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David Icke Reviews Living In A Quantum Computer Universe

Transcribed on April 10, 2016 by
Colleen Childers

(02:49/2:35:44) Alexandra Meadors: Hey everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of galacticconnection.com, and I have a very big surprise for all of you today. Many of you have been asking me for this over the years, to get together with David Icke, and by George, here we are! I would like all of you to just hang tight, check out his website at davidicke.com, and there will be banners on my site that you can click on to go directly to his World Wide Wake Up Tour and check out all the locations he is going to be cruising through. Now, David is coined as being one of the most fearless and controversial writers and public speakers in the world today. He reminds us that we must get off of our knees and understand that the reality that we live in is actually a program which oppresses us and influences the way in which we perceive life and ourselves. What was once seen to be a promising career in professional soccer at the ripe old age of 15 came to an abrupt end for David when he faced a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and the daily misery of coping with pain. Yet through a series of amazing synchronicities, David found his stride by becoming a newspaper, radio and television journalist as well as a sports presenter with the BBC. Huge realizations were gained when David then became the national spokesman for the British Green Party, which he states, “helped him realize what an irrelevance the mainstream media and politics are at informing the public with what is really going on in the world.” Circuiting more than 50 countries, writing over 40 books–Is it 40 books, David, or 20? (David: It’s somewhere in between now.)–okay, David Icke has become the epitome of an expert researcher on the history of the hidden hand that runs this world and the people within this Matrix. He brought forth the biggest secret rarely told regarding a group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood who control humanity, including many prominent figures such as George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Dick Cheney, etc. His presentation on the totalitarian two-step and the problem-reaction-solution modus operandi model have changed truly the truthseekers’ perspectives permanently. David undeniably causes all of us to see our lives with clarity and purpose, motivating us to break free from this human enslavement.

AM: So, hey, David, what’d you think?

DI: I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

AM: (laughter) Oh, my God! So, everyone, David is launching his huge World Wake Up Tour and also his amazing book called The Phantom Self, and you’re going to be traveling through a gazillion different countries it looks like.

DI: Yeah, I’m starting in London in June, and then I go through Australia and New Zealand in July and August, and then New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in September, and then I go all over Europe and then after Christmas I pick it up again and away we go to other places, and (AM: Mm, gosh.) there’s a kind of a reason for that. Ever since I had my own…you know, people say I had my awakening…we have the start of the awakening ’cause it’s an ongoing process of pulling back and ripping away the, if you like, the onion skin layers of programming so the true self can express itself and you know, people talk about seeking enlightenment. We are enlightened, that’s the point. What stops us accessing that, if you like enlightenment, that expanded awareness, are the programs from cradle to grave, which I explain in some detail in Phantom Self how it’s done, that give us a fake reality and a fake identity of self, which is what I term the phantom self as opposed to the real self, which is pure awareness. And when I therefore started my awakening and the layers started to peel off, I became aware that the world was very different to the one I thought was the world before, and as the synchronicity of my life unfolded, so information was coming from all directions, in personal experiences, people I met, books, documents, and it was all pointing in a certain direction, and 26 years later to the month since it started in March 1990, consciously anyway, it’s still going on and we’re going deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole as more and more layers come off. Because you know anyone who is researching this from a point of view of “I’m not coming from a belief system that I want to uncover the information to confirm, I want to know the truth, and if that’s outside of my current belief system, well that’s fair enough, I want to know the truth,” and when you do that and that’s your intent, your own journey and the uncovering and communication of information are the same thing. Because when you go with that “I just want to know the truth” and you mean it, and there are no no-go areas because my belief system couldn’t survive if I go there, then the world is not just a little bit like we didn’t think it was or we thought it was, it’s nothing like we thought it was. The world we think we’re living in and the world we’re actually living in are so extraordinarily different that even within the alternative media people will, just as others do in the mainstream, will by reflex action dismiss concepts, dismiss possibilities on the basis not of them being checked out, being investigated, but on the basis of them being so different to what they believed is actually possible. And you know, if we’re going to really turn this around, and I’m sure we are though the challenge is enormous–

AM: Oh, we’re doing it, we’re doing it, we’re definitely doing it, and actually I want to ask you–this is such a burning question for me–Galactic Connection is world renown for implant removal process, okay? (DI: Mm-hm.), and we do a lot of research because we are able to look at the profiles of the people that are coming through and the types of challenges, childhood issues, psychic attacks, things like that, and you say through your book and your information that the perception programming starts when you leave the womb, and I wanted to ask you, what about the process before you incarnate? You know, when you’re looping? You know, it just seems like it doesn’t start at the womb, it starts much earlier than that.

DI: (10:42) Yeah, but I mean what I’m doing is picking it up at the point where most people can relate to it starting. Of course there is that great line, “death is no cure for ignorance,” and thus just because you leave the body doesn’t mean you become, you know, 100% all-knowing and enlightened just because of that. The body’s another level of the focusing of attention, and what phantom self is is the focus of attention of our awareness on the five-sense world, so the five-sense world seems to be all that exists, and to get an understanding or a grasp on the five-sense world and the nature of self, then you are looking for five-sense information. You’re looking for five-sense explanations, and so, you know, the book before this one was called The Perception Deception, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-womb, in womb, after womb, it all comes down to those same two words, ‘perception deception’. Perception is everything because from perception comes action or no action, what you will support, what you will not support, what you believe, what you won’t believe, what you do, what you won’t do. Perception is everything, and so there are multiple levels of and techniques of perception downloading. You’ve got everything from implants to the education system to the mainstream media, to peer pressures, but what the whole foundation of it is is to get us to believe in a world that seems to be one thing but is actually nothing like it, and crucially, to get us to believe in a false self identity.

AM: I totally agree.

DI: In our prime form, in our infinite eternal form, if you like, we are pure awareness, the state of being aware, and what then knocks people away from that path, that understanding, whatever, is the world of form, which is illusory anyway when you get deeper into it. So, from or a self identity with form come what I call label consciousness. I am a…I am a…I am a…I am a man, I am a woman, I am black, I am white, I am a transgender, I am gay, I am whatever. Now these are NOT who we are, they are experiences for our awareness. (AM: Yeah.) The biggest perception deception of all is to manipulate the population–and it’s ongoing right the way through what we call human life–it’s to manipulate the population to self-identify as who we are with the experience and thus lose touch of the true self, which is awareness. And awareness, what is awareness? It’s a state of being aware, yes. Everyone is in a state of being aware. The question is, how aware? And the system of what we call human society, human life, is specifically structured to squeeze the perception, therefore awareness of reality and self, to the smallest, smallest level that they can. (AM: Yes.) And thus, most people will go through a whole human life and except here and there maybe, won’t even ask the big questions–Who am I? Where am I? What’s this reality?–because the program is basically thinking for them. It’s even feeling for them, and it takes on a certain view of reality which has a minute sense of the possible.

Now, this is so important…a lot of the time this is missed. One of the most compelling and effective ways of putting people in these self-identity prisons is to squeeze their sense of the possible. So if, for instance, you have quantum physics showing that reality is not solid, once you take that and put it in the mix, suddenly there is a great expansion of the sense of the possible, because something that is malleable and energetic and information based means that you can move it, you can change it, you can play with it, you can do so much with it. In fact, what you can do with it is limitless. Once you focus attention, solidify attention if you like, squeeze attention to believing everything is physical and what you see is actually what you get when it’s the last thing that you get, then suddenly the sense of the possible is squeezed. I mean things like people changing shape, what’s called shapeshifting. If the world is solid as it appears to be, that’s impossible, can’t do that, and there’s almost nothing you can do in a solid world. So although quantum physics, if you look at mainstream science, has shown that actually it’s all based on information and energy and it’s all malleable, and our minds impact upon the reality we experience, you look at the other disciplines of science and they kind of reluctantly acknowledge, “Yeah, okay, quantum physics exists, all right, yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t shout too loud.” But then they crack on with their discipline as if the world is solid, and therefore they’re looking at solid answers like the medical profession is looking at the solid world and it’s mind to treat people through the scalpel and the drug, and if you treat them energetically, you don’t need the scalpel and the drug, if you go to the level that the body is actually a projection of. So this squeezing of the sense of the possible is so important because then when people like you, me and others start talking about things outside of the sense of the possible, that’s when you get the reflex action, “That’s impossible! That’s ridiculous!”, that you’re talking rubbish. So opening our minds to the fact that anything is possible if you get deeply enough into this is crucial to breaking the programs which are there to tell us what is not possible. They are there to tell us about limitation and you can’t, and it’s not possible.

AM: So, I mean, and you’re so good at laying all of this out, I think one of the other things that people out there need to recognize is we are within cycles. We’re within cycles of not only nature, but cycles within our planetary system, our universe, etc., and it’s very typical for us to get to the End-of-The-World age, which people hear the Age of Aquarius and that sort of thing. That alone, in my opinion, would lead to an enhanced perception deception, don’t you think? I mean isn’t this even like, you know, much worse than it would have say been two thousand years ago?

DI: (19:14) Well, when you look around the cultures, the ancient cultures, there is, well, there are many common themes and one of them, wherever you look, and religion has picked this up too, although it’s twisted and inverted it in many ways, and that theme is of some manipulative force seeking to engineer, manipulate and direct human affairs. And what throws a lot of people out is of course different cultures give this force different names, and in one culture it’s called this, in one culture it’s called that, and if you don’t realize that they’re all names for the same thing (AM: Yep.), either you break it down and you see the descriptions, the common themes are incredible, and if you don’t do that, then you think oh they believe in those gods and they believe in that god, actually they’re talking about the same force in different words. (AM: Yes.) In the end, just as we are awareness in our pure state, so this force is a stage of awareness. It too can take form, but it’s a stage of awareness, and I liken it in Phantom Self and will do so at length in these talks, to in effect a computer virus. It’s my contention, and not just mine now, but increasingly there are even on the cutting edge of mainstream science, studies going on all around the world into the evidence that we live in the equivalent of a computer game. I would put it in these terms: We live in a ‘quantum computer universe’, and in a quantum computer, the information is held in the energetic fabric. And they’re even now around the world running projects to build quantum computers that do that.

Now this is why, as people like Max Tegmark at MIT has pointed out, that the physics of our world are basically the same as the physics of a computer game. (AM: Yeah.) The movements of the body and all the things that go on, the physics is basically the same between the two.

AM: How long do you think this has been going on?

DI: Well, I think it’s been going on, again, time is part of the fabric of the game–

AM: That’s true.

DI: –so therefore…you know, there is no time as we perceive it, just a perception of time.

AM: Right.

DI: Someone said, “There is no time, we need clocks.”

AM: We can loop.

