Massive international arrests
Pentagon has confirmed this to be true.
Wilcock’s Pentagon contact states Drake is the bonified real deal.
Much is READY TO GO!
More information at
Ted Turner is proclaiming himself as a savior and collecting the monies for Restore America project.
This interview will be transcribed.
Wilcock is adamant that Drake is to be trusted with this forthcoming information.
Disinformation outlets will be spinning this event as a Marshall law takeover.
How the Powers that Were survive off of our fear.
Creating your own Nation State or sovereign zone.
Started doing this October of 2013
1787 Original Constitution
Remove ourselves from Corporate USA triggered the rebirth of The Declaration of Independence
We make the declaration, give legal authority to the military to back up our civilian actions.
America has been literally separated from Corporate USA now.
450 resignations in finance have occurred in Europe last week!
200 arrests in finance have occurred in Europe last week!
those staying at home are considered not very important, just figure heads
Won’t hear about this because they typically don’t have visible positions.
Also the cabal owns the press.
National Security Administration is the end office to find Federal Marshall’s listed.
They are not soldiers – between the civilian and the military.
Military – Federal Marshall – local Law Enforcement – communications have been set-up.
No Marshall law will occur.
Military will act in a back-up fashion in some ways. They are assisting a police action.
Their presence is to prevent rioting and choas potentially.