extra extra newspaperThousands Stage Land Day Protests in Israel, Occupied Territories

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Thousands of Palestinians have rallied across Israel and the Occupied Territories to mark Land Day. The annual protest commemorates the killings of Arab demonstrators protesting the seizure of their land.

Basel Ghattas, Arab-Israeli lawmaker: “This is the Land Day celebration, the Land Day protest, where the Arab-Palestinian community every year at the 30th of March remember the first Land Day in ’76 when Arabs for the first time in their history, the Arabs that have Israeli citizenship, have went in a general strike to defend their lands.”

Married Same-Sex Couples in Michigan Win Federal Recognition

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The Justice Department is recognizing the same-sex marriages performed in Michigan when they were briefly legalized earlier this month. A federal judge struck down the state’s ban, prompting hundreds of weddings the following day. But an appeals court then froze the ruling after the state appealed. On Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder said those couples that managed to tie the knot can receive federal benefits. Holder took the same step for same-sex couples in Utah earlier this year.

Gen. Alexander Retires as NSA Head

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On Friday, the Obama administration bid farewell to General Keith Alexander, the longest-serving head of the National Security Agency. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel paid tribute to Alexander’s tenure.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: “Our responsibility, all of us, whatever the revolutions in technology, is to guard not only our nation, but also the fundamental character of our open society. General Alexander, your vision, your dedication, your leadership have allowed us to begin that task. Now it is ours to carry. From a grateful nation, thank you, Keith.”

Alexander will be replaced by Admiral Michael Rogers.