DI: Yeah, it’s been going on a long time, thousands and thousands of years, so a lot longer than that probably, and what’s happened is that, and this is where we need to, and I should suggest the alternative media needs to, open it’s mind beyond its own bubble. Because unless you get into these deep levels of reality, you cannot understand what’s going on, thus you cannot see what can be done to change what’s going on. You know, if there’s a movie playing, it’s no good standing on the stage of the movie theater holding a protest banner or hurling abuse at the screen demanding that the screen change, the movie change, because by the time it hits the screen, it’s already a done deal. If you want to go change the real, you gotta go find where it’s being projected from. Then you can change the movie. And what we are experiencing in this world of the seen is akin to a computer screen or a movie screen. For instance, I’m looking at a movie screen now, there you are on the screen, and yet the only place that you exist in my computer in the form that I’m looking at is on the screen. Everywhere else, you are forms of information, just as I am looking at you, and what the computer does is it takes that information and decodes it into the reality that we see on the screen. So when people say, you know, [they] tell me about the Internet, “Oh, it’s pictures and graphics moving pictures on the computer screen.” Yeah, but only on the screen. Everywhere else, it’s in another form of information. You look at television. They’ll say the same, it’s moving pictures on a screen. Yes, but only on the screen. Everywhere else, it’s information which is decoded into that form on the screen.

(24:13) What we are looking at, and this is another one of the great reasons that it’s happening now, is that the shamans of the past, what we call the past, who went into these other levels of awareness and understood these concepts of where reality comes from, they then had to explain to the people of the day what they had accessed and seen using the analogies of the day. And the things they could, you know, use to symbolize what they were trying to get across were very, very few in terms of getting anywhere close to what they were trying to get across. It had to be done in concepts and pure symbolism. And then you get, you know, anthropologists going along and people like that, and they say oh these people were very primitive because they said this and…No! No, no! They weren’t talking literally, they were talking symbolically!

AM: Wow.

DI: We, in this reality now, have the great gift that technology is mirroring the very reality that we’re experiencing, and these analogies now are getting very, very close to how it really is, which is a great boon to anyone trying to get across what they’re trying to say. So, for instance, it’s not here but it is in most places, if I had Wi-Fi in this room, I would look around and say, if I said to someone and they didn’t know about computers, “You know all around you now there is an information field, and fields, of a whole collective reality which you can access in South Africa or America or Australia, Britain, anywhere that you can logon to it.” People, if they didn’t know about computers, they would say, “You’re crazy! That’s mad! That’s ridiculous! That’s impossible!” Now we have computers and so it’s easy to make the connection between this quantum computer universe where you’ve got all the information encoded in the fabric of the universe, the energetic fabric, and how it’s an interactive universe. So we are taking information from it and we are by our acts just as, you know, we are changing the Internet by posting on it, so our state of being, our view, our perceptions, our emotional states are all impacting upon this quantum universe and subtly changing it depending on how many are doing what. And the idea of the perception deception to create the phantom self is to so focus attention to get people in states of fear, to get people in states of anxiety, to get people in low vibrational states of emotion and thought whereby their energy in frequency terms starts to vibrate slower and slower until it goes into a state of comparative density. That squeezing of our frequency by the manipulation of our state of being, perceptions, emotions and thoughts means that we’re only interacting with this quantum universe within that frequency band, and thus our sense of the possible is dictated by that tiny frequency that we’re actually interacting with. I mean if people just looked, even according to mainstream science, at the amount of the known universe from their point of view even, that we access and bring into a state of vision, of sight, it is hilarious.

AM: It is. (DI: It’s so tiny!) And you know I’ve explained to people before that you must understand that the human being, the body itself, is this amazing mechanism that manifests everything, and we talk about manifestation all the time, but when you see particular symbols, particular language of light, when you see particular colors, the hidden hand that knows how to run this computer virus program, they’re fully aware of all of the types of variables that they need to send us in order to continue to manifest and create that which they want us to create. As soon as we make the decision that we no longer want to play that game, like you said, and stay in the five senses, you know, it would be game over.

DI: (29:21) Exactly, and this is one of the major points I try to get across, is that we are manipulated and directed by a force that knows how we interact with reality (AM: Exactly.) and has spent its entire time structuring human society and human perception so that the target population does not know how we interact with reality. (AM: Yes.) And you know, another common theme of all these cultures in relation to this force is that the force can only control humanity while it keeps humanity in a state of ignorance. (AM: Mmm.) And I have this concept, this way of explaining this force in the sense of the one-eyed man is king. This force is very, it’s an inversion of the natural order, just like a computer virus is an inversion of the natural order of a computer. A computer virus gets its energy, its power, from the power of the computer system and this is why another great common theme of the ancient cultures is that this force feeds off human low vibration emotion based around the state of fear. In fact, I say in Phantom Self, that from my research over the years, this virus, if you like, is fear. That’s how fear came into the world, and because it itself is what we call fear, it can only feed off its own frequency, just like one radio station can only connect with its frequency and not with other stations on other frequencies. Thus, this is why, as these cultures have pointed out throughout history, this is why this force feeds off human fear. Why? Because fear is what it is. It’s feeding off its own frequency. But what it has to do is get humans, by the manipulation of society, divide and rule and playing people off against each other, to produce that fear. So thus, to humans in a state of relative balance, a war is a terribly negative thing. To the inversion of balance, a war is a very positive thing because it’s producing vast amounts of the very energy which feeds the beast. And so once you start to realize what the game is, then the world, which is inverted wherever you look, can be explained, why it’s inverted, why things are done this way and that way, why there’s so much war, why there’s so much suffering. It’s because from the inversion point of view, the inverted, if you like computer virus point of view, that’s what it needs to survive. And so it’s the one-eyed man, because it’s inverted, it’s an inversion of life. It’s no accident in the synchronicity of life that the word ‘evil’ is the reverse of the word ‘live’. (AM: Right.) The reason those that worship this virus and its manifestations in form, what we call things like Satanism and what have you…the reason they’re so obsessed with death and churchyards and sacrifice is because this virus is an inversion of life, and thus its focus is death. Its focus is not to build and create and to nurture, it is to destroy, it is to see things in a state of decay because all of those things are within the frequency band that it feeds off.

So then when people say, “Well, what about these elite bloodlines, these elite families that are behind all this? Why would they do this to the planet when they have to live on it?” But when you see beyond the human level, if you like, into what’s really going, what we’re seeing with environmental destruction and rainforest destruction and all the assaults on what you call the natural earth, it’s because they’re changing this reality systematically, a reality that suits humans into a reality that suits them, and that is why there is no contradiction between people apparently living on this earth and changing it in terms of humanity’s ability to live on this earth as we always have. Because these people that we see in positions of power and influence, we see the human level, yeah, ’cause that’s what we’re decoding, but behind that human level is this virus which is dictating their behavior. And one of the manifestations of this inversion of life is the psychopath. You know you look at politicians who bomb civilians saying, “We’re bombing them to protect them from violence” as they did in Libya and all these things, and what people say because they’re only seeing what they’re meant to see is, “No, no, they’d never do that! They’d never do that! They’d never create vaccines to destroy the immune system! They’d never start all these wars just because they’re using them for more expansion, no, they wouldn’t do that!” My answer is, “No, YOU wouldn’t do that. YOU wouldn’t do that. Would you be involved in serial killing? “Well, no!” No, but a psychopath would. And so the great trait of psychopaths, and not all of them are serial killers, most psychopaths are not serial killers, but they have major standout traits and the key one is a lack of empathy, the inability to put themselves in the position that their actions have put others. To put themselves in the way that person that you’ve made suffer this or that would be feeling, and that empathy among open-hearted humans is the fail-safe mechanism of human behavior. It stops people doing outrageous, horrendous things because of this empathy with the consequences of your actions. Take away that empathy so you have no consequences for your actions, and that’s what you’re dealing with with these expressions of this virus, and anything goes because no matter what mayhem and horrors you cause, not only do you have no emotional consequence, you love it, you get a rush from it because part of the psychopath’s character traits is the desire for power over others. And so we’re not dealing with like for like (AM: No.), and if people are going to understand what’s behind all this, they need to understand that they don’t think like most people think (AM: No.) because they’re in a completely inverted state of perception of everything.

AM: (37:25) And you know, the other thing I was going to bring up to you and wanted to know what you thought is so much of the alternative healing now, there is some very, very cool alternative therapies out there that use algorithmic code to literally collapse the wave of the viruses. In fact, so much research has been done, I’ve been working with another gentleman, where literally even the expression of depression is a virus. A pimple on your face is a virus, and if you treat it that way, you can immediately eliminate it if you find the according, you know, wave. So that same thing applies for us if we step out of the perception deception where we recognize that we ourselves carry a frequency that can cancel out all of this horrific, you know, pain and destruction, etc. by raising our consciousness, you know we’ve got another really good opportunity to make some changes on this planet.

DI: That is why I continually make the point that the alternative media as well as everyone else needs to look beyond the five senses.

AM: Yes.

DI: Because if you only perceive everything from there, then what solutions are there except in the minds of people who are there? Even if you realize that governments and banking systems and corporations are not working in the best interests of people–it don’t take long to work that one out–what do you do about it? In a five-sense level of how things are, then what’s left? Stockpiling weapons? Fighting the enemy? See, this–

AM: We’re giving them exactly what they want.

DI: –and exactly what they want for this reason, of course, as we’ve just discussed. This virus feeds off low vibrational emotion. It feeds off fear, it feeds off hatred, anxiety, depression, all these things. So if we seek to bring about the elimination of control by this virus by fighting, by hatred, by, you know, shooting in all directions, whatever, then we’re basically feeding that which we’re seeking to overcome, and this is why again if you only come basically from the five-sense level of everything, you see the five-sense level of the problem and you only see five-sense solutions, which are no solutions at all, of course. And from that point of view, virtually all your solutions will be means of feeding the very so-called enemy, as you perceive it, that you’re challenging, and you go round and round and round. This is why, you know, these bloodline families that are expressions of this virus couldn’t care less about aggressive five-sense level exposure, whatever you want to call it, by the alternative media, because they know that that is feeding the beast.

AM: Absolutely.

DI: So, once we start to realize that it’s all coming from the energetic levels beyond human sight and this is a projection of that state of being, that level of perception awareness collectively, then that’s where you start to look at the answers. Now, where you’re talking about everything is a virus, there’s another way of saying it which is everything is a state of balance or imbalance, and of course, what have we been talking about? This virus is a state of imbalance so imbalanced it’s actually an inversion of life. Thus, it’s trying to pull in, this is the word that I use in the book and I’ll go into this in some detail in the talks as well, it’s trying to assimilate humanity energetically into its own inversion. This is why we have expressions of the virus that are not of the bloodline that are subject to psychopathic behavior.

AM: Yes.

DI: It’s the virus spreading…and so the way to overcome that is to go into a state as best we can of balance. Dis-ease is disease is dis-ease. It’s a state of energetic information imbalance, and when the energy is going around the body, and I call the body a biological computer…I’ve been calling it that for decades (AM: Amazing!)…and about 3 or 4 weeks ago, maybe a bit more, I saw a quote from a mainstream scientist in Britain who described the body as a biological computer and nearly fell off me chair. And thus, we are interacting with this quantum universe according to the nature of how our biological computer is decoding information. So it’s either decoding information that’s that much or it’s decoding an expanded state or spectrum of this quantum universe and will have a completely different perception of everything.

AM: (43:30) David, at what point though in what you’re saying, at what point does the virus get to a point where it’s going to end up imploding?

DI: Well, the thing is that the virus is a certain frequency. If you’re in that frequency, then the virus is dictating your reality. If you’re completely in its frequency, you’re a psychopath. Once you start to expand your awareness, and what is expansion of awareness? It’s an expansion of sense of self from “I am Ethel, I am Charlie, I work down the store, I work in the gas station,” to “I am infinite awareness having that experience.” And the very state of re-identifying true self starts by that expansion of sense of self, starts to expand awareness, starts to move your point of attention where you are looking into the world. Instead of being like that, you are now starting to see that. Now you can see that that connects to that and that connects to that, you can’t there, which is where most people are manipulated into being. Then you start, as you expand, you’re starting to access more and more of the information fields available, more and more of the Wi-Fi fields if you like, and you’re getting greater insights, more awareness. And what you’re doing, also, that change of perception manifests itself in an expansion of frequency, so now you’re expanding yourself away from the frequency of the virus and suddenly that is influencing now you far, far less than it did before. (AM: Yes.) This is the way out of it. And something else you’re not doing once you leave the frequency of the virus is you’re not feeding it anymore. You know, lunch is no longer served, if you like, energetically (Alexandra laughs).

AM: Well, on top of that, the energies that are coming in, the crystallization of the body, the enhanced DNA strands, all of these things are adding and helping us with this whole process, are they not?

DI: Yeah, well, when this started for me consciously, ’cause when I look back at my life it started before I entered this world, never mind when I did (Alexandra laughs), but when I consciously became aware of what was going on in 1990, I at that time was bumping into a lot of psychics in that year or two years, and the common themes that I was being told through these psychics, you know, “I’m getting this message for you” and all that stuff that goes on, were very, very compelling. I mean they were talking about the fact that I would go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets, which at that time I’m going, “Whah??” (Alexandra laughs). But the reason I mention that in relation to what you’ve just said is that one other theme was that there was–this is 1990 now–there was a vibrational change coming that was going to wake up humanity from its coma, its slumber, that it was going to impact upon people who were more awake, in other words their frequency was more fluid, and eventually it was going to impact on people who at that time were solid gold in the program, as I would call it today. And the other thing–of course, there was no sign of any of this at the time–was that this information change–I call it information change now, I was talking about an energy change, a vibration change at the time–it would bring to the surface all that had been hidden, and when you see what we knew then compared with what we know now 25, 26 years later, it’s extraordinary the number of people that are now reevaluating life and their own self identity and world events, it’s fantastic compared with then. And the kind of people, even people in the system who were part of it without realizing it are now starting to see it–and at that time years ago, you’d a thought well that person’s never gonna start to, you know, get it and question anything–and it’s happening, and I gave it the name ‘truth vibrations’. I wrote the first book, it was called Truth Vibrations, after I had my initial awakening, and these truth vibrations are impacting very demonstrably now on people and their perceptions and the way that they are, and here we go again back to the same thing, if we talk for long enough, all the dots connect in any conversation. The ability to see and expand the sense of the possible comes out of an expansion of awareness because as you expand awareness, you are accessing more and more of this quantum computer universe field, and as you go and expand more and more, you go beyond this universal field into much, much more expanded levels of awareness. And as you do so, of course your sense of the possible expands with you accessing more and more of the possible, and all the time your connection to the virus is disconnecting and disconnecting (AM: Right.) and disconnecting. This is why, you know, it’s so plain to see that the whole conspiracy is based on the reverse of that. You know, when I had my awakening–

AM: Before you say anything, hold on, hold on, just regarding what you just said, is it possible for us to be 100% out of that perception deception in this reality?

DI: Yes, because everything’s possible.

AM: Okay.

DI: (49:41) Is it easy to do that? (David laughs). No, nothing like! But what we can do is go on this process of expansion of what people call awakening to the point where we disconnect from it as much as possible, and thus of its influence and its perceptions. And, of course, when we are awakening, the ‘-ing’ is so important because it’s an ongoing process. But go back to what I said earlier. When I talk about, you know, expansion of awareness, I used this analogy years ago…our natural state of awareness is expanded awareness. It is that 100%. The natural state of a ball on a tank of water is at the top, so to keep the ball in an unnatural position, an unnatural state, you have to put your hand on it and you have to push it down to the bottom of the tank, but you can’t let go, you have to hold it there.

AM: Good analogy!

DI: ‘Cause the moment you let go, zoom! Natural state! So this is why society has been structured in this 24/7, 3 score years and 10 totality of constantly suppressing people mentally, emotionally and perceptionally. This system is the hand on the ball.

AM: Yeah, I love that!

DI: And if we start to disconnect from the system by realizing what it is, seeing its methods of suppression, all explained in Phantom Self, and the understanding of who we are compared with who thought we were, then basically we don’t even have to go around the hand, in frequency terms we go through the hand ’cause it’s on a different frequency to us now, and we’re back into our natural state. Because that humanity has to be blind so the one-eyed man can stay in control. Once this becomes the two-eyed, three-eyed, third-eyed human, then the one-eyed man loses control, and this is something that is so important: We do not have to find enlightenment. We have to remove the layers of programming and perception programming that keep us from that enlightenment, ’cause that programming is the hand on the ball.

AM: So talk a little bit about how do you perceive technology as a program.

DI: Well, this is a vast area. There is a chapter in Phantom Self that I call Transphantomism, and of course that relates to transhumanism, but the reason I say transphantomism is because transhumanism is the program beyond the phantom. Up to this point, we have been held in five-sense perception by programming the, if you like, incarnate awareness into a myopic state of reality or sense of reality. So people, who are you? Okay, I’m my name, I’m my sex, I’m my race, I’m my religion, I’m my color, I am my job, I am my income bracket. No, no, they’re your experiences. But that’s phantom self, and phantom self goes myopic. Transhumanism, i.e., transphantomism, is to put technology in the body, not this nanotechnology, that takes that disconnection between incarnate awareness and infinite awareness to a whole new level, and when you’re coming from this direction of transhumanism, then the statements of the transhumanist evangelists like Ray Kurzweil at Google, etc., make perfect sense. I’ve been writing in the books for years about what I call the agenda for the technological subreality. Kurzweil calls that the cloud, and he’s now openly saying that by 2030 humans will be thinking from the cloud because their minds, brains, will be technologically connected to the cloud, i.e., the global Internet, if you like, the global technological reality.

AM: Sounds like a hive mind.

DI: (55:07) The hive mind, exactly, exactly that, and I talked earlier about assimilation. Well, this is the next stage of the assimilation, and I talk about this in Phantom Self because you know we hear all the time now that everything is going to be controlled by artificial intelligence, that cities, smart cities, anything with ‘smart’ in front of it, is part of this program. And if you look at the definition of smart technology, one of the official definitions is technology that can talk to other smart technology. All this smart technology is actually building a smart grid.

AM: Exactly.

DI: And that’s another major part of what Kurzweil and others call the cloud. And so the idea is that the human mind, incarnate human mind if you like, will be connected to the cloud and the cloud will do its thinking, and it will all be controlled by artificial intelligence. What I’ve rarely heard is the question, and it’s the key question: What IS this artificial intelligence? My answer to that is it’s this virus. What we’re seeing is the technological vehicle being created all around us in a sequence I can explain very quickly in a moment, as a vehicle for this virus to control everything. If you look at some scientists now, they’re asking the question, could the Internet become conscious? I think it’s been conscious for a while already, and so if you look at the Johnny Depp film Transcendencefor people who haven’t seen it, he played a scientist who was trying to build a quantum computer and what have you and had a quantum computer, and he had a wife who was a scientist. And then he found he was dying, and so what they did was downloaded his consciousness, if you like, his mind, onto the Internet and the Internet became self-aware. And of course it was all symbolic, just in a story to create a self-aware Internet. Now people may have heard about this concept which CIA directors are openly talking about and other, you know, technological giants, called the ‘Internet of things’ in which everything is connected to the Internet. Your frig is connected to the Internet through smart meters and smart this and smart that, and the idea in Transcendence was that this was the state of the world then. Everything was connected to the Internet, including humans who were connected to the Internet by sending out on the wind, I would say they’re doing it through chemtrails, nanotechnology which breathed in and they connected then to the Internet. So this Johnny Depp now self-aware Internet was now dictating everything, dictating to all the technology that was connected to it, and now it was dictating to the behavior and perceptions of humans that were connected to it. And this is the process of assimilation. (AM: Mm-hm.). And so what’s happened, and it’s this process I call the totalitarian tiptoe, first get people addicted to technology. Tick, achieved! largely for vast numbers of people.

AM: Which has already happened.

DI: Get them addicted to technology they hold in their hand, right? Can’t take their faces off it, can’t take their eyes off it.

AM: Oh, I know, they’re always looking down, they’re not looking up, you know.

DI: And then you go to the next stage in the tiptoe and you go to what they call wearables. You go to smart watches, you go to Google Glass, you go to putting things on your ear.

AM: That Cicret bracelet?

DI: Yeah, exactly, all that stuff, yeah! And then the next stage is to go to what they call implantables. I mean you know my books 20, 25 odd years ago were talking about the microchip population coming and now they’re talking openly about implantables. And I read an article in Forbes magazine a few months ago, last year some time, that was predicting that within 3 or 4 years implantables would be as normal as wearables. And this is where it’s going, and once the implantables are there, beyond even the nanotechnology, then you’re starting this process of connecting to the cloud, as Kurzweil calls it, the technological subreality, and he’s saying that eventually the process will start and then less and less of the human will be in the thought process until humans are thinking completely from the cloud. And, of course, what they’re selling this as is you’ll be superhuman. “Oh, yeah, I want to be super…” No, no, the idea is not to make you superhuman, it’s to make you subhuman, that’s the whole point. So now, what this transhumanism is about, five-sense self, phantom self disconnected from infinite self is replaced by incarnate self, technological connection cloud disconnecting you from infinite self more powerfully than ever before.

And yeah, but, so what we’re looking at, and I was gonna go on to say this earlier, the reason synchronistically that I’m going on this open-ended world speaking tour this year, next year and for as long as people want to hear me, is because I said years ago 2016, 2017, 2018 are gonna be absolutely crucial years in this to decide which way this goes, and here we have this extraordinarily profound moment that we’re now living through where on one side we have this truth vibration expansion of awareness and people starting to question things they never questioned before. (AM: Exactly.) On the other side, you’ve got this mad rush to try to lock that down and stop that happening by attaching people technologically to a, instead of infinite awareness, a technological artificial intelligence that will be dictating every thought and every emotion.

AM: (1:02:13) And it anchors them, it anchors them in this dimension and this reality and this lower vibration, because…I was gonna ask you, I mean don’t you think sometimes, I think the 64 million dollar questions is does artificial intelligence then ultimately take on it’s own consciousness, and can it not grow in a higher state of consciousness?

DI: Well, for me, everything is the same infinite awareness–

AM: Okay.

DI: –but not everything is infinitely aware. George W. Bush, I rest my case. (Alexandra laughs). So whether you’re George W. Bush or this inverted virus as I would call it, you are still infinite awareness having an experience (AM: Mm-hm.), and so everything can return to a state of balance from even extreme levels of imbalance.

AM: Thank you.

DI: So, and the more you see that we awaken ourselves and the closer that we as a collective humanity get to the infinite awareness that we are, the more we will be impacting upon the virus in the same way that it’s been impacting on us while keeping us in a state of ignorance. And the more that we expand our awareness, then we move beyond the frequencies where even nanotechnology can impact upon us, as it’s all about frequency. All of it. And, you know, the virus in all its forms and expressions wants to suppress our frequency, so we stay in its frequency of fear and all that goes with it, and prevent us from entering the realms beyond its ability to impact upon us that is the true self. And this is why we have this suppression quite blatantly in the schools, in the media, everywhere, of any real discussion about the nature of reality itself and the nature of life itself. You see, when I started my awakening 26 years ago and I started to realize there were other explanations for everything, my first thought was, “Why isn’t this taught in the schools? Why don’t I see this in the papers?” And, of course, when you ask that question, the answer is because it’s suppressed, and then you start moving and asking questions, “Well, why is it suppressed?”, and the whole panorama of the global conspiracy opens up to you. This is not suppressed for a bit of a laugh, it’s fundamental to keeping us in a state of blindness so the one-eyed man is king. (AM: Exactly.) We have to believe only in five-sense reality, we have to believe that what we see is only what we get and what we are for this whole conspiracy to prosper and be effective, and so they’re terrified of this information. You know, they’re more terrified of what we’re talking about here in terms of reality and the nature of the true self than ever they are with who really was behind 911, and who engineered this war or that war. I’m not knocking that information. I’ve covered all that myself and continue to do so. It’s important to know, but comparatively this information about the nature of reality and the true nature of self, this is the information they’re really terrified about, far more than the other.

AM: Well, they’re terrified of the human angelic spirit taking back their mastery, period. I mean once we all wake up to the fact of who we really are. One last question for you, ’cause I know you are on a time crunch here. How would you respond to a lot of the head leaders, a lot of you know, like Obama, Putin, Netanyahu. What would you say to the comment that many of them are double agents, meaning they’re playing both sides of the fence. Obama has not done certain things that Bush would have done which appears to the community of the Light to be something that is positive, that has actually assisted the movement of the Light and progress forward. I’m just wondering what you think about that.

DI: (1:07:05) Well if we start with Netanyahu, I think people like Netanyahu are overwhelmed and almost completely infested by this virus because their whole demeanor, their whole lack of empathy is based on psychopathic characteristics, and this is why you find that world leaders are invariably at some level of psychopathic behavior.

I think that Obama is a massive fraud. I wrote an article just before he was elected for the first time and it was called, “Barak Obama: The Naked Emperor,” pointing out that all that he was saying was not going to be what he would do and it would be virtually business as usual. I remember saying this just before he was elected when I was speaking in L.A. and the audience went very quiet at the time. And I met a talk show host afterwards who said, “I’ll bet you what you like that Obama what will be what he says he will be.” And I remember saying to him, “I don’t want to take your money (Alexandra laughs), ’cause is he President?” “Yeah.” “Well, then he’s acceptable to the Cabal because the Cabal control the presidency.” I mean they’re looking now to try and get Hillary Clinton in, but I mean any of those running will be to some level acceptable. And you know, when I look at Obama, there’s so much that he could have done, there’s so much that he could have said. Has he been the same as Bush in every last detail? No. Has the outcome been the same, however? Pretty much. And you know he could have got together and started to speak publicly and then there was no need to be what has happened in Syria.

The agitation in Syria was initially orchestrated by the ambassador to Syria, the American ambassador to Syria, a guy called Ford, who has a notorious record for doing that in other places, creating apparent people’s revolutions that were really agitation to start an external-led regime change, and he argued for the bombing of Libya and what it’s become now. I think, however, that of course people do in detail do different things and you can say well, at least he did that, but if you look at overall theme, the theme has been the same.

In terms of Putin, he’s a classic of what I’ve just been talking about because obviously you look at his history, you know he has quite a dark background and you know even on that level, because of the way the system works, you know you have to have certain psychopathic, no-empathy characteristics to get to the top of the greasy pole in politics in almost any country, ’cause that’s the way the system works. Who’s willing to trample over others and lie more than others to get to the top of the greasy pole. However, what Putin has been doing, you know not I would suggest for working for the Light in conscious terms, but because of seeing the lie of the land and where it’s leading, I think that he has realized, and it doesn’t take a genius to see it really, that Russia is the big, big target, and they want to pull China into that target as well. I’ve been saying for years that the idea is, the agenda is, whether they pull it off is something else, the agenda is a third world war with the West against Russia and China, and it’s just extraordinary that the CIA should announce just a few weeks ago their list of the biggest threats to the world. At the top was Russia and second was China. (AM: I saw that.) I mean, hello. So what Putin has done, because I think what Putin has above Obama and above, oh my goodness me, above David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain and Hollande in France (Alexandra laughs), is that he in terms of intelligence, he plays ’em like a violin, you know, I mean he is far more intelligent on a human level than ever they are, and thus he’s been moving the pieces around and having ’em in checkmate all over the place. He’s obviously realized that all this thing in Ukraine and this fake coup where a man called Poroshenko, after this people’s revolution that was all manipulated became the president, and Wikileaks documents have since revealed that Poroshenko was a United States asset, agent, or one of them in Ukraine before any of this happened and he turns up as president, I mean hello (AM: Yes.). He realized that all that, Putin, that all that Ukraine stuff is to target Russia. And then he had a situation in Syria where Assad who was supported by Russia was being allowed to be removed by the most horrific people who are beheading people. I mean they’ve beheaded so many people, they ought to join the royal family of Saudi Arabia, which we continue to arm, of course. And the idea was that ISIS would not be challenged, they would drop bombs, they’d make sure that they weren’t effective on the claim that they were fighting them, and ISIS was expanding, and at that point not that long ago, Assad and the Syrian Army were not far from being overrun.

AM: Yes.

DI: So Putin could see this on a human level and in he went. I mean that was the big movement on the board, that was, and of course what Putin has done, and this comes back to Obama in many ways, he set out genuinely to push this ISIS mob back, and he’s done so in a very, very short time compared with how long the Western countries led by the United States have been claiming that they were fighting ISIS in the Middle East. (AM: Yeah.) You know, it was like you’ve not been trying, have ya? No, they haven’t been trying!

AM: He blew that right out the door, plus he did have exquisite timing.

DI: It was prudent, yes.

AM: Strategically, he was exquisite in the way he handled it.

DI: (1:14:20) It was rather excruciating just a day or so ago to see the State Department spokesman being asked by the White House press corps or the State Department press corps, for a comment on ISIS being driven out of this ancient city of Palmyra by Russian air power and the Syrian government army, and he was dancing all over the place trying not to say he welcomed it, because they don’t welcome it. They wanted ISIS and those connected to ISIS called moderate rebels to overwhelm and to regime change on their behalf. Putting has thrown a massive spanner in that works and therefore he has affected, at least for now, a chain of events that was supposed to follow that, so in that way on the five-sense level alone, he has at the very least slowed down where this agenda was planning to go. If Clinton comes in, Hillary Clinton, then you’ll see it really start to kick off, because if ever there is a psychopath in a human body, and there are many examples–she’s far from alone–but certainly one of them is Hillary Clinton.

AM: So do you think that Putin has overcome the virus now?

DI: Well, no, because I mean he rules in Russia with a rod of iron (AM: Right.) and I mean you’ve got a man who was President and then ran out of presidential terms that you could have successively, and so someone came in and Putin became the Prime Minister and as Prime Minister he was actually the President, and then he was able to come back as President and have some more terms, and to be able to do that means you really are running the place as a fiefdom, and though he has a background which is very unpleasant. (AM: Yes.) But…but, the virus is not the virus or not the virus, it’s the scale that it affects you. And you know there is also a big human trait called self-preservation (Alexandra laughs) (AM: Yeah.), and when you were looking, if you were looking for Moscow for what was unfolding in Ukraine and what was unfolding in Syria–and they would well know that the idea was to pull them into a war–then self-preservation makes you act in ways that you wouldn’t normally, and on a human level, on a five-sense level, I’m glad that the Russians did act as they did because it slowed the whole thing down, particularly the Middle Eastern agenda.

AM: I totally agree with that. So, before we let you go, please describe to everyone what is the really unique part of this tour that you’re gonna be taking across the world as far what do you feel they’re gonna walk away with that they’ve never done before?

DI: Well, I talk from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night, not all the time, there are some breaks–

AM: (Alexandra laughs) I hope so for your case!

DI: –and there are something like 2000 illustrations.

AM: Woww!

DI: The reason it’s so long is because I connect dots across a vast spectrum of subjects that appear on the surface to be unconnected, but by the end of the talk, people will see that they’re completely connected. The first section talks about the program and why people think as they do and why people have the perceptions that they do. How it’s done. It’s very simple to explain, and when you bring in people’s everyday experience and you see that actually it’s a programit’s a program, you see it’s that, it’s a program. And then I go through the five-sense level of the conspiracy, what world events really mean and what they’re designed to bring about and the techniques that manipulate perception on the basis of one world event so the people will agree to change in society that they wouldn’t have agreed to without the manufactured events, what I call problem-reaction-solution, you mentioned it earlier. And then the second section is all about the nature of reality on all levels, finishing off that section with how this reality is actually a quantum computer equivalent of a quantum computer computer game. And then after all that’s gone, section 3 is how this computer game is controlled to create the world that we see and the world that this virus wants us to go on into, the nature of the virus, the background, the historical mentions in various names of what I call the virus, and then pulling in human behavior and world events from the point of view of the virus and…whoa! suddenly the world looks very different (AM: I’ll say.) and things appear to be happening because of that, people can now see that happening because of this.

And then I move on into, I mention, you know, the connection to pedophilia. Why is there so many pedophiles in the so-called upper echelons of society? There’s a reason for that and it’s to do with the virus. What is Satanism? What’s its connection to religion? What’s religion’s connection to the virus? And then I go into this whole transphantomism, transhumanist area to explain what it’s all about and this creating of a technological global vehicle for this virus to control everything. It’s, I mean you know, you think of the Matrix movies and Machine City. Well, Machine City, what were the machines in The Matrix controlled by? Artificial intelligence through technological means. It’s just putting it in your face, really.

And then in section 4, that’s about what we can do about it. And it’s not stockpiling weapons, it’s not hating the enemy, it’s doing what is necessary to remove the influence of the virus over human society so human society transforms as a result–the ball smacks back to the top of the tank–and how we break out of the influence of the virus ourselves so that we interact with the world from the perspective of expanded awareness and not from the perspective of the virus, which is limitation, limited possibility, everything’s apart from everything else, I have to fight ’cause for me to win someone’s got to lose…all these concepts are all from the virus.

