• Planetary Economic Reform Ready to Roll Out

• Historic Global Currency Reset Imminent

• Massive Abundance Programs Nearing Implementation

• Time To Reclaim Your Power and much more

News | June 24, 2013 | UPDATED: June 27, 2013

Report by Scott Mowry | http://www.miraclesandinspiration.com/news_curtain-about-to-rise-for-global-transformation.html

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We have arrived at the magical hour. The hour when the curtain is about to rise. The hour when the world shifts into a new paradigm of abundance and freedom.

As we stand here at the Summer Solstice 2013, we are witnessing many, many moving parts flying about at a furious pace preparing for a massive transformation of the world right before our very eyes. These changes are the most miraculous and spectacular one could ever possibly imagine.

Numerous signs are now pointing towards an imminent and amplified rebirth of this Earthly 3D experience which, in turn, is signaling a headlong ascent into the Golden Age. There is simply no way to stop these monumental changes from unfolding now! And the world as we have come to know it, will never be the same again. Ever!

Photo courtesy of 4.bp.blogspot.com

As we have reported many times before, perhaps the single most important preparatory stage for the Golden Age is to break the bonds of economic slavery which have dominated this human experience thus far.

Indeed, over the first half of 2013, major, MAJOR progress has been made towards this objective. In fact so much positive momentum has been generated, the stage is finally being set to reveal these grand plans to the world. As the curtain is about to be raised, are you ready?

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