This description of “lightworkers” or I prefer starseeds really hit home…use your own discretion regarding the course for I have not taken it nor checked into it…-A.M.

by Owen K Waters

lightning to crown chakraSpiritual seekers or lightworkers see the world through a different lens than the majority of humanity. They know that they have a sense of inner knowingness that is built into their very nature, but its source is clouded in mystery.

They typically remember events from this lifetime which made them feel as though they were different from others. If they were to recall past lives, they would find that same sense of being different to most other people in those past lives. So, what is it that makes a lightworker different from the mass mindset? Why do they go through life knowing that they might never be comfortable joining in with many regular social activities?

Most lightworkers have been repeatedly reincarnating on earth for thousands of years, always haunted by that knowingness that they are different. It is as if they came from a different time and place in the universe, then volunteered to come here to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

That sense of aloneness in a crowd came with the lightworker package. It is something that they anticipated before they ever agreed to be a part of the ascension of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. The Shift that we are experiencing today is the final stage of several thousand years of critical human evolution.

The silent secret that lives within all lightworkers is that, before they agreed to come to earth and help humanity, they existed in a more advanced culture within God’s universe. That degree of advancement is an integral part of your very soul, your very being. It is not something that can be undone by circumstances in this or any other single incarnation. It is who you are.

Long ago, you mastered all the challenges that people face today in their struggle to find peace and to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Long ago, you were accustomed to raising your own consciousness into what can be called Soulspace, the realm of the ‘higher self’ aspect of your consciousness.

In Soulspace, you were accustomed to finding the answers to any challenge that interested you. In Soulspace, you found eternal joy and happiness. In Soulspace, you were imbued with a level of spiritual light that seemed, oh so normal at the time and, yet today, seems more like a long-lost dream.

The good news is that you can recover your connection to Soulspace now. Join us on our Deep Soul Access course starting October 1st, 2013 and we will spend 21 days practicing daily attunement sessions with each other and the ascended masters in Soulspace.

The spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters is very much behind this move to promote the return of soul consciousness to the lightworker community. On the course, you will be taught how to prepare yourself in your private daily attunement sessions, where ascended masters will be available to help you make the transition into Soulspace.

You can choose any time of the day for your inner attunement sessions. There is a preferred core time for the daily sessions although, because time is not a limitation within soul consciousness, you can actually tune in at any time and receive the full benefit of the soul connection experience.

The core group time for the group is 4 pm U.S. Eastern time each day. That’s 1 pm California time, 2 pm Mountain time and 3 pm U.S. Central time. In the UK it will be 9 pm, in Europe 10 pm, and in South Africa 11 pm. In Canada, it’ll be 4 pm in Toronto, 2 pm in Calgary, and 1 pm in Vancouver. In India, it will be 1:30 am the next day. In Sydney, Australia it’ll be 7 am the next day and 9 am in New Zealand.

Plan on spending 15 minutes in each daily attunement session. You are very welcome to spend more time if you wish. 15 minutes gives you the chance to become fully attuned and experience the spiritual upliftment offered by these sessions.

If you have already registered to join us on the Deep Soul Access course, October 1-21, 2013, we will look forward to being with you in Soulspace. If you still need to register, go to: