to be correct. We are above witch hunts and guillotines and wanting heads to roll. I hate scandal magazines and refuse to speculate about this type of information. As I have said before I wish to remain as close to the truth as possible.

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