I find it interesting that the Native Americans have this concept of the two wolves and the two wolves are inside everybody. The concept that one wolf is about hatred, fear, depression and power over, all these things, and the other wolf is about love, empathy, compassion, and all these things. And the Native American story asks the question, which wolf wins? (AM: Hm.) And for me, what we’re looking at there are character trait expressions of awareness in its true state of balance, and there we’re looking at expressions of the virus, which is a distortion of balance. And, you know, I would say this, I say this in Phantom Self, I think there’s a very good chance that if you peel back the symbolism and the way the story has been distorted through the ages, that this whole concept of Original Sin, being born with original sin, is actually being born with this virus, which gets passed on through the generations genetically. Thus for me, running through the information programs of the body is this virus, which is impacting upon us emotionally and mentally. But even though that’s happening, we don’t have to be impacted and influenced by it if we withdraw from the frequency and therefore it’s impact upon us. So, therefore, there might be this Original Sin as it’s called in Christianity, this inheritance of the virus, that that may be so, but there are people in the world–and there are endless examples of them–who show no traits of the virus whatsoever even though they might be running through the programs of the body. So consciousness in its true sense is all powerful and the one-eyed man knows that and that’s why it works so hard to keep us blind.

AM: (1:24:06) Absolutely. And, you know, we’re truly talking about which one are you going to give your power over to, the reptilian mind or the human spirit, and recognize that we are all in this together and that it is time to take action now, and I know you’ve been talking about that a great deal, that between now and 2018, I think is what…why 2018?

DI: 2018, you know, you could knock it on 2019, 2020 (Alexandra laughs). I’m just picking those three years where I think a lot will be decided, because what we’re having, you see, is this awakening, yes, but we’re also having this mad scramble to bring in transhumanism as fast as possible. This is why they’re talking in really small time scales in terms of, you know, being connected to the cloud by 2030 and all that. Interestingly though, you mentioned the reptilian thing, and many people, many people comparatively, have said, “Oh, you know, okay, the reptilian race exists, but their not all like trying to harm humanity.” My feeling is that this assimilation of the virus is not just being attempted on humans, I think, and indeed that are cultures that talk about this in their own way, that there are other races that aren’t human, other realities that have been assimilated by this virus (AM: Absolutely.). I think that the reason you see this reptilian thing come in and why it’s so connected to the virus and it’s so connected to what’s happening is because that part of the reptilian expression of All That Is, that is part of this manipulation, has been assimilated by this virus and it’s extraordinary, and the so-called Grays are part of it as well, that assimilation. And it’s amazing when you look at the character traits of these reptilian entities and Gray entities that so many people say they’ve interacted with and have been abducted by, and you look at what the ancient cultures’ descriptions of their behavior have been, and it’s absolutely the virus in form. Psychopathic behavior. No empathy. No sense of compassion, none of it. ‘Cause it’s an expression of the virus. And when you have, therefore, reptilian-human genetic interaction and, you know, what’s become known as, you know, interbreeding with the gods, therefore anything that interbreeds with something infected by the virus is infected by the virus. And you look at the story of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve, which is told in a different way and various ways around the world, not just in the Bible, and at the center of this whole thing, this whole scene and the Fall of Man, as it was called, was the serpent, and you know for me, the fall of man, fall of humanity was the virus causing humanity to fall down the frequencies into ignorance, and we now have the opportunity to climb back up the frequencies into enlightenment and remember who we are. Because as you fall down into ignorance and you fall down the frequencies, you can lose the memories held in higher frequencies–

AM: (1:28:13) That’s very true.

DI: –so when you start to climb the frequencies, of course you’re letting the programs go, suddenly you remember who you really are because you’re accessing that level that holds that information and leaving that level, that true frequency of suppression has forgotten what it really is and who we really are, and that’s what the conspiracy is all about, making us asleep.

AM: That’s such an important–

DI: It’s amazing, isn’t it? We use these words all the time, humanity’s asleep, humanity must awaken. It’s exactly, exactly in frequency terms what has happened and what needs to happen.

AM: There is actually a gentleman that I met that really believes that the reptilians are a…they’re kind of like an offshoot of the original dragons and that they became so enraged because way back their DNA was ripped off, and they vowed that they would attack those that stole their DNA ’cause it was like a horrible thing to do, and now we’re contending with something potentially like that where they’ve become so enraged with hate that they’re engulfed with the virus in the way in which they have no empathy in their hearts. So, it’s just another idea. I thought it was very interesting.

DI: Yeah, well, I mean you know anything is possible, but I mean you know when you…when you become consumed by this virus, you become inverted in your perceptions, and if you come from a state of life, and state of love, state of balance, then the inversion of that is gonna be the opposite of that, and therefore you’re gonna manifest those traits, and that’s why we have the world that we do, because the world is run by those traits. That’s why you have people hungry in a world of plenty. That’s why you have people homeless with endless empty homes. That’s why you have now very close to 1% of the population owning half the wealth of the world. This is the virus assimilating everything, and it’s biggest gift in doing that is human ignorance that that’s what it’s doing, or even end its own existence. And that’s why it’s been important for people who have come across this information to put it out there so people can make of it what they will, knowing that they’re going to go through ridicule and dismissal and all the rest of it, but going through those things is far preferable to the information not circulating at all. We know…I get great encouragement now from the fact that I see people able to encompass the kind of, from the five-sense reality, far-out things that we’re talking about here now. They’re starting to be able to encompass them into their sense of the possible and that shows that we are making progress. And, you know, they don’t suppress information, like I said earlier, for fun. They do it because it’s essential.

We must, those who have access to other explanations of the world…it’s a duty. To have access to that information is a gift (AM: Yes.), it’s a privilege, and thus there are responsibilities that come with the gift and the privilege, and that is we don’t sit on it because, you know, there’s this line that I hear often, “Knowledge is power.” No, it’s not, it’s not. Use of knowledge is power. (AM: Hmmm.) Knowledge that is unused might as well be no knowledge at all (AM: Exactly.) because it’s a cul-de-sac. It goes no further. Knowledge not used does not impact upon your life unless you use that knowledge to change your life and what you do. Knowledge is not power unless you share it with other people so they can have the power of knowledge to use. So, you know, people who go on the Internet in chat rooms and social media and just chat among themselves, “Oh, I know better than you, and I know better than this and…”, they are not using the information. They’re, you know, I mean…social media can be used to circulate the information, but, you know, so much of the alternative media and those that follow the alternative media, they do tend to look in on themselves so that alternative media becomes it’s own version of a soap opera. Everyone’s looking in and arguing with each other and stuff, and we need to turn and look out. That’s what we’re here to do, to share information with people that don’t have it, not to argue and kick and cuss with each other (AM: Right!) over the fine detail of things that in the end don’t really matter.

AM: I say all the time we are the trailblazers here. The fact that we are enlightened and that we are aware, there is a responsibility because we’re a very small portion of this population, and it is up to us to lead the trail, to open some doors and pathways for the rest so that they can get where we’ve gotten, which took us, some of us, decades to get here, you know. I mean this is not all about just sitting in your room meditating. We are really truly at a crossroads where we all need to take action in whatever we’re feeling, you know, passionate to bring a level of awareness to this planet. Because that brings a level of increased vibration and that increases our connectivity within our consciousness.

DI: Absolutely! And we’re being supported now in that by this–

AM: Very much so.

DI: –vibration, energetic change that’s going on. In fact, it’s impacting on more and more people.

The thing that I hear too from people within what might be called the New Age arena, or it used to be called that, is that this information is negative, exposing what’s happening in the world is negative. And what I would say to those people is two things, ’cause what they say is, “Oh, you know, it frightens people.” Well, two things. One, ignorance is negative. Information is never negative, it’s just information, it’s just that you know more now than you did 30 seconds ago or whenever the information came into you. (AM: Right.) It’s ignorance that’s negative, so why should the exposure of what’s really going on in the world be negative? And the other side of it is that the very people that are saying, “You must let go of fear, you must let go of fear,” or are saying, “You’re frightening people with this information,” what they mean is you’re frightening them. (AM: Yeah, I have it both ways.) Well, what happened to letting go of fear? (AM: Right.) The fear is the virus. If we don’t march through fear, then we’re gonna go absolutely nowhere, and it’s important for people to realize that part of the process–it’s easier now, my goodness me, never been more–but part of the process of communicating information to people that are still in the five-sense reality mode is that you’re gonna get attacked and you’re gonna get ridiculed and you’re gonna get dismissed. Well, no one said it was gonna be easy. And what I find with a lot of people in New Age mode, if you like, who are saying, “Oh, it’s negative and you mustn’t do this,” is actually what’s happening is spirituality, as it’s called, is being used not as a means of expressing that spirituality, but a means of escape from the world they don’t want to face, and true spirituality is to walk where you don’t want to walk, but because you know it needs to be done for the greater good. It’s not to run around trying to find excuses not to walk there, to persuade yourself that not walking there is fine, even though deep down you know that’s where you should go.

AM: (1:37:21) You know what, David?

DI: It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

AM: No, and the thing is is that we all strive to become truly enlightened, which really gets down to how neutral can we be, how much from a state of observation can we come from in order to see the entire spectrum of the amazing emotional body that the human spirit has and be able to look at all of the different emotions without getting triggered from within. And be able to observe and be able to see it from a perspective where, I mean if you get really way too happy, it is already quantum physics proven you’re gonna swing all the way to the other side. It’s just the way it happens, that’s the way it happens. It’s like a pendulum that finally it finds its central point, and it’s our responsibility if we see things that are infringing on people’s freedom, if it’s infringing on the health, wealth and happiness of not only the people but every living being, then we know we need to take action and stay in that point of neutrality where we want to remain integrous, and that means integrous to our own individuality, integrous to the fact that hey, I see what David is saying is truth and it might feel a little scary to me. Hey, maybe I need to go within and say, “Am I trying to avoid this?” It’s not a matter of how much focus you’re gonna put on something, it’s just acknowledging it, and saying hey, that does exist, now what do I do with that? Because we can’t continue to ignore it.

DI: Yeah, I mean I think we’ve reached the point where there’s a lot of people on the other side of the street now who are pointing across the road at what’s going on and they’re at the point where, “See? See? I told you they’d do that next, didn’t I? Didn’t I tell ya?” They’re onlookers. They’re onlookers, and they can see it on that level. What we need to do is cross the street and start getting involved in what’s necessary to change the picture, not just observe it and to…it’s almost like a hobby rather than a passion and a mission to do what you can to change it.

AM: Well, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying just to observe from that point–

DI: No, no…no, no…no…I was actually just going there.

