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ForbiddenKnowledgeTruthstreamMedia WHY IS THE BILDERBERG 2019 LOCATION STILL A SECRET? May 20, 2019 Here’s the latest by Truthstream Media’s Melissa and Aaron Dykes on what’s happening with this year’s Bilderberg Meeting. Established by Prince...

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Your Harmonious Whole ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

DanielScranton Your Harmonious Whole ∞The 9D Arcturian Council “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We have been getting very excited about the evolution of the human consciousness because you are all so...

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Treasuring the Flora of Our Great Nation

TheEpochTimes Treasuring the Flora of Our Great Nation A touring art exhibition captures the rare and the commonplace BY LORRAINE FERRIER, EPOCH TIMES May 21, 2019 “Botanical Art Worldwide: America’s Flora” is an exhibition of 46 botanical...

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Intuitive Astrology Gemini Season 2019

ForeverConscious Intuitive Astrology Gemini Season 2019 by Tanaaz Gemini season kicks off on May 21st and will last until the June Solstice when the Sun enters Cancer. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and seeing as 2019 is a number 3 year in...

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BlacklistedNewsArsTechnica NASA'S PLAN FOR A LUNAR OUTPOST JUST LEAKED Published: May 20, 2019 SOURCE: FUTURISM.COM LUNAR OUTPOST An extraordinary scoop from Ars Technica: senior space editor Eric Berger has obtained an internal NASA plan for the next...

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Food of the Gods – Sacred Chocolate

WakeupWorld Food of the Gods – Sacred Chocolate May 23rd, 2019 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World Ever wondered why people exchange chocolate on romantic occasions? Like Valentines Day for example? Long before Willie Wonka came around, it...

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Galactic Connection Daily News Roundup

Now It's Comey Vs. Lynch: Someone's Lying Again British Spy Chiefs Were Briefed on Junk Steele Dossier BEFORE Trump Knew of Its Existence — UK WAS IN ON IT! Trump Calls for an Investigation Into Biden Family’s Links With the Chinese Regime TRADE...

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(How) American Collapse Resembles Soviet Collapse

Eand If I was to tell you there was a society in which longevity, real incomes, savings — not to mention, happiness, meaning, trust, and democracy itself — were all shrinking at record pace, what would you say? I’d say it was collapsing — whether or...

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Black Ring UFO Over Argentina Recorded May 7, 2019

ET Disclosure Date of sighting: May 7, 2019 Location of sighting: Argentina Source: Email I was sent this in an email. He said he was working on a foundation of  building when he and his coworkers saw this black ring object flying over head. He had...

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The CIA: Keepers of the Hit Lists. War Crimes as Policy

Global Research This article was first crossposted in May 2013. In February the Guardian and BBC Arabic unveiled a documentary exploring the role of retired Colonel James Steele in the recruitment, training and initial deployments of the CIA advised...

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Wired RECENTLY AT THE Laboratory for Laser Energetics in Brighton, New York, one of the world’s most powerful lasers blasted a droplet of water, creating a shock wave that raised the water’s pressure to millions of atmospheres and its temperature to...

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Agency Inspector General Reports and Investigations

The Black Vault Background Agencies periodically conduct their own special investigations and produce reports about certain allegations against their respective departments. For example, the CIA Inspector General produced a report regarding the...

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UN Decides to Control Global Plastic Waste Dumping

Global Research Today, 187 countries took a major step forward in curbing the plastic waste crisis by adding plastic to the Basel Convention, a treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste from one country to another. The amendmentsrequire...

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Julius Caesar: History, The Rise, Assassination, And More

Ancient Code Julius Caesar was a ruthless leader who would stop at nothing to realize his goals and visions for a unified and powerful Roman Empire. During his rise to power, Caesar would make several enemies which would eventually lead to his demise...

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The Riddle of Twin Telepathy

Live Science Twins, both fraternal and identical, have fascinated the world for millennia. They are often very close, and share not only genes but home environments, friends, clothes and, of course, secrets. However many identical twins — perhaps as...

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Mufon The Roswell UFO incident took place in the U.S. in June or July 1947, when an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Explanations of what took place are based on both official and unofficial communications. Although the...

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The 1968 Sci-Fi That Eerily Predicted Today

BBC We look to fiction for eternal truths about our world and timeless insights into the human condition – either that or giddy escapism. But sometimes, in striving to achieve any or all of the above, a novelist will use the future as their backdrop;...

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Japan tests world’s fastest bullet train

CNN CNN) — Japan has started testing its fastest-ever bullet train -- capable of reaching 400 kilometers per hour (249 mph) -- as it continues to develop the revolutionary mode of travel. The ALFA-X version of the Shinkansen train began three years'...

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Waking Times Sofia Adamson, Staff Waking Times We live in a new world – one where technology has given people options to do everything their way! This includes how they take in their favorite medicinal herbs. In the past, most people either ingested...

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Found: 7 Ancient Footprints of a Giant, Flightless Bird

Atlas Obscura MICHAEL JOHNSTON HAD JUST TAKEN his boss’s dogs for a swim in the Kyeburn River in Otago, New Zealand, when he noticed something unusually prehistoric: Enormous, three-toed footprints almost a foot wide speckled the riverbed. Though...

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5 Ornamental Plants You Didn’t Know Were Edible

Ecowatch Food gardens can be beautiful — a cherry tree in full bloom, the mesmerizing foliage of trout back lettuce — but purely ornamental gardens can also be edible. You might be surprised at how many of the plants in your flower border have...

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Solar Activity Increasing – Symptoms & Affects

In5D by Alex Myles, Solar Storm Now very Active. It takes a few days for the Coronal Mass Ejection (up to 10 billion tonnes of plasma) that is released with a Solar Flare to reach Earth, as it is so dense and heavy, which is why it has taken until...

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This Ocean Farmer Grows Food That Cleans up Pollution

Ecowatch By Marlene Cimons Catherine Puckett needs to be close to the ocean. "I just can't be away from it," she said. "It means everything to me." She has to see it and smell it and hear the bells that ring from buoys offshore when a heavy sea rolls...

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The Sinking of the K-141 “Kursk” Russian Submarine

The Black Vault Background Here is, according to Wikipedia, what is believed to have happened to the Kursk: The Kursk submarine disaster occurred during a major Russian naval exercise in the Barents Sea on Saturday, 12 August 2000. The Kursk, an...

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