Dear Georg,

translating this has been a joy, for when I read it for the first time my soul broke in tears of joy. Next to my work here in Luxembourg (on a business trip), I did the job however only for the first part. The rest is to follow. As it is with such great news that you want to tell it the whole world. Unfortunately no one wants to hear such news. At least not here…. I look forward to the day when I shall be in the company of this formidable group of souls which is the PAT.. Lots of love to all of you out there and hang on….

in love and light

channeled by Jahn J. Kassl, Vienna

God is with us and God raises up a whole world. The children of the One are rising and entering the seventh heaven.

GreatNewsI am ASANA MAHATARI and I proclaim the following:

1) Carry on to fulfill your daily deeds for the benefit of this and for the benefit of other worlds, for the sake of your earthly siblings and your own good.

2) The Earth is ascending in a miraculous way.

3) The Earth is ascending at an hour which is unknown to any man.

4) The Earth is ascending and those corridors that made the Holograms accessible for entities of various origin will be closed for the period of the decoupling.

5) This process will be triggered by huge electromagnetical changes on Earth – „Nothing shall remain as it was“ – and Gods intention will be fulfilled on this Earth.

All prophecies, which were telling you to be well prepared and which advised to do your homework and to declare Change as the main issue, will come true for those which have assumed responsibility for their own Self.

The scoffers and unbelievers will remain prisoners of time and shall be trapped in space. However, those which have plowed their farmland, which are devoted to God and have consecrated are now about to receive their heritage in return, which is:

A life on the fifth dimensional level of being.

Rejoice, for the efforts the spiritual forces of many worlds are now deploying to guide this earth in the higher abode is absolutely unimaginable to the human mind.

Therefore, I continue to remind you to stay grounded and to go on with your work of cleansing and transformation. For the better your energy system is purified, the easier and smoother you will manage the transition to the new dimension.

To be lifted up from the „chaos of this time“ into the order of the timeless and nearly spaceless Being of the fifth dimension is the well deserved reward – which is now brought to life by the divine breath of the Creator himself.

Mute and without a word shall be left behind those which have loudly denied God. Those shall be joyful to finally enter the divine light to fulfill the process of Ascension, which are chosen to follow the tracks of the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and the Angels which are acting behind the veil in countless numbers.


I will lead mankind across the Bridge of Light into the World of Light. One last piece of advice yet, for the time being: Remain firmly rooted on earth and fulfill your daily deeds for your benefit and for the benefit of the world until the moment you will be called by your name.

“The Lord is coming as you least expect it”

and this eternal truth shall be fulfilled with the human race.

The “technical” process of Ascension has begun, the magnetic reversal of the worlds poles is the very beginning of all changes – Change is getting a face now and the people which have chosen Change shall inherit their divine countenance. Construction and destruction, birth and death, fire and Water – for the world that’s left behind.

Light and Manifestation, Life that is eternal, elements which serve and obey unconditionally the awakened and enlightened Spirit of the Ascended Ones

The birth of the “new world” is near. The way is paved and the final decisions have been taken. Do not wait, but remain steady in the present of the Now until the moment when time and space will vanish in an unimaginable way right before your eyes. The Coming of this new earth along with the „new Humanity“ on the 5th Dimensional Level of Being is near. All proceedings are in full gear.

I am what I am! You chose and now you will be complied with. Driven by sheer joy are the people and drenched in the Bliss is Mother Earth – the plan of God shall be fulfilled with you and within you ripens the fruit of Love to the Tree of Love and Light. Because your work will now receive the reward it deserves. Expect the unexpected and dedicate to the vines in the Vineyard of the Lord all the attention and love until that very day.

I am ASANA MAHATARI, I serve thee, which you follow these lines and you know me beyond words. I will serve thee until you are no longer in need of my service, as you shall be returned into the full awareness of your own Self.

I am what I am!

The proclamation on the current events is given –