AM: Okay, good! (Alexandra laughs)

DI: I was gonna say, “Yes.” But in the use of the word that you’re using and the terms that you’re using the word ‘observation’, that’s a key point because…you know, I’ve spent 25, 26 years looking at some really appalling information and talking to people who’ve had the most extraordinarily horrific experiences and while you can feel empathy for that and empathy for them, if you get pulled into the emotion of it, then you’re less effective in doing something about it because you’re getting pulled into low vibrational emotion again of hatred, of fury against the beast. What I do is I do observe what’s going on, not a cold neutral, but I try to hold an emotional neutral so that I’m clear thinking enough to think, “Well, what can I, what’s the most effective way of me dealing with this?” (AM: Exactly.) And I can honestly say that when I look at the people who are behind this, I look at the awareness or lack of it that’s behind this, I look at some of the characters like Henry Kissinger, and I look at Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Father Bush and all these people, Cheney, and Blair in this country, all these people, and, you know, people even like Erdogan in Turkey, this tyrant of a man called a democratic leader, I see what they do but I feel no hatred for them and, funny enough, I feel no animosity toward them, I just want to do everything I can to change it so that their impact, their control and their influence is no more. Because if I start getting pulled into hating these people and into levels of fury and antagonism towards them from an emotional level, what am I doing? I’m feeding the virus, I’m attaching myself to the virus and, you know, this line in one of my books years ago, “What you fight you become.”

AM: Yes!

DI: There’s so much evidence that that’s the case, what you fight you become. It’s why so many of the so-called revolutions end up the same as before except with different people in charge. So your point about observing it and staying in neutral as best you can is very, very important because otherwise you’re gonna get pulled in to what you’re challenging again, and it’s about turning what we would call anger into effective action (AM: Yes!) rather than staying with the anger and just constantly throwing out the anger and fury at your target. That may make you feel better in the moment, but it ain’t gonna change much. In fact, you’re adding to that you want to change. It’s very important we do that, stay neutral and don’t get pulled in to… not anger, you feel anger when you see it, I feel anger when I see what’s done to people in Gaza, but you then channel that into, “Okay, calmly, how can I best make a difference and make a contribution to changing this?” That’s the way we’ll get out of this.

AM: I agree.

DI: You know, red mist doesn’t usually make good decisions.

AM: Yeah, and the anger too, I think, is feeling stifled, having that feeling which, and probably a belief system, that you can’t do anything about it. You know we’ve been conditioned to believe that we can’t do anything about it, that what we do isn’t gonna matter. I mean that’s like a subversive program running all the time, and we’re here to change that, you know.

DI: I think it’s interesting, you know, if you look at anger, anger and frustration are almost different expressions of the same state of being. (AM: Yes.) You get angry, you get frustrated ’cause you can’t do anything or you fear you can’t do anything about what you’re angry about, and that makes you more angry and you get more frustrated. It’s almost like a, you know, pendulum going, anger, frustration, anger, frustration, one feeding off the other, and to break that cycle we just need to calmly say, “Well, okay, how can I most effectively contribute to this and do it calmly?” and then you break that cycle. You not only become less angry and more focused on, “Okay, how do I make a difference?” because you’ve let the anger become something else, your frustration goes, your frustration goes. And I’m not sitting here cross-legged on a mountain–you probably noticed (Alexandra laughs)–cross-legged on a mountain, you know like the Buddha. I’ve been through these decades. I’ve been angry at what I’ve seen. I’ve been deeply, deeply frustrated at not being able to make more of a difference in that time and in that moment, and I’ve been through all these emotions and gradually you start to realize through experience and learning from experience that there’s a better way of doing it, and it’s better for you, it’s better for your equilibrium, it’s better for your health, and it’s certainly more effective in terms of what you do. So I’ve reached a point now where I’ve never been more passionate about what I do, I’ve never been more determined to do everything I can to make a difference, but at the same time, I’ve never been more laid back and chilled about what I do. (AM: That’s great.) Because, you know, years ago I would have said all the first bit, but behind it I would have had this fury, this anger, this frustration at what was happening in the world and why things weren’t changing quicker. And, you know, I’ve reached a space now where I’m doing things more effectively, but they’re having a much less impact on my emotions and dragging me into these states of anger and frustration. So I’m not saying, you know, I’m cross-legged on a mountain, I’m saying from my experience this is the most effective way to interact with what we’re trying to do.

AM: (1:47:07) Yeah. And, definitely, for all of the people listening…I have such an awesome audience and they’re extremely enlightened people. I receive emails from all over the world and the one thing that we all really get is that we are an example, we are totally on the hot seat right now to exemplify that which we want to bring to this planet. We cannot expect anyone to do it for us. We do have assistance. We have a massive amount of assistance now, but we ourselves are really being called to be the leaders, to take action, to show our passion and to do whatever we can to raise awareness wherever we go. Every time I go to a store, David, I’ll drop a bomb. Every single time…and I’ll do it in a very nice and loving way. Like, “Oh, did you see the chemtrail in the sky?” “Oh, do you eat organics?” You know, just anything that gets them to go, “Well, why do you ask me that?” Just to get their mind out of the program. You know (DI: Yeah), it’s something that simple that’s actually assisting.

DI: You see, I mentioned earlier about people looking for excuses to persuade themselves they don’t have to go where they don’t want to go, and one of the great lines you hear–you will have heard it all the time over the years–is, “Yeah, but what can I do? What can I do?” And that is a question in theory, but actually it’s a statement saying, “If I can convince myself there’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I have to do.” Of course, there are phone-in programs, I say this to people, there’s phone-in programs going on 24/7 all over the world. Get on one of them for a start. The DJ guy just might, you know, “Oh, shut up, get off!” People have heard it. You can’t un-hear something, so it’s not there’s nothing that we can do. The question is, “Do you want to make a difference enough to do it?” That’s the question–

AM: Ah, that’s a good point.

DI: –and that’s the question we need to answer with an almighty profound “yes” if we are going to make a difference, because we’re back to knowledge is not power, the use of knowledge is power. And people just start to get used to the fact that, you know, when you speak the words of sanity in a world that’s insane and systematically so, don’t expect that’s what’s gonna come back is agreement with you and pats on the back (Alexandra laughs) and a Christmas card, or whatever. That’s not gonna happen. (AM: No.) But, you know, what I would say is people stop me in the street now, they write to me, they communicate with me in various ways, who tend even 5, certainly 20 years ago, would have and were laughing at me and ridiculing me. In Britain, I was the national nutter, I was the national crazy man, and now, a few weeks ago, 2 or 3 weeks ago, we had the Prime Minister of Britain feeling it necessary to say that the European Union was not a great giant David Icke-style conspiracy.

AM: I just can’t get over that. That’s awesome!

DI: (David laughs) I know, and so the thing is, when I met those psychics, especially the first one, Betty Shine, in 1990 and she gave me a series of messages over 2 visits, and one of them summed it up. It said, “The spiritual road is tough” or “The spiritual way is tough and no one makes it easy.” And then you say, “Well, why should it be?” Why? Because you are saying things and doing things that are at odds with everything that’s going on around you.

AM: Yes.

DI: If we were in a world in which what people call spirituality was the norm, it would be easy.

AM: Yeah! I tell people all the time we’re walking in an enemy camp.

DI: Because we are in the world that we are (AM: Yeah.), when you speak the truth to lies, when you speak the truth to deceit, when you speak the truth to that which has bought the mendacity, then it’s going to react against ya, but truth is a frequency, and it’s more powerful than lies, which are what? An inversion of truth. What do politicians who are of the virus do? They lie constantly (Alexandra laughs) because they are an inversion of truth, because they are an expression of the inversion that is the virus. It all comes together in the end and makes sense of the world. So I can tell ya a quarter of a century on, and you can say the same, and so many others can, I’ve personally been through historic levels of ridicule, historic levels of dismissal, I still get it from the mainstream media, I get it from great chunks of the alternative media ’cause I go further than they do in terms of what’s going on, and I’m sittin’ here now, I’ve never been happier, I’ve never been more at peace, I’ve never been more determined to do what I’m doing, and so even though you are gonna get resistance, it’s almost a confirmation that you’re right!. When you live in a madhouse and you get resistance from a madhouse, you should take that as a compliment! (Alexandra laughs). If the madhouse says, “Yeah, you’re talking sense,” just reevaluate what you’ve just said. You know, I mean the idea…

AM: It’s completely the opposite, it’s completely the opposite of what we’ve been taught. Whatever you’re doing, you’re gonna get that backlash.

DI: Of course! The thing is, though, and this is what I’ve found in my own personal experience, the more you speak it, the more the resistance to it gets diluted, because it’s quite simple: If what you say has no validity, then you’re not gonna get anywhere with it. You will for a while, but it will be sussed in the end. (AM: Mm-hm.) If what you say has validity, you know (David chuckles), if what you say has no validity, you might get away with it in the short term because people will believe it because they just believe it because they haven’t checked it out. But then people check it out and suddenly they see it has no validity, and so you go nowhere with it. When what you say has validity, immediately it is usually dismissed and ridiculed and cast aside, but when it’s checked out, people see actually it does have validity. And one way that people are checking it out without actually doing anything is just observing world events in the light of what they’ve heard in terms of this information. And then suddenly people see it does have validity. And now people who were ridiculing you are saying, “Hey, where do I get a book? When are you speaking here?” And the thing is, so many people are coming to my work now because what was in previous books has turned out to be what happened in the world. I’m personally not happy with that. The idea of putting the information out was to stop the agenda becoming reality. But anyway, they’ve seen that what was in the books saying this is what the agenda is gonna be is what’s happening in the world. And now they’re coming and saying, “Well, hold on a minute, this is starting to make sense!” The only reason that they can say that now is because it was said years and years ago amid an absolute cacophony of ridicule, dismissal and laughing. (AM: Wow.)

(1:55:52) If that information had not been spoken then amid that, if it had not been written amid that, despite it, it wouldn’t be here now for people to say, “Well, hold on a minute, that bloke wrote this 10 years ago and it’s happening!” It would not have been there. And I could have written it today and they’d say, “Yeah, but you say you knew it was coming. Well, why didn’t you say so at the time?” “Oh, well I was frightened of what the reaction would be.” You see, this is where, you know, people need to speak their truth (AM: Yes, yes!), speak their truth. It’s their truth! It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, it matters whether you speak your truth or not, and not go through mental gymnastics of what do I say or what do I don’t say, what do I leave out because I’m thinking what will people think of me. If people cannot have the respect for you to respect your right to have your view, even though they might not agree with it, then what are you doing worrying about what they think? I don’t care if they’re your parents. I don’t care if they’re your mates. I don’t care if they’re the people at work. I don’t care if they’re your children. If they cannot respect your right to have your view, then what are you worried about what they think of you for? It’s what you think of you…(AM: Yeah.) And how many people don’t say things, don’t do things because they fear what other people will think of them, and then down the road, they have this negative thought about themselves (AM: Right.) because of “I wish I’d a done that when I coulda done it.” (AM: Yes.) The way not to have those moments is first of all, to respect your own right to your own truth and your own right to speak that truth. And if people keep doing that, then this process of “That’s a load of rubbish! That’s a load of rubbish! Mad, mad!” “Well, hold on a minute, hold on a minute, hold on a minute…you know that mad bloke, he said this was gonna happen and it’s happening! Well, what else does he say?” But it’s only possible if it’s said amid the ridicule, amid the resistance. It’s so important. We MUST speak our truth! That is the way this changes, because the suppression of that truth is how we got here.

