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crops circle a hidden message? Crop circles — unusual patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers’ fields delight and intrigue various groups, from UFO researchers to mainstream scientist, the press and public alike. The circles are in most cases located within the United Kingdom, however, there have been dozens of countries around the globe also reporting crop circle appearances for many decades. The strange phenomena have stimulated countless books, blogs, fan agencies, researchers (dubbed “cereologists”) and even Hollywood films. Despite having been studied for many years, the question remains: Who — or what — is making them? IF The only question we ever need.… Creating YouTube content to intrigue, fascinate and amuse. Speculation, education and imagination. Wondering how what or ‘IF’ *Videos Posted Weekly* #weareif #UFO #cropcircle ******************************************************************** SOCIAL MEDIA: SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: All videos produced with help from Tube-buddy a must for every You Tuber. “many thanks” ******************************************************************** Tags:crops circles a hidden message?,corn circle,crop circles 2018,crop circle 2018 uk,crop circles 2019,latest crop circle 2018,hackpen hill crop circle 2018,crop circle documentary,ufo crop circles,crop circle,crop circle connector,cropcircles,crop circle decoding.,circle crop photo,crop circle images,sacred geometry,best crop circles ever,crop circles explained,crop formation,crop circle messages,crop circles,sacred geometry documentary,we are if