by David Wilcock
February 1, 2013, 3:33 pm

A fully intact ET corpse from South America, featured in the upcoming SIRIUS documentary, is nearly identical to another mummified body found in Russia in 1996.
Both beings emerged from egg-shaped craft. The Russian being lived with us on Earth for at least three weeks — and was completely benevolent.
See the astonishing comparison photos for yourself!
[UPDATE, SAME NIGHT: These same beings apparently visited Easter Island, were revered as Gods, and turned into little statues. See below.]
[UPDATE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH: New pictures found! Also, these folks may have been living on Earth for quite some time — and are the stuff of many legends.
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This all started after Russia released six full hours of documentary footage based on our groundbreaking Financial Tyranny investigation.
“A Million For a Marriage” aired on January 16, 2013 — and “Shadow Gold” just aired on January 30, 2013.
Both of these shows were on prime-time Russian television — on one of the top networks — and seen by millions of people.
Yesterday morning, I wrote an update to this article that covered the fascinating story of a fully intact ET corpse — discovered in South America.
The award-winning director of SIRIUS, Amardeep Kaleka, lost his father in a tragic mass shooting at a Sikh temple.
This occurred only nine days after Dr. Steven Greer announced that a genuine ET corpse would be featured in the SIRIUS film.