AM: (1:58:18) And the fact that this is part of growing up! This is part of becoming masters, is taking back our own truth. I mean, if…for example, I mean if you’re going to say something, as long as you say it with conviction and with kindness, okay, and you speak your truth and you come to some sort of effect where I would like to be treated as someone else would want to, you know, treat me, okay. But that is something that’s really new in the business world, it’s something that, you know, we’re not really taught that. We’re taught to stuff, we’re taught to suppress, we’re taught to, “Oo, I better not say that because I might lose my job.” This is all part of the learning growth process, isn’t it David?

DI: See, this is (AM: No?), this is where the big fork in the road stands.

AM: Yeah, it is.

DI: Speak your truth, or don’t because you fear the consequences of speaking your truth. If you fear the consequences of speaking your truth to the point where you won’t speak it, then you are walking down the same road that you’ve been walking all your life, and this world collectively continues to walk down the road that we’ve been walking all our lives. The fork in the road says there is an alternative, and that’s to speak your truth, and to take the consequences of that. But you know, we talk about consequences…you know, I have this line I use in one or two of the books: “Life often gives you your greatest gifts brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare.”

AM: That’s so true.

DI: And because (AM: That’s so true.) if you want to change the way your life is, collectively you want to change the reality we’re living, then the key thing is change. If you want to change something, especially yourself, that means you do not stay the same. It is an obvious truism, but often forgotten. The process of transformation for me, the most important energy, the most important state of triggering that change is intent. What is my intent? My intent, if you say and mean it, it’s not just words, it’s here (points to heart), my intent is I want to become my true infinite, all-aware self. I want to use that expansion to contribute to the world becoming a nicer place to live, a more compassionate, a more loving, a more caring place to live. Okay, if that’s your intent and you put out that intent and mean it, then through a process that I call vibrational magnetism, that intent is gonna lock on to information fields within its frequency that we call people, places, ways of life, jobs, locations, experiences, and it’s going to bring them towards you. And what happens to a lot of people when this process starts is that they fall into fear because suddenly their life’s falling apart.

AM: Yes.

DI: (2:02:21) And you say to them, “Well, yeah, but that’s the life you wanted to fall apart, isn’t it?” Because you can’t change and things remain the same. It’s just not gonna happen. And the thing is, when things start to…say you speak your truth, ’cause part of my intent is I’m not going to be silent anymore, and you lose your job. Well that, in the first moment, is a negative thing because you fall into fear. How am I going to pay the bills? and all that stuff. But if you stick with it and stick with it, then the process of pulling things toward you because your syncing, your new intent is syncing with them and pulling them in, people, places, locations, jobs, you’re no longer syncing with the frequency field you were before, so people, the old life, starts to go away, and disperse and other things come in. And in that bit in between, there is this upheaval that can often happen as one is replacing the other, and just because speaking your truth means this happens, it doesn’t mean that that’s how it’s gonna be forever, because you’re now pulling something else in. And you know when it happened to me, I was a television presenter on the BBC. I was reading the news, I was reading the sport, I was doing outside broadcasts, and very shortly after I saw this psychic and was told out I was going to go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets, I got a letter from the BBC. They weren’t gonna renew me contract anymore. I was out of work. I had no money, I had no income, nothing. And I had no money coming in. And I was living off savings because there was no income. And I was offered another couple of jobs by other television stations, but something said, “No, no, no…I’m going with this.” And for many, many, many years, you know, very little money came in, but somehow enough came in to do what I wanted to do (AM: Yes.), enough came in to pay the bills, enough to keep me with a roof over my head and my family in food and stuff, and it initially you could panic over losing a job in television. “Oh, my God, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?” But if you stick with it, something else comes along, you know.

AM: It’s like a magical universe, and what I have found that’s helping me, when changes occur in my life that I didn’t expect or I didn’t necessarily think I wanted them at that time or that way or what have you, if I step back and I look at my entire being, which is what you’re talking about, when I look at my whole consciousness, my higher self, everything that’s involved, I ultimately always know that that change is gonna ultimately always be for my higher and best good. And if I get out of the way and I don’t have all this attachment to the change, then it’s pretty cool. All the other changes come in and support that change.

DI: (2:05:52) This time last year, after a quarter of a century of, you know, running myself into the ground physically trying to do as much as I could, my body gave out and I became very, very ill, and I had in mind to do this world tour that I’m just about to start, and as I was lying there just the other side of this wall, with no energy whatsoever and I’m still trying to function, somehow I managed but everything was an effort, I’m thinking well, at that time I’m just coming up to 63 at the time, I talk for 10 hours, I’m doing this world tour and I could hardly lift me head up, and this went on for weeks. I had what they call adrenal burnout.

AM: Oh, right, yeah, wow, right. That’s amazing.

DI: And I just looked at the experience in my life, and it did go on for months, I mean, you know, it was like from March last year to August I was pretty much in this state (AM: Wow.). I would go to London for a day and it would take me 2 or 3 days to recover, that’s how bad it was. But all through it, because of my experience of no matter how bad it gets, something always comes along, I knew it was gonna be, I was gonna be fine, and what I was experiencing was not fine, but I knew it was gonna be fine. And then from September last year, and through all this all the tour is being organized and I’m thinking, “Oh, dear!” On a human level, you think, “Am I going to be able to do this?” But I knew I would. And then from September my health just started to suddenly improve, I got very strong, I feel younger now than I’ve felt for a long time. I feel stronger, fitter, more energy than I’ve had for a long time, and I knew it was coming even though what I was experiencing was the absolute opposite. (AM: Yeah.) And this what happens. I mean people call it faith, but if you just know that it’s gonna work out, it’s gonna be fine and then you keep going and you keep going and you don’t give up, if you don’t have that knowing that it’s gonna work out, it’s leading somewhere, this is for a reason, then you give up, you walk away and you try to, you know, do something else. And when I look back now from where I am, having written Phantom Self in this period (AM: Interesting!), it seems pretty clear to me that what was happening at that time when I had no energy at all, virtually, was that the vehicle was being emptied of an old frequency that had run its course, and from September something different happened, something changed in me. And people are reading Phantom Self and they’re saying, “This book is so different to anything you’ve written before,” but I was so different when I was writing it, and I think this process of that illness, that no energy and then suddenly this energy, this strength, but different, was all part of a process and so in the experiencing of the illness, it was extremely negative, but it was necessary ’cause it was leading somewhere. And you see how this synchronicity happens.

AM: Yes.

DI: (2:09:45) My son suggested last year that we start the tour off in London at a place called the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (AM: Hm!) because in 1991 this May, 25 years ago, I appeared on a prime-time chat show on the BBC when I was in the middle of my initial awakening, I didn’t know my name, really (AM: Wow!), and I went on it, it was called The Wogan Show, and you can see it on the Internet, you can see it on YouTube, and I didn’t know where I was because I had been hit by such a mass of information and concepts, and I was just going through this incredible transformation, but I went on a prime-time chat show at the time and it was at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, and from that chat show onwards, I couldn’t walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. I couldn’t go in a bar, that was impossible, there was uproar. I was ridiculed mercilessly (AM: Ohhh.) and historically. Now, 25 years on, you go through this illness, you get this newfound strength, you’re coming round to a world tour, which I think, you know, getting this information out now is so important, and this is the start of a whole new cycle in my life. (AM: Yes!) And I’m starting off the tour where the previous cycle started, in effect, on that chat show when the mass ridicule began. So I’m starting this one on the same stage that that interview took place 25 years later when the audience won’t be laughing but will be listening.

AM: And far more, far more people coming to see you. In fact, I wanted to tell everybody I met David Icke, I think we both decided it was 1996, and there was maybe 250 people in the room, right? And I was told that we had to visit him offshore because his information was so controversial that they were trying to block him from doing books and tours and things like that within the United States–

DI: Yes, that was all made up by the organizers (David smiles).

AM: And that was 1996, and now you’ve got what, tens of thousands of people coming to see you and it’s all over the world.

DI: Yeah, I mean I’m going for the first time to Romania to Budapest. There’s gonna be 4000 people there, and I’ve never been in the country before. Because this awakening is global, it’s happening everywhere. I’ve called it the World Wide Wake Up because you begin to connect to what’s happening (AM: Yes.), and you know so often, you know, there is a path that’s mapped out. The question is, are we gonna go with what’s necessary to follow that path? And, you know, if I had not received that mass ridicule a quarter of a century ago and since, and run away and hid, then none of this would have unfolded and I wouldn’t be talking around the world. I don’t know what I’d be doing now, but no one will have heard of anything I’ve got to say, and I wouldn’t have gone on the journey to uncover what I’m gonna say anyway. It’s, you know, life is ever so simple. Choice, consequence, choice, consequence, choice, consequence, and you know, if we want the consequence of a different world, then we have to make the choice of acting in a different way, even if it means doing things we’d rather not do. But I’ll tell ya, I’ll tell ya this from experience as well, it’s a lot worse thinking about it than doing it (Alexandra laughs), it’s a lot worse! It’s true.

AM: (2:14:01) That’s so true! That is so true!

DI: You think, “Oh, yeah, but what will they do? What will they say?” When you do it, it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be, you know.

AM: No.

DI: I have to laugh when I think back. At the height of that ridicule, height of that ridicule in 1991, I decided that I was actually going to go on a speaking tour of British universities. I mean now that was pure madness on the face of it. (Alexandra laughs) So, I would go and speak at universities, the mad man, it was in the papers and all that stuff, and of course, big crowds then would come, not to listen but to mock (AM: Ohhh, woww.). And so I was speaking and I was being… I’ll tell you a quick story. At one of them (AM: Horrible!), it was a university in The Midlands, and this was at the height of the ridicule and I can’t go anywhere. And I walk out on the stage, and I talked in the evenings and I’d talk for about, you know, 3 or 4 hours or so, whatever…I walked out on the stage and the placed was packed out, not to listen, like I said, to ridicule, and couldn’t speak for about, I don’t know, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, because of the noise and the…well, it seemed like 10 or 15 minutes anyway, it was a long time, and plastic beer cups were thrown at the stage and stuff like that (AM: Oh, my god!), and I stood there, I just stood there looking at ’em, and eventually through, you know, it can’t go on forever, it died down, and I said to them, “You think I’m mad, don’t you? You think I’m mentally ill.” And you get the usual, “Yeah! Yeah, yeah!” They calmed down again, and I said, “So, what does that say about you? You actually paid to come here tonight (AM: …to listen to me) to mock and ridicule someone you think is mentally ill. What does that say about you?”

AM: Whoa…could you hear a pin drop after that?

DI: You could hear a pin drop, and almost the rest of the night was in silence rather than ridicule–

AM: Cool!

DI: –because there is this point that we forget, that whatever we do, whatever we say, is not a statement about the target of what we do or say, it is a statement about us, because what we say and how we act is a statement about us, not those we…it’s like these people on social media that go on and abuse people. They think they’re making a statement about those they abuse. They’re making a statement about themselves, a very unpleasant one, actually, every time they do it, and, but when you go through that, you go through that ridicule, one of two things happens. Either you run away to hide and never be seen again, or you break through the prison that most people live in, which is the fear of what other people think. That is the key, key prison of all prisons that keeps people in servitude to the beliefs of others. Because once you fall for fear of what other people think, you cease to live your life and you start to live the lives of people you think will find that life acceptable and the one you want to live unacceptable, thus you’re not living your life, you’re living theirs. And, therefore, you’re no longer you. You is gone.

AM: (2:18:05) And David, you really start getting to a place, ’cause I’m speaking from testimony here, you get to a place where you really, really walk with Spirit and you have complete faith that where you’re going is the right place to go.

DI: Yeah! And you also speak your truth without any concern with how people receive it, because if people want to disagree with you or whatever, that’s their right, you know this is what people don’t understand about freedom of speech, means of speech, it doesn’t mean freedom to say what you agree with. That’s not freedom of speech. Because once you have that…and one of the great freedoms is the freedom to be wrong, because if we do not have the freedom to be wrong, that means someone’s now gonna decide what’s right or wrong so that we can only say what they say is right and not what they say is wrong. Of course throughout history, it’s been shown that was right in the moment has been ludicrous by hindsight, and vice versa. So it’s a wonderful example, my experience with the ridicule, of life gives you your greatest gifts brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare, because that was a nightmare to experience, a nightmare for my kids. They were laughed at school and followed to school by the press and all that stuff, but…they’ve grown from that experience, and I let go of the fear of what other people think. And, you know, when I think about, if you like, my own journey, what needed to go more than anything else if I was going to be in any way effective in doing this, it was the fear of what other people think. How can you talk about reptilian shapeshifters (Alexandra laughs) in the public eye if you care about other people think? I mean, it’s impossible!.

AM: (2:20:13) I mean, David, (chidingly) it’s not like you picked the MOST difficult thing to break through in society by saying to them, “Oh, by the way, we’re run by a planet of reptilians.” I mean I’ll never forget that back in the ’90’s, you know.

DI: The physical reality is an illusion. I mean, you’re not gonna say these things if you fear what other people think, so that had to go. And I’m not, you know, going on about my own journey as if it’s kind of, you know, so special. I’m using is as an analogy for everybody’s journey, and I’ll say this too. One of the things about going through life is that if we judge every step, then we’re gonna make things harder for ourselves. We need to have the, if you like, faith, the knowing better, that the steps are leading somewhere (AM: Mm-hm.), and the thing is five-sense conscious mind is seeing each step. Expanded awareness beyond mind is seeing the journey, and therefore, what appears to the conscious mind to be a terrible thing, like all that ridicule, that level of us knows where it’s leading, and then you go further along the road and suddenly you say not only I see why I had to go through that, you say, “I’m so glad I went through that because of what it gave me.” And it’s like…I’ve used the analogy before, of someone in a canoe going down the river and something goes wrong, the canoe springs a leak or something, and the person in the canoe had this outcome, this desired outcome, wanting to get to a certain place down the river before nightfall, and now he’s sprung a leak and he’s gotta go to the side of the bank and he knows he’s not gonna get to where he wanted to get, his preconceived idea, his preconceived outcome, and he’s angry and he’s fed up and he’s sitting there thinking, “I’m so unlucky, things always go wrong for me. God, why does it have to happen now?” And then someone walks along the bank and says, “Hey, mate, you were bloody lucky there.” “What do you mean?” “If you’d a gone around that corner, there’s a massive bloody waterfall, mate.” And see, so often, like I say, things happen that the conscious mind reacts to in a certain way. That level actually knows why it was necessary, but because this can see if you like the river from source to sea, this can only see to the next bend, and thus goes along and says, further along, “Oh, I see why that happened now! Oh, I’m so glad that happened to me!” The trick to find equilibrium in the journey is to know when that happens that you may not understand why it happened, but it happened for a good bloody reason, and eventually you’ll see what that reason was, and then you don’t get all angry (AM: Yes.) and fed up and self-pitying when that happens there.

AM: Well, you’re stepping into a place of trusting life, trusting the way your life unfolds, and like I said, we really do need to adjust our reaction to change. Like we have an aversion to change, and it’s just like when you said everything around us is constantly changing. We think we’re in control (laughing), but we’re not, you know.

DI: The thing is, phantom self so often gets in its sense of security from things not changing. (AM: Mm.) My mother, for instance, found security in knowing that next Tuesday was going to be like this Tuesday and next Friday was going to be like the last Friday. That things not changing becomes a sense of security in many, many people, that’s why they don’t like change. But when you move into expanded levels of yourself, you’re going into levels of greater possibility.

(2:24:53) You see for me, people talk about the infinite awareness in terms of something that is and always has been, the All-That-Is-And-Ever-Can-Be. And, you know, you look at that from a five-sense point of view where everything is disconnected from everything else and you say, “That’s ridiculous, nothing can be all that is and ever can be.” Well, something can and that’s all possibility.

AM: Yeah.

DI: That’s what that’s describing, all possibility. All possibility is all that is, has been and ever can be. That’s what it is. And once you start to get a bit closer to that sense of all possibility, then change is encompassed because it’s an expression of all possibility. The further you come away from that, the more you’re seeing few possibilities and you start to get security from things not changing.

AM: That’s beautiful! Yes.

DI: And this is why when you do start to expand your awareness and you follow that intent and you mean it, your life changes. Your life doesn’t stay the same. It can’t. And the life that’s changing is the one you wanted to change, so go with it and encompass it. And people might go out of your life because they’re no longer vibrationally attaching to you anymore–

AM: Exactly.

DI: –but other people will come in. People that are changing and expanding with you, they will stay with you because they’ve got…as you change, they change…that vibrational connection is still there, so they don’t go out of your life and it’s just the way things are. Of course, when you are running a prison, you don’t want things to change, do you? You don’t want the bars to change, you don’t want the doors to unlock, you don’t want the walls to fall. Prisons don’t change because prisons are there to enslave people in something that doesn’t change called enslavement. And this, therefore, that virus force that is behind all this doesn’t want things to change (AM: Yep.), and so part of the phantom self program is to dislike change. It’s the same process as having a prisoner not wanting to get out of jail because they don’t want the bars ’cause that would be change and they don’t like change. “I’ve got used to them bars. I’m very happy with them bars, and so I don’t want them to move because things will change, won’t they?” And this is how it all plays out. You want the prisoners to want to stay in jail. That’s what fear of change is and finding security from nonchanging situations, that’s what that it. It’s the program telling the prisoner that they want to stay in the cell.

AM: (2:28:27) Well, David, I cannot thank you enough. Seriously, and I know I’m speaking for a lot of people as to the trail that you have blazed ’cause you’re allowing people like myself to follow in your footsteps, and I am honored to interview you today, truly.

DI: Oh! How kind!. That’s very nice. I’ve really enjoyed it, you know. I’ve spent all these years uncovering manipulation of world events, engineered wars, engineered terrorist attacks, manipulated banking systems and all the things, you know, the vaccinations and the GMO, all these things that people need to know about, and I’ve done it because I’ve felt people need to know about them. (AM: Yes.) And I still do and I still do it. But my passion is the kind of things we’ve been talking about, it’s understanding the nature of reality and how create reality by our own state of being and how we can be who we truly are as opposed to what we’ve been manipulated to believe we are. These are the areas that I’ve always…that actually drove me into this whole arena, like I said earlier, “Why isn’t this taught in the schools? Why isn’t it on the television? Why isn’t it in the newspapers?” And it’s still that which drives me because we can know about 911 and we can know about banking scams, we can know about all these things. We can know what the movie says. We can watch the movie every day, but if we’re gonna change the movie, we have to change that which is creating the movie, and funny enough, that’s us.

AM: Yes!.

DI: This is great news, because (AM: Yeah, it is.) that means we can change the movie when we’re the ones collectively projecting it. (AM: Yeah.) We’re projecting the movie at the moment collectively based on a perception download that leads us to certain perceptions, thus creating a certain movie. What we have the power now to do is to ditch the download and change the movie, and that’s what it’s all about.

AM: (2:30:41) Thank you, thank you. And I want to remind everybody, the sky is the limit. There are no impossibilities, as David has said. There are no finite solutions. There is nothing but infinite solutions for us to take this where we want to go and create a setting where we truly are creating heaven on earth. There’s nothing too far out there that we cannot create or manifest or attract into our field and bring this forward. But we can’t keep looking outside at all the mass population and expect that to be where the change is. The change will occur with this audience, clearly, who have the wherewithal, who not only…and I was gonna bring this up…who not only have amazing intuitive gifts where you can do that work on the inner plane, you can counteract the Illuminati frequencies and circles that are going on, and the black magic and things like that. We have the ability if we just go and do it. We have the ability to counteract this and stop it. That’s just on an energetic level, David. That’s not even on taking action, you know, according to your worldwide tour. We have so many tools, you know, at our fingertips, and one thing that I am very proud of is Galactic Connection has provided a phenomenal resource to get people started in that area, and we have copious numbers of testimonies where when you have these particular very, very ancient implants removed, that’s just the first starting point, your life is never gonna be the same. I mean it’s gonna be like, woosh! you know (Alexandra laughs). But it’s like what David said, with that you’ve got changes, you’ve got all kinds of changes in your life that are going to occur. How badly do you want your life to change? How badly do you want to bring more peace and beauty and harmony and love and justice to this planet, and stop child sacrifice? And stop the misery and people starving to death and war and bloodshed. We talk about it. What are we gonna do to stop it? So…

DI: Choice and consequence, choice and consequence, and it’s not just an individual things, it’s a collective thing. Choice and consequence. We are the world and the world is us. If we want to change the world, we change ourselves and the world must change because it’s a reflection of us collectively and the manipulative force knows that. That’s why it wants us into a certain level of collective perception because that creates a certain expression which we call human society, and we don’t have to change it in the physical. We can’t change it in the physical because there is no physical. We change ourselves and thus the collective world must change to reflect that. It can’t do anything else. It’s simply, in this world anyway, the law of physics.

AM: Yes! Look how powerful we are just knowing that. So, I want to thank David Icke as well as all of you out there. Please, please check out davidicke.com. You can also click on the link for the banner, there will be banners on Galactic Connection’s website. You can click on that. That’ll take you on over to the page for all of the different areas and places he will be touring all over the world. But he is in my neck of the woods, gonna be in Los Angeles, San Francisco and, of course, New York. So, please check that out. Support his work. He really truly is THE trailblazer to bring such a ridiculous thought such as reptilians running our planet, and which is now proven to be very much the case. So, anyway, David, thank you. Love you!

DI: Thank you! It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

AM: Okay, everyone. Take care and, as usual, check out our blog 365 days a year. It’s available to you gratis, and we always come from the lens of what is going on that is right on the planet. Okay, you guys take care. Lots of love! Bye!


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